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Best Alaska Car Shipping Companies for Hire

Are you moving to or from Alaska and want to bring your car? Rather than having to endure a marathon road trip, you can ship your car instead. With these five Alaskan car shipping companies, moving your vehicle in or out of the Last Frontier state is a breeze. 

Find out which Alaska car shipping company is right for you and make moving to a new state a little easier.

Quicklook: Best Alaska Car Shipping Companies

  • Best For Reliability: Wrightway Auto Carriers 
  • Best For Coverage: Matson
  • Best For Value: Alaska Auto Shipping Group
  • Best For Customer Service: Alaska Auto Transport
  • Best For Alaskan Ports: Alaska Car Transport

5 Best Alaska Car Shipping Companies

Alaska car shipping doesn’t need to be complicated. These five car shipping companies specialize in transporting cars between Alaska and the lower 48 to make your move easier. 

Wrightway Auto Carriers 

Wrightway Auto Carriers 

Wrightway Auto Carriers has offered safe and reliable vehicle transportation services for over six decades. As the first Alaskan company in the business, they have perfected the process of shipping cars between Alaska and the lower 48 to save you time and headaches. Wrightway has three convenient terminals where you can drop off your car, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Tacoma, for fast cargo ship transport. 

Best For: Reliability 

Insurance Coverage: Yes, fully licensed and insured


  • Consistently on-time vehicle deliveries 
  • Helpful customer service
  • Pricing is fair and clearly stated on the company website 


  •  Packed storage costs are not included in the price



After 140 years of operation, Matson has more experience shipping cars for individuals, businesses, manufacturers, and the military than any other carrier in the Pacific. Besides the company’s three Alaskan ports, they have four in Hawaii, six across Guam and Micronesia, and three along the west coast of the continental United States. So you can ship your car between Alaska and almost any other U.S. state or territory with more port options. With Matson, it’s also possible to send trucks, boats, and RVs.

Best For: Coverage

Insurance Coverage: Yes, fully licensed and insured based on the size and value of your vehicle


  • Dedicated auto lots for fast and convenient pickup and drop off
  • Real-time port-to-port tracking
  • Military discounts available
  • you can ship personal effects between Tacoma and Alaska


  • Shipping delays reported in reviews 
  • Average customer service

Alaska Auto Shipping Group 

Alaska Auto Shipping Group 

Alaska Auto Shipping Group is an Anchorage-based vehicle transportation company striving to offer quality service for a reasonable price. As one of the only car shipping companies to provide a full money-back guarantee and military, senior, and student discounts, you can ship your car for less. Additionally, they offer customized shipping solutions and nationwide coverage to fit your Alaska vehicle shipping needs. 

Best For: Value

Insurance Coverage: Yes, fully insured


  • You can pack up to 250lbs of personal belongings at no extra cost 
  • Discounts for military personnel, students, and seniors 
  • 24-hour service available


  • Not many online reviews 
  • Only online reservations are available

Alaska Auto Transport

Alaska Auto Transport

Alaska Auto Transport is an Alaskan-owned and operated vehicle transportation company with offices in Anchorage and Washington for personalized and helpful customer service. They offer three options for vehicle shipping between Alaska and the lower 48, economical, expedited, and enclosed, to meet a wide range of customer needs. Quotes are available online and over the phone, and the company offers shipping services all year round. 

Best For: Customer Service

Insurance Coverage: Yes, fully licensed and insured


  • You can pack up to 250lbs of personal belongings at no extra cost 
  • Offices in both Alaska and Washington for better customer service  
  • Competitively priced with no hidden fees 


  • Only offers an estimated delivery times 
  • Does not accept American Express

Alaska Car Transport

Alaska Car Transport

Alaska Car Transport offers a wide range of car shipping solutions between Alaska and the lower 48. Through their transportation network, they can deliver vehicles to any port in Alaska, reducing the hassle of shipping to a remote location. They also offer door-to-port service when shipping cars to Alaska and port-to-door service shipping cars from Alaska. 

Best For: Alaskan Ports

Insurance Coverage: Yes, fully licensed and insured; coverage is based on service type


  •  Services every port in Alaska
  •  Port-to-door and door-to-port transfers are available
  •  24/7 vehicle tracking


  • Slow customer service
  • Some reviews report shipment delays

How To Legally Transport a Car To Alaska

Before hiring an Alaska car shipping company, familiarize yourself with the Alaskan vehicle registration guidelines. If you intend to establish residency in the state, you must register your vehicle within ten days of entering Alaska. Otherwise, non-residents can operate an out-of-state vehicle for 60 days. 

Since vehicles shipped to Alaska travel by ship, you must have less than a quarter of a tank of gas in your car before shipping to comply with fire regulations. Cars also need to be ready to drive and have the alarms disconnected. Legal paperwork must also be in order to transport your vehicle to or from Alaska, including a valid registration and license. 

Ship Your Car To or From Alaska

Whether moving to or from the Last Frontier state, one of the best Alaska car shipping companies has you covered. Contact them today for a quote and check off car shipping from your moving checklist. 


How Much Is It To Ship a Car From Alaska?

The price for shipping a car from Alaska depends on the size of the vehicle and its final destination. However, prices range from around $1,500 to $4,000.

How Does Freight Get to Alaska?

Most freight is shipped to Alaska by containerships and barges. However, some freight also arrives by air.

How Many Trucking Companies Are in Alaska?

There are approximately 156 trucking companies located in Alaska.

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