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Best CDL Training Schools in Hawaii

A CDL is a specialized commercial driver’s license that allows people to operate large or heavy vehicles, like public buses or cement mixers. There are three CDL classes in the U.S. that govern the sort of vehicle you can drive, including Class A, Class B, and Class C CDLs.

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and working as a professional truck driver is a very fulfilling experience. It allows drivers to operate large vehicles, explore and drive across North American highways, meet intriguing people and see beautiful sights. 

Truck drivers are in high demand in Hawaii due to the enormous number of tour buses and other global tourist vehicles. However, there aren’t many truck driving prospects in Hawaii because it’s composed of a chain of islands.

So, how do you get a CDL truck driver’s license? You must first complete CDL training in Hawaii. Today, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about CDL training in Hawaii and how to get started! 

Quicklook: Best CDL Training Schools in Hawaii

  • Honolulu Community College
  • Leeward Community College
  • International CDL Driving School
  • 808 CDL Services LLC
  • Professional Driving Academy

5 Best CDL Training Schools in Hawaii

There are five different CDL training programs in Hawaii. Consider each of the following options if you’re interested in earning your CDL and becoming a truck driver in Hawaii.

Honolulu Community College

Honolulu Community College has three different programs to choose from. An Associate’s degree takes two years to complete, a Certificate of Achievement takes less than a year, and you can receive a Certificate of Completion in a little over a year.

Cost: $2,424

Program Length: Two years or less  

Financial Assistance: Honolulu Community College offers an average of $1,204 in scholarship and financial aid awards. 

Tuition Reimbursement: Some trucking companies partner with schools to offer tuition reimbursement if you contract with them post-graduation. Inquire within to find out more.

Class Size: 18 students on average 

Job Placement: Honolulu Community College provides career assistance to all of their graduates to help them find truck driving jobs. 

Online Course: In-person and online courses available 

CDL Licenses: Class A, Class B, Class C 

Leeward Community College

Leeward Community College provides one-on-one commercial motor vehicle training programs, forklift training, and defensive driving school. The participant will receive important knowledge and expertise with a Class A and B CMV license after completing this series.

Cost: $4,900

Program Length: Two months, offered every eight weeks

Financial Assistance: Leeward Community College offers financial aid, payment plans, and there are a variety of different scholarships. In collaboration with the State of Hawaii, Leeward Community College offers a College and Workforce Training Funding and Support program providing aid and support to students.

Tuition Reimbursement: Some trucking companies partner with schools to offer tuition reimbursement if you contract with them post-graduation. Inquire within to find out more.

Class Size: Information not available

Job Placement: The course options at Leeward Community College change periodically to meet the requirements of the community and employers. In order to produce a qualified workforce, they are constantly designing courses based on current and upcoming fascinating technology. Upon graduation, they provide career services to help graduates find employment opportunities based on their degree and work experience.

Online Course: Leeward Community College offers online and on-campus classes to students.

CDL Licenses: Class A, Class B

International CDL Driving School

International Truck Driving School

Smaller classes, flexible scheduling, and an effective teaching environment are all highlights of International CDL Driving School. They provide their learners with the most up-to-date knowledge of how to drive safely and effectively.

Cost: $2,506

Program Length: 2-4 weeks 

Financial Assistance: Students who have to take out loans to pay for their tuition can receive assistance from International CDL Driving School. They make connections with financial institutions that may be able to assist qualifying people. They also accept ADD money and other forms of financial assistance.

Tuition Reimbursement: Some trucking companies partner with schools to offer tuition reimbursement if you contract with them post-graduation. Inquire within to find out more.

Class Size: Information not available

Job Placement: International CDL Driving School provides students with job placement after they pass their driving tests. They provide drivers for a variety of small and large businesses. We make contact with them and inform them of our recent graduates and employment placements.

Online Course: International Trucking Schools only provide in-person visual aid video training and lectures. 

CDL Licenses: Class A, Class B, Class B (bus)

808 CDL Services LLC

808 CDL Services offers commercial driving classes to help you pass your CDL test. Their training equips students with the fundamental information and abilities needed to acquire a Class A license.

Cost: $3,500

Program Length: Around two weeks 

Financial Assistance: Yes, 808 CDL Services LLC offers financial aid to eligible students. 

Tuition Reimbursement: Some trucking companies partner with schools to offer tuition reimbursement if you contract with them post-graduation. Inquire within to find out more.

Class Size: One-on-one instruction

Job Placement: Only students that are successful within this program will be recommended for different positions upon completion of each course. 

