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Top fulfillment companies for dropshippers

Dropshipping has exploded in popularity for ecommerce retailers. Outsourcing ecommerce fulfillment solutions like order processing, warehousing, and shipping to third-party logistics (3PL) providers can provide dropshippers scalability and efficiency.

This article explores the top fulfillment and shipping companies that offer services tailored to the needs of dropshipping businesses. Identifying the right ecommerce distribution center can enable dropshippers to focus on sales while optimizing quality and costs behind the scenes.

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Quicklook: Top fulfillment companies for dropshippers

  • Best for businesses of all sizes: ShipBob
  • Best for order and inventory management software: The Fulfillment Lab
  • Best for scalable pricing: ShipMonk
  • Best for print-on-demand services: Printful
  • Best for boutique fashion and apparel: Modalist 
  • Best for international dropshippers: Floship

6 best dropshipping fulfillment companies

Whether you’re looking for dropshipping fulfillment services for startups, or need the best fulfillment company to handle your large-scale global operations, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of fulfillment companies that are popular among the most successful dropshippers.


ShipBob is the premier partner for business owners interested in growing their operations. The company can scale with you as the needs of your company change. It provides end-to-end fulfillment services and access to leading-edge software solutions. No matter your niche, you can feel confident in ShipBob as one of the best ecommerce order fulfillment companies.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

Location of fulfillment warehouses: ShipBob has warehouses in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, along with facilities in Australia, Canada and Europe

Shipping speeds: One to two days

Software order features 

  • Integrations with Shopify
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy setup process
  • Inventory management

Packaging options: Standard and branded

Return management 

  • Refund management 
  • Replacement product shipping
  • Return acceptance and processing

Pricing: Receiving services cost $35 per hour per laborer for the first two hours. Additional hours are billed at $45 per person per hour. Warehousing costs $40 per pallet, and picking services are free for the first four picks, then run at 25 cents per pick for the fifth pick and after. Shipping and packing services vary based on several factors, including destination and product dimensions. 

The Fulfillment Lab

The Fulfillment Lab’s Global Fulfillment Software (GFS™) caters to modern ecommerce businesses with lightning-fast operations. It’s an ideal choice for enterprises looking for comprehensive software solutions to streamline dropshipping order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping logistics. With features like easy integration, customization options, and real-time tracking, it empowers online stores to efficiently manage their operations. The Fulfillment Lab is one of the top ecommerce fulfillment companies for dropshippers needing integrated technology solutions.

Best for: Order and inventory management software

Location of fulfillment warehouses: Reno, Nevada; Eagan, Minnesota; Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Shipping speeds: 1-2 business days for West Coast; 2-3 business days for remainder of continental U.S.

Software order features

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Omnichannel order management
  • Automated order routing 
  • Customizable pick/pack slips
  • API integrations
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Packaging options: Standard, custom, poly bagging, and gift wrapping 

Return management

  • Inspection and processing 
  • Refund initiation
  • Return to vendor 
  • Liquidation options

Pricing: Storage fees start at $3.50 per pallet per month; pick/pack fees from $1.50 per order 


ShipMonk is one of the few fulfillment providers that doesn’t have a minimum order requirement, making it a good fit for dropshippers that are still finding their place in the ecommerce market. As your sales volume grows, ShipMonk’s per-unit pick fees will go down.

Best for: Scalable pricing

Location of fulfillment warehouses: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; Dallas; Bay Shore, New York; Pittston, Pennsylvania; Dayton, New Jersey; Louisville, Kentucky; Tecate, Mexico; Ontario, Canada; and Coalville, U.K.

Shipping speeds: One to seven days

Software order features

  • Integrations with numerous platforms  
  • Intuitive platform 

Packaging options: Standard and branded

Return management

  • Return processing 
  • Restocking 

Pricing: Contact for quote


Printful handles the entire print-on-demand process from design to production to order shipment, providing key software tools and fast product fulfillment services. The company offers an immense selection of products that can be customized with print designs. Its seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms enable automated order routing. Fulfilling orders from print facilities in the U.S. and Europe, Printful enables fast shipping times to ecommerce customers.

Best for: Print-on-demand services

Location of fulfillment warehouses: California; Riga, Latvia; Tijuana, Mexico

Shipping speeds

  • 1-3 days processing time
  • U.S. shipping time 2-5 days
  • Europe 3-10 days

Software order features

  • Design creation/editing
  • Automated order syncing
  • Live inventory and shipping data
  • Billing management
  • Analytics dashboard

Packaging options

  • Branded packaging
  • Polybag or box
  • Package inserts

Return management

  • Request print provider address for returns
  • Refund issuance
  • Replacement order assistance

Pricing: No monthly fees, per product fees + shipping. Average t-shirt costs $15-25.


