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What Is the Best AI Dash Cam? 

The most important tool in the safety of your fleet outside of well-mAIntAIned vehicles and professionally trained drivers is proof that they’re not at fault if something goes wrong, because
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Best Dashcams for Long Haul Trucking

Thousands of trucking accidents occur in the United States on an annual basis, and that number continues to grow. For many fleet managers and truck drivers, the dash cam has
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Best Battery-Operated Dash Cam

When it comes to the safety and protection of your drivers and fleet, battery-operated dash cams are a great move. They can record every minute of drive time ensuring any
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What Is the Best Dash Cam with Wi-Fi? 

Dash cams are a great addition for any truck. These cameras record everything that happens in front of your vehicle. If someone crashes into one of your trucks, the driver
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What Is the Best Dash Cam for Semi Trucks?

Discovering the best dash cam for semi trucks means sifting through a wide-variety of brands and features. Once you know what to look for the task is simple, and we’ve
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What Is the Best Dash Cam With GPS Tracking?

Finding one of the best dash cameras with GPS tracking is a top priority for many trucking companies. Choosing a dash cam with GPS capabilities allows you to keep tabs
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What Is the Best GPS Dash Cam Combo?

When you’re looking for products to elevate your fleet, it’s important to not overcomplicate the process. Utilizing products that serve more than one purpose can be beneficial to you –
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Best Dash Cam with Cloud Storage

Safety is a priority for the trucking industry. Without safety procedures in place, freight managers and safety managers would constantly be putting out fires. But sometimes incidents arise that are
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What Are the Best Rated Dash Cams?

The best rated dash cams will improve driver and fleet safety both on the road and in parked vehicles. From crisp HD images, to large touchscreens, and multiple cameras for
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Azuga Fleet Dashcams and GPS Tracking Software

Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims. 70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.