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Best trucker fuel card for large fleets

With thousands of miles to cover, picking the right fuel card is crucial for large trucking fleets to save money at the pump. Major fuel card brands compete for fleet business by offering discounted rates, cash rebates, and dedicated account management.

This article will compare the top-rated fuel cards for large fleet operations, examine their discounted offerings, and help you determine the most cost-effective one given your priorities. With the best trucker fuel card, your fleet can maximize fuel cost savings as your vehicles traverse the country.

Quicklook: Best trucker fuel card options for large fleets

  • Best for lowering overall fuel costs: AtoB
  • Best fuel card fraud prevention capabilities: Fuelman
  • Best diesel fuel discount card: Coast Fuel Card
  • Best comprehensive service offering: eCapital
  • Best national footprint: WEX Fleet Fuel Cards
  • Best customer service: TCS

6 best trucker fuel cards for large fleet operators

Here are our picks for the best diesel fuel cards, and why they were chosen.



A no-hidden-fee platform in the fuel card space, AtoB touts itself as Stripe for Transportation. AtoB fuel cards don’t need to be used in-network, and are taken anywhere that accepts Visa. With its built-in security suite, cards can be given caps, tracked and monitored, while also segmenting purchases for your tax write-offs. AtoB also regularly reports to Experian, which can help your company build credit.

Best for: Lowering overall fuel costs

Special features

  • App to find discounts along routes
  • Exclusive discounts on fuel
  • Integrates with management software and telematics
  • Automated payroll with instant transfers 
  • Business credit bureau reporting


  • Telematics integration to validate every purchase in real time
  • Universally accepted Visa-backed card
  • Secure Card Unlock through the AtoB Driver App to ensure cards are only used by authorized drivers
  • Optimal Station Selection to enforce drivers to fuel at the most affordable stations
  • Fleet-management tools
  • 24/7 support

Disadvantages: Net-seven terms


Fuelman Fleet Cards


Fuelman offers a range of features to combat fuel card fraud. They provide real-time transaction alerts to notify managers of suspicious activities. Fuelman cards often require a unique driver ID or PIN for each transaction, adding a layer of security. They also offer detailed reporting options, which can help in monitoring usage patterns and identifying irregularities. Geofencing and purchase restrictions can also be set up to limit where and what can be bought with the fuel card. And with generous rewards for each card type, it’s hard to lose when you sign up with one of Fuelman’s fuel fleet cards

Best for: Fuel card fraud prevention

Special features

  • Flexible packages with the deepest rebates available 
  • 50,000 fuel stations 
  • 20,000 maintenance locations
  • Option for Mastercard that works anywhere that accepts Mastercard


  • Up to $0.10 per gallon in rebates
  • Two points per eligible gallon
  • $100 annual loyalty bonus
  • Option to use it at any gas station
  • Environmentally-friendly and carbon neutral options 

Disadvantages: Coverage gaps in parts of Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Montana

Pricing: $59 a month for all the fuel cards your business 

Coast Fuel Card


The Coast Fuel Card is a convenient gas card for truckers that is accepted anywhere that takes Visa. Drivers can use it for gas, restaurants, hotels and more. Fleets can even get cash back on non-fuel purchases, along with discounts on fuel. Coast offers an intuitive platform that allows you to track spending, set controls and manage your fleet cards.

Best for: Discounts

Special features

  • Discounts at select businesses
  • Rewards on non-fuel purchases
  • Easy controls and security settings for all fleet cards and users
  • Spending reports


  • Centralized fleet spending on one account
  • No personal guarantee
  • Efficient customer service
  • Purchase and expense tracking

Disadvantages: No published APR

Pricing: $2 per user each month



eCapital offers comprehensive solutions to help fleet managers run their operations, from load boards to freight factoring services. It also offers a fuel discount program through its fuel cards. eCapital’s fuel card is accepted at more than 16,000 truck stops across North America with up to $0.20 off per gallon.

