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What Is Shipment Tracking ETA?

To understand the freight industry, you will need to familiarize yourself with several key terms used by shippers, carriers and other organizations.   When conducting business with shippers and carriers, some of
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What Is the Best Way To Ship Heavy Items?

Shipping heavy items presents unique challenges. Imagine trying to get USPS to deliver a microwave or washing machine. But you do have options when it comes to heavy packages and
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Best UTV and ATV Shipping Companies for Hire

All-terrain/utility-terrain vehicles are tough enough to handle any terrain. Shipping an ATV/UTV requires professional services and skilled personnel who understand how to operate such vehicles. Do you want to ship
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What Is Freight Consolidation?

Freight consolidation is the process of consolidating multiple shipments of freight into a larger shipment. This assembly service allows a single company or a few small to medium-sized businesses to
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What Is FOB Shipping?

A term fully concerned with the liability of a shipment, FOB shipping determines whether the buyer or seller is liable for damaged or destroyed goods. Short for Free On Board,
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Best Relocation and Moving Companies 

A moving company can relocate your belongings across long distances in a quick, safe and intentional manner. The trick is sifting through all of the possible relocation and moving company
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What Is Zone Skipping?

In the transportation industry, getting shipments from point A to point B as quickly as possible is the name of the game. Zone skipping is just one of the strategies
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Best Alaska Car Shipping Companies for Hire

Are you moving to or from Alaska and want to bring your car? Rather than having to endure a marathon road trip, you can ship your car instead. With these
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Best Cross Country Car Shipping Companies for Hire

If you are planning a big move, a cross country shipping company can help. These companies deliver cars across the United States, allowing you to save several days on the
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Top-Rated Vehicle Shipping Company

Ship A Car, Inc's mission statement is simple – quick, safe and cost-effective shipping nearly any vehicle across all 50 states.