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What Is Inventory Financing?

Cash flow is a challenge for small businesses, especially for those that have to carry large inventories.   Inventory keeps your business running but it locks up capital. If you need
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How To Improve Cash Flow in Your Trucking Business

No one said that starting a business would be easy, but most trucking business owners will tell you that it’s worth it. But to be successful, you have to be
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What Are Semi Truck Financing Rates?

Whether you’re starting out in the trucking industry or looking to expand your fleet, the largest investment will be in a single semi or an entire fleet. There are different
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Factoring Freight for Brokers: How To Finance a Freight Brokerage

Moving freight is a complex operation involving many moving parts. It requires coordinated efforts from a vast group of individuals who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the
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Understanding Factoring Rates & Fees: What Is the Cost of Factoring?

Transport companies use factoring to ensure that they have enough cash to cover the operational costs of the business. Transporters must cover the costs of fuel and wages on an
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Is Invoice Factoring Possible With Bad Credit?

Invoice factoring lets businesses collect proceeds from their invoices without delay. Although companies use factoring to raise extra funds, some wonder if invoice factoring is possible with bad credit. Want
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Best Zero Down Lease Purchase Trucking Companies

As a trucker, you might dream of owning your own rig someday. But the price tag on a new semi-truck can make it feel impossible to achieve this goal when
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What Are the Best Non-Recourse Factoring Companies?

Non-recourse factoring companies are businesses that won’t charge you for the full invoice amount if your customers fail to pay. But it’s also harder to qualify to work with these
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Best Factoring Companies for Trucking

It is standard practice for invoices to not be paid immediately but sometimes you need that cash flow. Keeping a truck (or even a fleet of trucks) on the road
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TAFS is More than Freight Factoring

As one of the industry leaders, TAFS assists trucking companies to increase cash flow with factoring rates as low as 2.49% and 1-Hour Advance option.