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Best Lease Purchase Companies that Pay Percentage of a Load

Lease purchase plans are a great way to become an owner-operator of your own semi- truck. Most companies offer plans that don’t require credit checks or large down payments. But
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Best Trucking Companies that Offer CDL Training

Experience has, over the years, been a crucial factor for many human resources managers when hiring. And, undoubtedly, this can be relatively frustrating, especially for newbies.   This applies to the trucking
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What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Transportation?

The transportation industry is growing at a rapid rate. Nationwide, there was 1. 9 million truck driving jobs in 2020, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only are
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What Are Semi Truck Financing Rates?

Whether you’re starting out in the trucking industry or looking to expand your fleet, the largest investment will be in a single semi or an entire fleet. There are different
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Best Trucking Companies in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful state and year after year it draws many tourists to its idyllic beaches and tropical mountainscapes. While the state is constantly bustling with tourists, transportation, and
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Best Dash Cam with Cloud Storage

Safety is a priority for the trucking industry. Without safety procedures in place, freight managers and safety managers would constantly be putting out fires. But sometimes incidents arise that are
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Best CDL Schools in Louisiana

Obtaining a CDL license in today’s world means investing in a future with high earning potential. Just recently the Louisiana Motor Transport Association released a report stating that the driver
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Factoring Freight for Brokers: How To Finance a Freight Brokerage

Moving freight is a complex operation involving many moving parts. It requires coordinated efforts from a vast group of individuals who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the
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What Are the Best Rated Dash Cams?

The best rated dash cams will improve driver and fleet safety both on the road and in parked vehicles. From crisp HD images, to large touchscreens, and multiple cameras for
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Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.