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How to implement a fleet safety program

Accidents are one of the greatest causes of workplace deaths. Even nonlife-threatening accidents can cost businesses significantly, leading to problems with the bottom line. Loss related to vehicle accidents costs
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Best team driving companies

If you're a trucker looking for new ways to earn more money, you should consider team driving. That said, team driving may not be a good idea if you aren’t
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Does Curb Weight Include Fuel?

You may have heard the term curb weight before, especially in reference to a vehicle. Are you wondering what it means?  Well, curb weight refers to the weight of your vehicle
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Do Truck Drivers Pay for Their Own Gas?

Truck drivers have several overhead costs to consider, such as fuel, maintenance, food, and lodging. However, there are ways to offset these costs and recover non-taxable reimbursements for these expenses.   Truck
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Best trucking companies in Michigan

There are several excellent trucking companies in Michigan. And with more than 80 companies to choose from, you can easily find one with the geographic location you need and the
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