Best for: Comprehensive services

Special features

  • High cash back on gas
  • $100 per day cash advance option
  • Able to calculate fuel tax


  • Simple-to-use Fuel Management Portal with access to IFTA reporting
  • Deep discounts on fuel and more
  • Strong security controls with ability to set product, volume, and dollar limits

Disadvantages: No APR range information available online

Pricing: No monthly or annual fees

WEX Fleet Fuel Cards


Worried the nearby gas station won’t be part of the network? It’s a risk for any fleet card holder, but WEX Fleet Fuel Cards minimize this risk. The WEX fuel discount program has a 95% coverage rate which makes it a popular choice. WEX offers spending reports and an app that includes a station locator and options for mobile payments. 

Best for: National networks

Special features

  • Mobile payments through DriverDash
  • Fuel spending reports generated by ClearView
  • Employee spending controls
  • Automatic fuel expense tracking


  • Helpful fleet tracker app
  • Specialized cards for various fleet sizes
  • Ease of payment


  • Unlisted fees for some services
  • Low rebates 
  • Some WEX cards that allow you to carry a balance have high interest rates

Pricing: No setup or annual fees



TCS offers one of the best fleet trucking fuel cards around. They offer discounts on fuel purchases at more than 10,000 fuel stations across the U.S. The company offers flexible payment options and detailed reporting on fuel usage with no setup or transaction fees.

Best for: Customer service

Special features

  • Client portal to access account information
  • Interactive fuel finder map to find fuel savings along routes
  • Card customization capabilities for large fleets


  • Discounts on fuel, tires and services
  • Itemized fuel statements ideal for IFTA reporting
  • 24/7 customer service

Disadvantages: Additional fees may apply for optional services, late payments, and/or credit risks

Pricing: No activation, membership, monthly or annual fees

Which fuel card features are most important for large fleets?

The best fuel cards for owner operators aren’t necessarily the best fuel cards for trucking companies operating large fleets. That said, here are some of the trucking fuel card features that are most important for large fleet operators:

  • Network coverage: Having a large accepting merchant network is crucial so drivers can easily find places to fuel up across different geographies. Top fuel cards from brands like Fuelman, eCapital and Wex offer extensive national and regional coverage.
  • Detailed reporting: Robust reporting allows fleet managers to closely track spending patterns, fuel usage, common routes, etc. Features like per-transaction details, driver IDs, odometer tracking, and custom reports provide visibility and oversight.
  • Control and security: Fleet trucking gas cards should have options to set spending limits, restrict merchant types, set purchase alerts, and integrate with telematics and ELD systems. This helps prevent misuse and unauthorized purchases.
  • Discount and tax savings: The best gas cards for truckers can come with discounted rates at certain stations and save on state/federal fuel taxes. This provides hard cost savings that add up significantly for high-mileage fleets.
  • Account management: Online account portals and mobile apps allow for easy card and fleet management operations. Managers can run reports, adjust permissions, suspend lost cards, set budgets, etc. all in one place.
  • Customer support: Since fleets rely heavily on fuel cards for truckers, having solid customer service for issues resolution and account management is a must. Support options like online chat, email, phone assistance etc. can help you maintain fleet utilization rates.

The best gas card for truckers brings all these key features together in a single offering to provide convenience, control, and cost savings for running large fleets. Companies should review their needs and options to find the best fit.

The best fuel card for truckers in large fleets depends on your needs

With so many large fleet fuel cards for trucking companies available, narrowing down the options can be a daunting task. You can’t go wrong with any of the cards listed above, but make sure you weigh individual features, rates and fees against your priorities and area of operations. The final selection should save you money, make your job easier, and be convenient for your drivers to use.


What is fleet services?

Fleet services refers to the various functions that provide support and enable the operation of a group of vehicles owned or leased by a company or organization. This includes maintenance, repair, fueling, cleaning, administration, and other services needed to keep a fleet running.

How does fleet management work?

Fleet management is the oversight of vehicle assets to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and provide safety and compliance. It involves fleet and asset tracking, managing drivers, routing and scheduling, maintenance, fuel card programs, telematics, and data-driven decision making.

What is fleet operations?

Fleet operations deals with the day-to-day running of vehicles to accomplish business objectives. Responsibilities include dispatching vehicles, monitoring drivers, coordinating routes, resolving breakdowns/issues, optimizing loads, and ensuring fleet policies and regulations are followed.

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