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Best LTL load boards

Choosing the right less than truckload (LTL) load board is critical for LTL freight brokers and carriers to efficiently find loads and trucks.

Not using the right LTL truck load board can lead to missed opportunities, wasted time and effort posting loads and bidding without results, higher costs due to lack of rate analysis, and overall inefficiencies that cut into margins.

A quality LTL board provides extensive load listings, reliable tracking tools, and fast load posting so users can quickly connect. This guide will highlight some of the best LTL load board options for those in the transportation sector to choose from.

Quicklook: Top LTL load boards

  • Best for load matching: Truckstop
  • Best for sorting functionality: uShip
  • Best for freight intelligence: 123Loadboard
  • Best for flexible and instant booking: Uber Freight
  • Best for mobile app: Trucker Path

Best LTL load boards

If you’re wondering what is the best LTL load board, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list.



Truckstop has over 10,000 verified LTL carriers integrated into their platform, simplifying the search process for freight brokers and shippers to quickly find truck capacity.

Truckstop uses complex algorithms to recommend the safest, most profitable LTL loads for each truck. It matches loads precisely to a vehicle’s size and weight limits. This prevents overloading while optimizing freight revenue. Its modeling technology is uniquely advanced for custom LTL assignment.

Best for: Load matching


  • Reputation of excellence 
  • Will help you break into the industry
  • Large network
  • Carrier verification


  • Search by load type or truck type
  • Shipment tracking and status updates
  • Fast payment
  • Market insights with Pro plan


  • Pricing is high for most advanced features
  • Less loads available than some competitors 


Basic plan: $39 per month

Advanced plan:

  • $125 per month
  • Broker credit 
  • Days-to-pay feature

Pro plan:

  • $149 per month
  • Real-time load boards
  • Route planning
  • Broker credit 



uShip’s standout LTL load board feature is their LTL freight sorting functionality that uses predictive analytics to showcase the highest probability LTL loads matching a carrier’s parameters.

uShip uses smart matching algorithms to suggest the best-fit LTL loads for each carrier. These personalized recommendations match shipment details to carrier fleet capabilities. It simplifies finding ideal loads, increases relevant options, and optimizes carrier earnings.

Best for: Sorting functionality


  • New listings every 30 seconds
  • Nationwide listings
  • Competitive bidding
  • Photo uploads
  • Vehicle shipment details 


  • Can find the carrier that best meets your needs
  • Easy access to high quantities of shippers
  • Compare rates
  • Large network of carriers
  • Access driver profiles


  • Quotes not guaranteed
  • Need to handle all communication with the carrier


  • $0 membership fee 
  • $30 booking fee 
  • Varying service fee per transport



123Loadboard provides detailed analytical breakdowns of LTL load attributes like density, average rate values, market pricing fluctuations and historical trends across lanes and regions.

Carriers gain data-backed insight into profitable LTL shipment selection while brokers identify competitive rate benchmarking for pricing bids and negotiations. This level of rich, transparent LTL data fuels informed decision-making.

Best for: Freight intelligence

Special features:

  • TransCredit scores for brokers
  • Rate checks
  • Quick payments
  • 10-day free trial with each plan


  • Cost insights
  • Free to post loads 
  • Large network


  • Doesn’t have a hotshot filter
  • Complaints about the PC version of the app


  • Free app with limited usage
  • Standard: $35 per month
  • Premium: $45 per month
  • Premium Plus: $55 per month

Uber Freight

Uber Freight logo

Uber Freight’s platform enables real-time LTL freight booking with dynamic pricing. Carriers can instantly secure LTL loads without long bid delays, while shippers gain access to a broader capacity network to meet urgent transportation needs.

This flexible, quick-booking functionality powered by Uber Freight’s algorithms ensures rapid load assignments optimized to market rates. By bridging shipping demand and cargo capacity on-demand, Uber Freight adds value on both ends for hassle-free LTL execution.

