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What Is Retail Supply Chain Management?

Product availability and delivery experiences can have a major impact on whether a customer decides to continue doing business with you as a retailer. Retail supply chain management involves a
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What Is a CDL?

Short for a commercial driver’s license, a CDL allows you to drive heavy equipment and operate heavy machinery, ranging from long-haul trucks to semis and everything in between. CDL training
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What Is a Freight Broker?

What does a freight broker do? The simplest answer is that a freight broker serves as an intermediary between shippers and carriers.   The shipping industry is complex and full of moving
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What Is a Commercial Drone?

In modern times, drones seem to be on everybody’s mind. From the military use of drones overseas to services that deliver domestic packages with drones, these flying machines have proven
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Best Dashcams for Long Haul Trucking

With a dashcam, you don’t have to worry about false accusations or incorrect reports of what happened. Know that your drivers and reputation are safe with a dashcam that is
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What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is the process of managing the flow of goods from production channels all the way until distributions are made to customers. In order to meet organizational objectives, inventory
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Best ELD Devices: 2021’s Top ELDs

In the past, truck drivers employed the use of spiral books to log their hours on the road as well as non-driving hours of service (HOS). This manual method of
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AOBRD vs ELD: Which Logging Device is Compliant?

Have you been keeping up with the recent changes in the trucking industry? As of December 16, 2019, AOBRDs are no longer compliant with current mandates. Instead of AOBRDs, a
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Best Order Fulfillment Companies

The best order fulfillment companies provide comprehensive solutions for eCommerce and product distribution companies.   Often, a third party logistics company you want to work with offers much more than just standard fulfillment
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