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How to Negotiate Owner-Operator Salary

When entering the truck driving profession, drivers can choose between two primary career paths. They can either seek employment with a carrier or work as owner-operators. While the former option
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What Are Owner-Operator Expense Sheets?

Curious about owner-operator expense sheets? In this guide, it’s time to move beyond the basics of these important financial documents and dive into some of their benefits. Below, the FreightWaves
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How Do You Become a Transportation Broker?

Some of the top companies for transportation brokers boast annual salaries between $142,302 and $249,615. The potential salary alone is an intriguing reason as to why many people look into
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A Simple Guide To Truck Dispatching Services

In the United States, over 70% of goods are transported by truck. The truck drivers behind the wheel are essential for the movement of goods throughout the country. But what
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Fraley and Schilling Review

There are hundreds of trucking companies out there making offers and promises to potential employees in an effort to recruit new drivers, dispatchers, and other office employees. Trying to decide
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Best Trucking Companies To Work For

Safety, equipment, home base, paid time off, insurance, and more make a trucking company to great work for. Whether you've just earned your CDL-A or you're a seasoned driver, finding
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Benefits of Solo Drivers vs Team Drivers

When looking for jobs, truck drivers use several filters. They keep an eye out for trucking companies with fair pay, benefits, flexibility and various other perks.   Ultimately, every truck driver wants
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A Truckers Guide to Retirement

Your time as a truck driver will come to an end at some point. Retiring from the truck driving industry comes with many unique demands and frustrations that you can
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Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

The Land of Lincoln, Chicago, and the most contentious form of pizza, Illinois is equal parts rural and metropolitan, making Illinois trucking jobs some of the most diverse. Bordering the
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