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Pros and cons of using a freight app

Navigating the world of logistics and transportation can be complex, and freight app options have emerged as valuable tools to streamline processes and boost efficiency. From trucking GPS apps to
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What is a load board?

Also known as freight boards, load boards act as matchmakers in the shipping industry. Shipper load boards help load carriers and shippers find each other. They also help to drive
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Navigating the 2023-2024 freight spot market

Contributed by Billy Forkey, Chief Executive Officer, Four Keys Logistics The freight spot market for full truckload carriers can be challenging, especially in volatile times. However, there are effective strategies to
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Best load boards for truckers

Trucking is a competitive industry, and it’s usually difficult for start-ups and new owner-operators to find loads to transport. Many shippers have developed close relationships with their carriers, and as
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What are the best load boards for brokers?

Load boards for brokers are an all-in-one service for the freight marketplace. Load boards facilitate a freight broker’s role to efficiently locate freight carriers.   For a freight broker, a load board
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Best shipper load boards

Some companies are choosing to cut out the middleman thanks to advances in technology. The best shipper load board can help you avoid working with freight brokers and handle finding
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