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How to Make Money Using a Load Board

Like all business owners, truckers need to sell their services and find customers. Many drivers prefer contracted work with known shippers on familiar routes, but building these relationships takes time.
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What Is Load-To-Truck Ratio?

In the trucking industry, not all routes are equal, meaning they do not all pay drivers the same rates. The load-to-truck ratio can help you determine the demand, and generally
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Best Cargo Van Load Boards

Are you a cargo van driver looking for the best loads to carry? Cargo van load boards make finding loads easier so that you can spend more time on the
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Best Free Load Boards

The best free load boards are a valuable resource for truckers of all experience. Using free load boards can save you time and money when securing the ideal loads for
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Best Direct Shipper Load Board

Shippers can eliminate the middleman and post loads directly to a shipper load board instead of working with a broker. With so many outstanding digital tools out there, shippers can
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Best Power Only Load Boards

Power only loads help both carriers and shippers meet the varying and constant growing needs of the trucking and transportation industry. Power only load boards are now an ideal way
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Best Load Boards for Truckers

Trucking is a competitive industry, and it’s usually difficult for start-ups to find loads to transport. Many shippers have developed close relationships with their carriers, and as such, they don’t
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