Online Course: In-person only

CDL Licenses: Class A 

Professional Driving Academy

Their curriculum is beneficial to both students with no prior knowledge of CDL driving and experienced drivers. The Professional Driving Academy teaches pre-trip, post-trip, and CDL driving methods that are necessary for passing the CDL exam. Students will learn everything they can about trucks and safe driving practices.

Cost: $4,000

Program Length: Eight weeks 

Financial Assistance: Right now the Professional Driving Academy does not offer financial assistance, but they’re looking into different financing options with different providers in the area.

Tuition Reimbursement: Some trucking companies partner with schools to offer tuition reimbursement if you contract with them post-graduation. Inquire within to find out more.

Class Size: Around five to seven students

Job Placement: Yes, they communicate with trucking companies in the area to help students find jobs upon completion of their program.

Online Course: In-person only

CDL Licenses: Class A

How Does CDL Training in Hawaii Work?

You must first determine which type of degree you wish to pursue when studying diesel technology in Hawaii. Hawaii’s diesel technology programs provide you with excellent on-the-job experience. You can hone your skills by working with various car parts and receive endorsements allowing you to handle particular products or specified vehicles. 

Once you receive your CDL, the national pay average for truck driving jobs in Hawaii is around $43,590. Based on your experience and professional standing in the field, the amount of money that you can earn will continue to rise.

Hawaii Trucking School Facts & Figures

CDL training in Hawaii can be taken in Honolulu and Kapolei. Truck driving schools in Hawaii, such as the International CDL Driving School, can assist you in studying for the written and driving exams required to receive your commercial driver’s license. 

Overall, trucking schools in Hawaii have a 72% acceptance rate on average. Below, you’ll find information and statistics about trucking schools to help you get started, as well as an estimate of the costs associated with CDL training in Hawaii. 

Number of Schools

There are a total of four truck driving schools in Hawaii that offer CDL training. Many of these schools offer similar classes, all of which can prepare you for the CDL exams and teach you all about truck driving in the process.

Number of Students Per Class

Truck driving schools in Hawaii typically have small class sizes. You can expect to see fewer than 20 students in each of your classes, with classes having an average of 18 students. 

Tuition Rates

In Hawaii, the average cost of CDL training is $3,732. This means that your educational expenses will be much more manageable compared to the tuition rates of trade schools or colleges in the country.

Average Loan Amount

The average loan amount for trucking schools is around $4,815. 


Don’t forget that scholarships for truckers students are available in Hawaii. Scholarships can help you pay for your education so that you can focus on working to obtain your CDL instead of worrying about how you’ll pay for CDL training. 

Job Placement

If you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for job placement assistance after completing your CDL training. Some trucking companies partner with CDL schools and offer tuition reimbursement when a student signs a driving contract with them.

The best truck driving schools will help their graduates find job opportunities after they’re completed all of their classes. Truck driving businesses are more likely to hire students from reputable schools that have yielded excellent candidates in the past.

Hawaii Trucking Employment Facts and Figures

There aren’t any fully online CDL training classes in Hawaii, although some colleges offer hybrid courses. The CDL truck driver employment market in Hawaii is highly active, with multiple organizations now hiring for this position. Overall, as a CDL truck driver in Hawaii, your possibilities for growth are limited, with a few exceptions. 


Biggest EmployerAverage SalaryCompany Size
Sysco CDL A Local Delivery Truck Driver$75,000 per year 57,000 + employees
Aloha PetroleumBetween $31.73 and $35.86 per hour3,000+ employees
Par PacificBetween $21 and $30 per hour1001-5000
Honolulu Freight Service$20+ per hour 1,000+ employees
Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii$24 per hour Between 51 and 200 employees


Since the general cost of living in Hawaii is a lot higher than in other parts of the country, truck driver salaries tend to be higher than the national average. Truck drivers in Hawaii earn an average of $45,100 per year. The average pay for a truck driver in Hawaii is $21.68 per hour. 

Weekly: $867

Monthly: $3,468

Yearly: $45,100

Look into CDL Training in Hawaii!

CDL training schools will provide you with classroom teaching, driving techniques, and on-the-road instruction. These CDL training schools will equip you with all of the skills you need to start your professional and profitable career as a truck driver. 


How much does CDL training cost in Hawaii?

CDL training in Hawaii typically costs somewhere between $2,500 and $4,500.

How many questions are on the CDL permit test in Hawaii?

The CDL permit test in Hawaii has 50 different questions that you must be prepared for.

How long is CDL school in Hawaii?

Depending on your credentials, the time required to complete this education training ranges from 3 weeks to 1 month, with an average time of 1 month. The time is much longer if you choose to pursue different certifications or an associate’s degree.

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