Best for: Flexible and instant booking


  • No negotiations
  • Select and pick up load right away


  • Facility reviews
  • Fair market pricing
  • Instant booking
  • Ease of use
  • Greater earning potential


  • Higher fees
  • Little information provided by app 
  • Reduces potential clients


  • Free
  • Uber fees built into app pricing

Trucker Path

trucker path

Trucker Path is one of the fastest-growing load boards available, with the most popular mobile app. Quickly sort by load types to filter down to LTL freight and get driving. Trucker Path is a one-stop shop for LTL trucking with extra features and industry insights.

Best for: Mobile app


  • Intuitive mobile app and desktop site
  • Round trip and capacity ratio data
  • Live load updates


  • Comprehensive industry info 
  • Large carrier network
  • Easy to use


  • Many features locked with the essential plan
  • Not all truck stop reviews are reliable


  • Essential: $199.99 per year
  • Preferred: $399.99 per year
  • Ultimate: $899.99 per year

A closer look at the different types of LTL load boards

LTL load boards come in different types. These include large freight sites, small niche sites, carrier portals, and more. Each targets different needs. But all types connect shippers to carriers with available cargo space for partial truckloads. The core job of matching loads to trucks is the same across the various LTL board models.

Below are the main types of LTL (less-than-truckload) load boards:

  • General freight marketplaces: Platforms like Truckstop that match all types of truckload freight, including robust LTL-specific options.
  • Niche LTL networks: Focused entirely on LTL with advanced optimization tools tailored for partial truckloads.
  • Logistics management suites: Broader transportation management systems that incorporate some embedded LTL load board functionalities alongside other multimodal capabilities.
  • Crowdsourced models: Websites enabling one-off manual listing and assignment of LTL shipments instead of ongoing matchmaking algorithms. uShip is an example.
  • Carrier-direct connections: Large LTL carriers host portals directly showcasing their own first-party freight capacity for digital assignment.

The importance of LTL load boards

LTL load boards serve an incredibly valuable purpose in efficiently connecting shippers and brokers who have freight in need of transport with carriers that have open partial cargo capacity.

The automation, matching algorithms, and shipment details provided through quality LTL boards give brokers access to a broader network for securing reliable coverage on a perpetually shifting roster of loads.

For carriers, leveraging the load visibility and constantly updated postings on boards provides abundant shipping contract opportunities to profitably keep trucks filled to lower deadhead ratios.

In an industry with tight margins and capacity crunches, the aggregation, organization, and smart matching enabled by LTL boards fuels frictionless transactions keeping freight fluid across supply chains.

Find the best LTL load board for your needs

The best LTL (less-than-truckload) load board for any operation balances functionality, security, and affordability.

Outline must-have capabilities based on your firm’s unique business priorities, as well as any carrier credibility screening requirements when matching partial loads or capacity. Define benchmarks for expected LTL truck volume engagement across desired regions.

After identifying these parameters, objectively compare offerings to determine which platform offers the maximum ROI through high quality tools and partnerships while meeting budget constraints.

Picking the best load board for LTL freight that fits your needs today but can also adapt over time is the fastest way to boost profits on partial truckloads going forward.


Are free load boards worth it?

Free LTL freight load boards can be worth it for some operations on tight budgets, but they often lack robust features, have limited freight volume, and minimal verification of loads or carriers. More established paid boards offer enhanced tools and higher quality shipments that may provide greater value.

Do shippers post on load boards?

Yes, shippers and manufacturers commonly leverage load boards to post listings of their freight needing transport to access broader carrier networks and competitive pricing for securing truck capacity. Posting loads on boards allows automation of booking trucks versus manual driver assignments.

How do I find local loads for my truck?

Local loads can be found by using load board search filters for origin zip codes near your current location and setting a max deadline radius, then sorting by recency and other preferences to discover quick regional opportunities fitting your truck. Checking local loads should be part of a daily search regimen.

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