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What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is the process of moving goods from one location to another via air, land or sea transport. A foundational aspect of the global economy, it can be used
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Best wireless dashcam for your fleet

Dashcams are a valuable resource for asset tracking. They should more than pay for themselves in improved efficiency and safety standards. Whether you're looking for assistance for insurance claims, parked
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How to maintain a truck battery

A well-maintained truck battery is a safety essential. You don't want drivers worrying about flickering cabin lights, or worse, a vehicle that won't start. A well-functioning battery will perform without
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How to track LTL shipments

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping rates among the most common cargo transport options, but the shipments are also quite challenging to track. Parcel systems are often unequipped to monitor individual pallets or
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Sutton Transport is a Driving Force in the Industry

Gain access to next-day LTL delivery of palleted freight and national volume LTL services. Dedicated to getting freight to its destination in a safe and timely manner.