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Understanding IFTA Reporting & Common Mistakes

Understanding IFTA reporting is important for all drivers and owner-operators. But what does IFTA stand for? IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreements, and its intended purpose is to save
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What Is DIP Financing?

DIP, or Debtor-in-possession, financing is a specific type of financing available for companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With several types of DIP financing available, you are more likely to be
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Best Truck Dispatching Companies

The best truck dispatching companies improve efficiency for freight companies of all sizes. These companies are able to locate jobs, schedule loads, manage delivery, smooth communication, and increase overall efficiency. The
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How To Get Hot Shot Loads For Pickup Trucks

Hot shot loads for pickup trucks are a way for truck owners to earn extra income, try out trucking, or build businesses as owner-operators. The initial investment is significantly less
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What Percentage of Truckers Are Female?

Just a few decades ago, the concept of women truckers was foreign. However, the trucking business has evolved significantly in recent years, and female truckers are now becoming much more
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What Is the Air Brakes CDL Test?

The Air Brakes CDL test is a CDL knowledge test for those who wish to drive vehicles with air brakes. Since trucks, buses, trailers, semi-trucks, and railroad trains all contain
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Trucking Terminology for New Truck Drivers

If you want to be a trucker, you’ve gotta speak the lingo. Just like in every new industry you venture into, there’s going to be a learning curve to the
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What Is Trailer Tracking?

A truck fleet is a significant investment. Your trucks will travel across the country, and owners naturally want to know their trucks and drivers are safe. Trailer tracking is a
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How To Handle Damaged Freight

When you’re transporting goods across the country, or even your city, there’s one problem that can happen no matter how careful you are: damaged freight. Whether you’re transporting one large
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One-Stop-Shop With TAP

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