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What Is FOB Shipping Point?

An FOB, or free on board, shipping point, is a record that explains where merchandise for a shipment is going and when it was shipped. The configuration of an FOB
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Celebrating 60 Years of Transportation Safety & Service

The opportunity to proudly celebrate 60 years of safety and service in the transportation industry is no easy feat. That said, Roehl Transport has accomplished this impressive milestone! As a
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Best Heavy Equipment Transport Companies

If you’ve just invested in new heavy equipment for your commercial or industrial venture you may be looking for equipment transport to move it onto the site.   Wide loads and oversized
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Best Car Shipping Companies To Ship a Vehicle

Using an auto transport company to ship your car across state lines is a convenient way to get your vehicle to its final destination. However, if you have never used
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Combating the Gas Truck Driver Shortage

The life of a truck driver is demanding, no matter what you’re hauling. When you add in hazardous and flammable material, the demands and risks go up considerably. Those that
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Best Car Transporters in Florida

If you’re moving to or from Florida, driving cross-country can be a long and exhausting journey. In this case, auto shipping in Florida can be the best choice, both in
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Best Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Motorcycle enthusiasts love taking their bikes out on the road for a long ride, but what happens when the ride they have to take stretches across multiple states? At that
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Is Instrument Cluster Repair Possible?

Instrument clusters sound like an important aspect of a vehicle, and it’s for good reason. Knowing your speed limit and your fuel level are both key aspects of a safe
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Understanding Carrier Management Systems

Carrier management systems are an ideal way to help your business function efficiently. Not only can they show you the data you need to see where operations need assistance, but
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