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How to report double brokering

Navigating the world of freight transportation can be complex, and encountering deceptive practices like double brokering freight can further complicate the journey. Unraveling such incidents is crucial for maintaining industry
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How to find a freight broker

Many business owners rely on freight orders to expand their businesses. The freight helps them maintain business operations and provide products to customers. These small businesses use freight brokers to
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What is double brokering freight?

In the evolving world of trucking, the importance of understanding and avoiding the pitfalls of double brokering cannot be overstated. To ensure fairness and transparency across the industry, it's crucial
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How do freight brokers find loads?

Brokers spend time building an extensive carrier network, but they also need to find loads to give to those carriers. If brokers find themselves with a much larger carrier network
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7 best trucking software providers

Navigating the dynamic world of trucking logistics requires a well-oiled fleet — and powerful trucking technology.   As the heart of freight operations, trucking software plays an indispensable role in scheduling, dispatching,
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