Modalist is one of the best order fulfillment companies for women’s clothing dropshippers. Their curated network of suppliers focuses on emerging and contemporary brands, and they offer customizable branding and packaging options tailored for boutique apparel dropshippers. Modalist’s dedicated account reps provide high-touch support and advice for building fashion dropshippers’ brands.

Best for: Boutique fashion and apparel

Location of fulfillment warehouses: Los Angeles; Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Shipping speeds

  • 1-2 business day handling time
  • 2-5 day delivery for continental U.S.

Software order features

  • Inventory management
  • Order management and tracking
  • Custom packaging instructions 
  • Reporting and analytics

Packaging options

  • Tissue paper, ribbon, hang tags
  • Branded boxes, poly mailers
  • Stickers and inserts

Return management

  • Inspection and processing
  • Refund/replacement issuance
  • Return to supplier 

Pricing: Pick and pack fees from $3 per order, storage fees around $0.50 per cubic foot 


Floship offers warehousing and fulfillment services in the U.S. UK, Europe, and China, allowing retailers to store inventory closer to international customers for faster delivery. They are experts in customs compliance, duties, taxes and import/export regulations, and their systems provide end-to-end tracking and visibility for orders shipping internationally.

Best for: International dropshippers

Location of fulfillment warehouses: Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Shenzhen

Shipping speeds: 1-4 days processing time, 2-10 days to major markets

Software order features

  • Order management
  • Customs paperwork automation
  • Currency conversion
  • International tracking
  • Tax calculation

Packaging options: Can package with retailer branding, offers polybag or boxes

Return management

  • Local return centers in key markets
  • Refund and replacement processing
  • Returns portal for customers

Pricing: Pick and pack fees from $2.90 per order, monthly storage fees from $1.15 per cubic foot

What to look for in the best fulfillment companies for dropshipping

Here are some key things dropshippers should look for when evaluating dropshipping ecommerce fulfillment companies:

  • Integration with sales channels: Ability to integrate the 3rd party fulfillment service with the ecommerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc) for easy order management.
  • Automation capabilities: Automated order processing, ecommerce fulfillment warehouse inventory updates, shipping label creation, etc., to streamline workflows.
  • Shipping rates: Discounted shipping rates with major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx to maximize margins.
  • Packaging customization: Ability to package orders with custom branding, inserts, messaging to provide white-glove order fulfillment solutions. 
  • Return processing: Ability to handle customer returns, inspect products, initiate refunds/replacements quickly.
  • Inventory visibility: Real-time inventory tracking across multiple sales channels to prevent stock-outs.
  • Analytics and reporting: Detailed analytics on fulfillment KPIs like shipping times, costs, errors to optimize operations. 
  • Customer support: Knowledgeable and responsive customer support for issue resolution.
  • Scalability: Ability to support growth in sales by easily ramping up capacity.
  • Pricing: Competitive and transparent pricing for fulfillment services offered.
  • Location: Warehouses positioned strategically for fast shipping times to customers.

By taking into account your specific fulfillment business needs based on your product niche, you can find an order fulfillment company that will make you more successful.

You can’t go wrong with these top fulfillment companies

Dropshipping can be an extremely lucrative model for ecommerce retailers, but its success hinges on choosing the right fulfillment partner. Product fulfillment companies like the ones outlined above offer value-added services to simplify logistics for dropshipping. Selecting a provider with the right combination of warehouse locations, integrations, and support ensures dropshippers can focus on rapid growth without compromising on order accuracy and delivery speed.


How much do dropshippers make?

The income potential for dropshipping varies widely based on factors like products sold, sales volume, margins, and more. Successful dropshippers can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month to over $1 million in annual revenue.

Should I use a fulfillment company?

Using top 3PL fulfillment companies can provide immense time and cost savings compared to handling logistics in-house for small and medium dropshipping businesses. Leveraging 3PL order fulfillment can allow dropshippers to scale efficiently.

Is dropshipping illegal?

Dropshipping is a legal retail model as long as dropshippers follow standard resale business regulations, properly represent their business to customers, and source products legitimately. However, selling counterfeit goods or infringing on intellectual property rights via dropshipping would be illegal, so retailers must thoroughly vet suppliers and products.

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