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Best load boards for dump trucks

Are you looking to grow your business by finding more loads for your dump truck? Load boards can help. While some are intended for freight shippers and carriers, many have filters to help you find loads for dump trucks. Some are specific to dump trucks. Check out these top load boards for dump trucks so you can seamlessly find loads and increase profits. 

Quicklook: Best load boards for dump trucks

  • Best all-in-one solution: Truckstop
  • Best for connecting dump trucks to contractors: 
  • Best for route plotting: 123 LoadBoard
  • Best for free load board: Trucker Path 
  • Best additional features: Direct Freight

6 best load boards for dump trucks 

Finding a load for your truck can be difficult, but that’s where load boards can help. Check out these top six load boards for dump trucks to see which suits your business.


Truckstop is a popular load board with hundreds of thousands of loads posted each day. But it’s also more than that. Truckstop has a suite of solutions for owner-operators. It’s also a great solution for brokers since it can help them get their authority and find loads. It has the potential to be an all-in-one integrated platform to help manage and grow your trucking business. 

Best all-in-one solution

Special features:

  • Free load tracking
  • Fuel cost management and fuel card discount
  • Billing solutions
  • Carrier performance rating


  •  Multiple solutions for a comprehensive platform
  •  Ability to grow carrier ratings for easier load-finding 
  •  Mobile app


  •  Need to pay multiple subscriptions for different services

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month per user

This load board site is specifically designed to help dump truck drivers and owners find loads to fill their trucks. It links construction contractors to trucks that can carry their trash away. Dump truck owners won’t find any other type of load on this site, but they also won’t have to sort through loads intended for other trucks either. 

Best for: Connecting dump trucks to contractors

Special features

  •  Specifically for dump trucks


  •  Free membership
  •  No need to filter through other types of loads
  •  Get load alerts that meet your needs


  •  No tracking, route planning or other analytics
  •  Will only see jobs posted by contractors
  •  Fewer jobs posted

Pricing: Free membership

123 LoadBoard

123 LoadBoard is another membership load board that helps trucks connect with loads. For a monthly price, drivers and owner-operators can filter loads based on truck type, such as dump trucks. In addition to finding loads, drivers can also take advantage of the site’s maps and toll identifiers. It can help cut down on fuel costs by finding efficient routes from pickup to delivery.

Best for: Route plotting

Special features

  •  Comprehensive map and toll identifier
  •  Free mobile app
  •  Offers a fuel discount card
  • Same-day and fast pay


  •  Route plotting technology
  •  Industry rate checker
  •  Notifications for new loads that match your trucks


  •  Fewer loads listed per day than other boards

Pricing: Starts at $35 per month

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is a load board with a free option so you can find loads without paying a monthly membership fee. On the free version, you can filter loads by truck size, such as a dump truck, to connect with jobs in your area. The free version limits you to five searches per day, and you may see ads. It offers a paid version as well.

Best for: Free access

Special features:

  • Five free searches a day
  • Fuel and toll charge calculator available with membership
  • Driving time calculator with membership 


  • Free option to try before committing to membership
  • Price calculators


  •  Not as many listings as other platforms
  •  Free version is limited

Pricing: Free with ads and a maximum of five searches a day. Membership starts at $299.99 annually.

Direct Freight

Direct Freight is a comprehensive, easy-to-use load board where shippers can post loads and carriers can list trucks. But it also has many more features that make managing loads easier. For example, Direct Freight offers turn-by-turn route plotting and weather insights, along with showing trip miles, and booked and pending trips. Carriers can also see their days to pay, send and store documents like dump truck contracts, and check partner credit scores and authorities. All these features are available for $34.95 per month.

Best additional features

Special features

  • Weather insights
  • Turn-by-turn route plotting
  • Full member credit reports
  • Send and store documents and notes on the platform


  • Comprehensive platform for a low monthly price
  • Manage loads and payments
  • Helps with route planning and offers insights on trip miles
  • Ensure you’re working with reputable people by performing credit checks


  •  Not as many loads as other load boards 

Pricing: Starts at $34.95 per month 

What is a load board for dump trucks?

A load board is a platform that connects shippers and carriers. Shippers list their loads, then carriers filter through them to find those that suit their trucks and needs. Drivers can find loads intended for dump trucks and connect with shippers.

Why should you use a load board for dump trucks?

Finding loads can be difficult, especially for dump trucks. By using a load board, truck drivers and owner-operators reduce the time needed to find loads and customers. Instead of spending money and time creating outreach strategies, they can use load boards to grow their businesses. Additionally, load boards have other features and insights to help keep track of jobs, miles and pay.

Find jobs faster with a load board

Spend less time looking for your next load and more time driving with a load board. Many load boards at various price points can help you find jobs for your dump truck. You can filter loads for dump trucks, or you can use a load board created specifically for dump truck drivers. Whatever you choose, watch your business grow as you take on more loads.


How do dump truck owners find loads?

Dump truck owners can find loads by using a load board for dump trucks.

Which load board pays the most?

Many load boards help carriers find the best prices for their loads. Owner-operators will also want a load board with a lot of listings to ensure they have continuous business. 

What is the best app for dump truck loads?

Many load board apps are great for dump truck loads and drivers, including Truckstop, Direct Freight and Trucker Path.

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