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Why Are Freight Lanes Good for Carriers?

The ley lines of the shipping world and freight lanes reduce costs by connecting major shipping and transportation hubs. These recurring routes allow for logistically measurable key performance indicators, while
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EDLT: New CDL Laws 2022

As of February 2022, a handful of new CDL laws went into effect. The changes that have since been made to the CDL laws are impacting entry-level CDL drivers, those
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What’s Included in the CDL Skills Test?

Are you ready for an exciting new career as a CDL driver? First, you’ll have to pass your CDL exam. The CDL exam has two parts: the knowledge portion, which
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What Is Outbound Logistics?

The quiet yet bustling ventricle system of getting things to an end customer is the heart of outbound logistics. Including warehousing, storage, distribution, transportation, and last-mile delivery, outbound logistics is
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What Are Trucking Authority Packages?

If you’ve been wanting to obtain your trucking authority, but you’ve let the fees and requirements associated with it intimidate you, it’s time to look at trucking authority packages.   These packages
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How To Optimize a Truck Booking App

Load boards are nothing new in the trucking industry. But the formatting, accessibility, and ease of use of load boards have gotten far better with truck booking apps.   The app is
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What Is a TWIC Card?

Truck drivers, who are new to the transportation industry often ask what is a TWIC card and who needs one? A Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card is essential for all
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What Is Inbound Logistics?

Carriers play an essential role in the supply and demand of goods. As a third party involved in the process of getting finished goods to customers, you might be wondering,
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What Is Transloading?

Long haul shipments arrive at several facilities during transit. Trucks pick up overseas freight and drive cargo to the intended destination. The logistics behind these deliveries get completed, but transloading
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