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How to remotely manage assets with asset tracking software

Asset tracking software can give you superior visibility over your resources, especially when it is paired with a GPS fleet tracking solution. However, an asset-tracking software solution does much more than allow you to follow the location of your various acquisitions. 

By using the full suite of tools available with such a solution, you can engage in remote asset management and streamline your core business processes. Today, the team at FreightWaves Ratings is highlighting how you can remotely manage your fleet assets by implementing a leading-edge software solution. 

So, if your goals include extending asset lifespans and increasing operational efficiency, the following tips are for you.

What is asset tracking software? 

Asset tracking software is a type of technology that allows you to monitor the location of various assets, including machinery, equipment and trailers. Top flight solutions not only allow you to track your equipment but they enable you to monitor asset health and schedule maintenance as well.

Asset tracking technology should not be confused with fleet management software. The former specifically tracks assets, whereas fleet-centric software allows you to monitor the status and location of the vehicles involved. 

With that being said, however, the best technology solutions typically include both fleet management and asset management capabilities.

How does asset tracking software work? 

Asset tracking software works by communicating with the hardware installed in fleet assets. While the capabilities of each piece of asset tracking hardware will vary, many of these devices include the following:

  • GPS
  • Temperature sensors
  • Cargo security sensors

The hardware constantly relays information to the asset tracking solution so that fleet managers can access real-time status updates. At the click of a button, fleet managers can locate all of their assets, check the temperature in cargo containers to prevent product spoilage. 

It can also help you verify that no trailer or storage equipment is being tampered with at all. Should an issue arise, the platform will send an automated alert to the fleet manager so they can take swift action.

7 ways to remotely manage assets

Asset tracking software represents a dynamic solution that can modernize how you interact with your fleet assets. With this technology, you can engage in the following ways: 

  • Track assets
  • Improve productivity
  • Leverage mobile app accessibility
  • Gain insight into equipment health
  • Remotely schedule maintenance
  • Increase safety management
  • Use real-time monitoring

1. Track assets 

As the name suggests, the most basic function of asset tracking software is tracking the location of your resources with pinpoint accuracy as they traverse the nation with precious cargo. Additionally, you can create custom geofences to monitor asset detention times and track arrivals or departures.

When you can precisely monitor your items, you can achieve superior resource visibility and transparency. Asset visibility is the first step in optimizing your resource allocation and utilization practices. 

2. Improve productivity

If you still track your assets the old-fashioned way, then you know how inefficient and labor-intensive these practices can be. Monitoring assets with antiquated technologies leaves the door open for human error and makes it difficult to optimize resource allocation.

Asset tracking software reduces your dependency on manual communication. It provides visibility and insights across your operations that help drive results for your organization.

3. Leverage mobile app accessibility

You have too much on your plate to have to sit in front of a computer screen all day. However, you may need to check on the status of your assets while transitioning between other responsibilities. 

Modern asset tracking technology provides the solution, providing you with a user-friendly mobile app. Cloud-based asset tracking solutions give you the ability to check on your equipment from anywhere, enabling you to break away from your desk without losing touch with your fleet assets.

4. Gain insight into equipment health

One of the most valuable features of asset tracking technology is its offering of insights into equipment health. You can leverage this information to proactively schedule maintenance and address minor concerns before they become major ones. Ultimately,  asset health monitoring will help you extend the lifespan of your expensive, mission-critical equipment. 

5. Remotely schedule maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping operating costs at a minimum and ensuring that your fleet remains profitable. However, scheduling maintenance can be a logistical nightmare as it used to be. 

By adopting a modern asset-tracking solution, you can remotely schedule maintenance for all fleet vehicles and machinery, decreasing the likelihood of major breakdowns and reducing repair costs.

6. Increase safety management

With asset and fleet tracking software, you can monitor driver behavior. You can track vehicle and asset locations, monitor speeds and gain valuable information about vehicle performance. 

You can use this information to gain insights into driver behavior as well. If a driver is exhibiting concerning habits, you can proactively address these safety issues before they become a major pain point for your business. 

7. Use real-time monitoring

Asset tracking software goes behind simple GPS tracking by providing true real-time monitoring. This technology includes minimal latency, meaning the position you see on your map represents the actual location of your asset. 

Real-time monitoring will optimize your resource allocation capabilities, as you can view up-to-the-minute location data for all of your assets. You can use this information to provide updates to clients, make adjustments when delays arise and optimize the entire delivery process. 

Drive value for your business with asset tracking software

Asset tracking software can modernize the way you track and manage your fleet resources. The question is, how do you find the right technology solution for your business?

The best approach is to conduct product research and review the features offered by top technology solutions. Traditionally, conducting product research can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you are ready to start your search, we recommend checking out this review. We also invite you to explore our other reviews to compare software solutions, hardware and other equipment

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