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What Is the ELD Mandate?

If you own or manage a transportation company, you might be wondering, “What is the ELD mandate?” For starters, an ELD is an electronic logging device. It tracks the behavior
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Canada’s ELD Mandate And The Best ELDs To Be Approved

With the new ELD mandate in effect for Canada, it is important to know what it is that will be expected of you. While most people are familiar with the
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Best ELD Devices: 2021’s Top ELDs

In the past, truck drivers employed the use of spiral books to log their hours on the road as well as non-driving hours of service (HOS). This manual method of
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AOBRD vs ELD: Which Logging Device is Compliant?

Have you been keeping up with the recent changes in the trucking industry? As of December 16, 2019, AOBRDs are no longer compliant with current mandates. Instead of AOBRDs, a
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What Is an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

In an industry that thrives on efficiency, technology can have an enormous impact. One of the most recent advances in technology has been the introduction of the electronic logging device,
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Best ELD Devices for Small Fleets

If you’re a commercial trucker or small-time fleet manager, chances are you’re familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s requirements to install an electronic logging device in your vehicle(s).
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Best ELD Devices for Owner-Operators

Electronic logging devices track hours of service, help improve your CSA score (calculated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and improve communication between each step of the supply chain.
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Guide to Buying the Best ELD in 2021

Years before the publishing of the electronic logging device (ELD) final rule in 2015 (also known as the ELD mandate), U. S. software companies were already developing and marketing high-tech solutions
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Are AOBRD Devices Still Compliant?

An automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD) is a hardware solution that connects to a truck’s engine via the engine control module port. It automatically records hours-of-service (HOS) data. The AOBRD
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Konexial ELD

Fleet managers now have the ability to transparently manage their trucks in one easy-to-use Tower dashboard.