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Best load boards for box trucks

Looking for a fast, efficient, and reliable way to schedule freight for your box trucks? Interested in using load boards for box trucks but not sure which solution is right for you? Want to know if you can use load boards for box trucks for free?

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about load boards for box trucks, including how they work, the benefits they provide, and so much more! From there, we’ll reveal the top load boards for box trucks so that you can choose the optimal solution for your company.

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Quicklook: Best load boards for box trucks

  • Best for mix of features and value: Truckstop
  • Best for setting your own rate: uShip
  • Best for affordability: Direct Freight – Find Loads
  • Best for free load searches: Trucker Path – Find Loads
  • Best for those seeking an easy-to-learn platform: 123Loadboard – Find Loads

5 best load boards for box trucks


truckstop load board

Truckstop’s load board offers a great array of features at a competitive price. While their basic plan costs about $4 more per month than Direct Freight, the interface is far more robust. The site’s advanced plan costs $125 and it gives truckers access to both broker credit and days-to-pay data. Their top-tier plan is $149 and it is jam-packed with useful tools.

Best for: Mix of features and value

Special features:

  •  Broker credit data
  •  Days to pay information
  •  Rate insights 


  • Lowest price: $39 
  • Highest price: $149



uShip has a pricing structure that allows you to pay as you go and the option to set your own rate is ideal for many. Get notified in real time when new loads are available so you can be on the road when you want to be. Their user friendly mobile app helps you streamline operations and spend less time dealing with hassles. 

Best for: Setting your own rate 

Special features

  •  Filter available loads by type of shipment, locations, and dates
  •  Save filters and get notified when a new load is available
  •  Along Your Route search tool (make your own lane, avoid deadhead trips and backhauls) 
  • Set your own rates 
  • Thousands of available loads daily
  • Find shipments based on your equipment
  • Streamlined uShip mobile app available 


  • Customer service is lacking 
  • Pricing isn’t always optimal 

Pricing: Free until transportation is secured 

Direct Freight

Direct Freight Services

Direct Freight is an incredibly user-friendly platform that makes it easy to find box truck loads. It is great for tech-savvy professional drivers and less tech-fluent drivers as well. The site’s free load board is one of the best no-cost options out there. It also offers a premium version for less than $40 per month.

Best for: Affordability

Special features:

  •  Custom search parameters
  •  New load alerts
  •  Average days-to-pay listed for each broker

Pricing: $34.95

Trucker Path

Trucker Path logo

There are several different free load boards for box trucks out there. However, Trucker Path stands out because it includes a mobile app for both Android and Apple devices. The app can send alerts about new loads, allow you to communicate with brokers, and make life easier away from your desktop.

Best for: Free load searches

Special features:

  • Mobile app 
  • Dispatch services
  • Navigation tools

Pricing: Free



The team at 123Loadboard has been operating a marketplace for independent shippers since 2004. They have partnered with more than 30 different companies in the logistics business to develop deeper analytic intelligence and optimize services for their membership.

Best for: Those seeking an easy-to-learn platform

Special features:

  • Mileage tracking 
  • Real-time load alerts
  • Rate check tools


  • Three options:
    • $35
    • $45
    • $55 

How do load boards work?

Simply put, a load board is a virtual freight marketplace. Brokers and shippers alike often use load boards for the purpose of advertising available work opportunities.

Typically, carriers will need to purchase a subscription to view the loads that are posted by shippers and brokers. However, there are some free load boards for box trucks out there, though we’ll touch on this in greater detail later on in this article.

Shippers can contact brokers as well as fellow shippers when they find box trucks loads that they want to haul. They can make pickup arrangements, request additional information, and negotiate the shipping prices. The best load boards facilitate communication and provide carriers with important information about each shipper’s reputation.

It is important to know how to find loads for box trucks in particular. Otherwise, you may waste countless hours viewing broker freight loads that are not a good fit for your vehicle’s capabilities after all. Check out this article for tips on selecting profitable loads.

How can you benefit from load boards?

Load boards for box trucks offer many benefits. By using a load board, you can accomplish a number of tasks and benefit in the following ways:

  • Acquire loads faster
  • Minimize downtime between loads
  • Find high-paying contracts
  • Forge new relationships with brokers and shippers
  • Get your name out there
  • Grow your business

The perks above are just a few advantages of using load boards for box trucks. It is important to note that load boards are particularly helpful for new or smaller-sized carriers. These boards allow said carriers to compete against larger companies for contracts, even if they have far fewer resources.

Are there load boards for box trucks only?

Many different types of load boards are designed specifically to help you find loads for box trucks. These load boards often only include shipments that can be hauled using box trucks. In most cases, brokers and carriers will use box trucks to facilitate the expedient delivery of high-priority goods.

If your organization has other types of freight vehicles in its fleet, you may need to use multiple load boards. You can use one load board to book shipments for your box trucks and a separate board to arrange jobs for your standard semi-trucks.

How much do load boards cost?

The exact cost of load boards for box trucks will vary from provider to provider. Some load boards are completely free to use. However, the free versions of these boards will only include a handful of features and may limit the number of load searches you can conduct. 

When choosing a box truck load board, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you are just starting out, a free or basic plan may be sufficient. However, if you need more features or tools, you may want to consider a paid plan.

Things to consider with load boards for box trucks

When searching for the best load boards for box trucks, you should consider all of the following factors:

Contract length

Virtually every load board provider uses a tiered subscription model. Cheaper plans only include basic features, whereas more costly subscriptions provide robust tools.

Most load board providers offer month-to-month contracts. However, some providers will offer substantial discounts if you pay for an entire year of access to their load board. If you find a great provider, you may want to consider opting for a year-long subscription, as it can help you save some cash.

Daily loads

Before signing up for a load board subscription, it is important to know how many loads the platform typically features on an average day. Ideally, you’ll want a board with a big number of daily loads, meaning you will have plenty of jobs to choose from throughout the week.


Generally, load boards for box trucks only charge a flat monthly subscription fee. However, you should also be wary of cancellation charges or hidden fees. Carefully read each load board provider’s terms and conditions before signing up.

Trustworthiness of brokers and shippers

The best box truck load boards provide detailed information about shippers and brokers. Top options include shipper and broker reviews, credit ratings, and other data that will help you vet prospective clients before accepting jobs.

Additional features

Some load boards, such as a few options included on our list of top load boards for box truck freight, offer features like these:

  • Spot market rates
  • Real-time load searches
  • IFTA fuel tax calculators
  • Mileage and map tools

These features and tools can help you operate more efficiently and maximize profitability when accepting loads.

Choose the best box truck load board for your needs

As you can see, there are plenty of options for a box trucks load board. That said, there may not be a single option that works the best for everyone. 

So, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of different load boards in order to ensure that you are selecting the option that aligns with your needs the most. More specifically, you should focus on factors like pricing, contract lengths, and the number of features that a platform offers.


How do brokers get loads?

Freight brokers obtain loads primarily by establishing relationships with shippers or companies that need goods transported. They negotiate rates and terms with these shippers, then list the available truck load on the best trucker load boards, or directly contact carriers in their network to find freight transport.

What is a load board in trucking?

A load board is an online marketplace where shippers, freight brokers, and carriers can connect to buy and sell freight services. The best truck load boards empower shippers and brokers to post their loads, and truckers or transport companies to search for and find loads that match their route, vehicle type, and load capacity.

What are typical box truck freight loads?

Typical box truck freight loads often consist of palletized goods, furniture, appliances, and other bulky items that do not require a full-size trailer. Regional and local loads for box trucks often include e-commerce purchases, food and beverages, and retail merchandise.

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