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Best fuel card for truckers in every region

Selecting the right trucker fuel cards is a critical decision for truckers, as it can significantly impact operating costs and efficiency. The U.S., with its vast expanse, boasts a diverse range of regions, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for fuel management.

In this article, we delve into the best fuel card for truckers for each region, so you can make informed decisions that maximize fuel card benefits and make trucking logistics more efficient.

Quicklook: Best fuel card for truckers in every region

Best fuel cards for truckers

With so many trucking fuel cards on the market, narrowing down the best truck fuel card for your regional needs can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, we’re here to help. These are our picks for the best trucker fuel card in each region:

Fuelman Fleet Cards


The Fuelman Fleet Card is often considered one of the best options for truck drivers in the Midwest due to its extensive network of fueling locations across the region. It offers discounts and rewards specifically tailored to the Midwest, where truckers frequently operate. Additionally, Fuelman provides features such as detailed transaction reporting and controls, helping truckers effectively manage their fuel expenses in this diverse and traffic-prone region.

Best in the: Midwest

Special features

  • Package flexibility
  • Deepest rebates in the industry
  • Credit option available


  • Rebates of up to 10 cents per gallon
  • Carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly options
  • Available to use at any gas station 

Disadvantages: Coverage gaps in some states outside of the Midwest

Pricing: $39-$99 a month for all the fuel cards in your business

WEX Fuel Cards


The WEX fuel card is favored by truck drivers in the Northeast because of its wide acceptance at a multitude of fueling locations in the region. The Northeast is densely populated, and WEX offers discounts and rewards that cater to the needs of truckers navigating this area, helping them save on fuel costs. Moreover, the card provides tools for detailed transaction tracking and reporting, making it easier for truck drivers to manage their expenses efficiently in the Northeast’s bustling and traffic-heavy environment.

Best in the: Northeast

Special features

  • Mobile payments through DriverDash
  • Fuel spending reports generated by ClearView
  • Employee spending controls
  • Automatic fuel expense tracking


  • Helpful driver app
  • Specialized cards for various fleet sizes
  • Ease of payment


  • Unlisted fees for some services
  • Low rebates 
  • Some WEX cards that allow you to carry a balance have high interest rates

Pricing: No setup or annual fees

Motive Fuel Card

motive card

The Motive Fuel Card is much more than a gas card; it’s an integrated fleet spending management platform. Motive has a strong presence in the Southeast, with a large network of partner stations and a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are familiar with the needs of truckers in the region. From one account and dashboard, you can track your fleet’s spending on gas, maintenance and lodging. In addition to tracking expenses, Motive provides fuel discounts and special features like IFTA tracking

Best in the: Southeast

Special features

  •  IFTA reports
  •  Spend reports
  •  Maintenance discounts


  • Spend controls
  • Detailed reports
  • Integrated platform


  •  No set discount rate
  •  Smaller network compared to competitors

Pricing: One-time activation fee of $25 per card

Fleet One Fuel Card


Fleet One is often considered a good choice for truck drivers in the Southwest due to its wide network of fueling locations in the region. It offers discounts and rewards tailored to the specific needs of truckers operating in the Southwest, helping them save on fuel costs. Fleet One also provides useful tools for detailed transaction tracking and reporting, making it easier for truck drivers to efficiently manage their expenses in the diverse and challenging terrain of the Southwest, which includes desert landscapes and varying weather conditions.

Best in the: Southwest

Special features

  • Save thousands per year on fuel discounts alone
  • Savings on repair and maintenance services at TA Truck Service locations
  • Part of the WEX edge savings network


  • Discounts on major tire brands
  • Savings on mobile phone plans, maintenance, hotels and more


  • Each card has a unique fee structure, with individual monthly fees and charges 
  • Can be costly if you have a large fleet of drivers

Pricing: No setup fees, no fuel transaction fees at participating EDGE network locations

AtoB Fuel Cards


AtoB Fuel Cards are considered among the best fuel cards for truckers operating in the Western U.S. for many reasons. The card offers competitive discounts on fuel at its partner stations, which is especially important in the West, where fuel prices can be high. In fact, AtoB customers save on average 43¢ per gallon between their discounts, security savings, and savings from their Optimal Station Selection tool. The card is also accepted anywhere, and the dashboard allows you to set spending limits, track live usage and generate reports to manage your expenses. 

Best in the: West

Special features

  • No out-of-network stations 
  • Get discounts on repairs at Pep Boys, tires at Discount Tire and more through AtoB Perk
  • Spend on more than just fuel — oil changes, tolls, lodging and more
  • Net seven-day payment terms


  • Telematics integration to validate every purchase in real time
  • Secure Card Unlock through the AtoB Driver App to ensure cards are only used by authorized drivers
  • Optimal Station Selection to enforce drivers to fuel at the most affordable stations
  • Allows small businesses to build credit

Disadvantages: Must pay balance within seven days

Pricing: $3/month per active card

Unique fuel management considerations for each region

You should take the unique fuel management challenges of your region into consideration while narrowing down the best trucking fuel cards. Keep the following points in mind as you decide which fueling solutions make sense for your trucking operations.


Truckers operating in the Midwest face several fuel management challenges. Extreme weather changes, particularly in winter, necessitates the use of winter-grade fuel and maintenance of antifreeze levels to optimize fuel efficiency.

Traffic congestion in major cities like Chicago and Detroit can be a problem, so route planning and navigation tools are essential to avoid rush-hour delays. Efficient load management, minimization of engine idling, and regular truck maintenance are critical factors to consider.

Moreover, exploring discounts from diesel fuel cards at regional truck stops and fueling stations can provide cost savings. Fuel monitoring systems and the use of alternative fuels like natural gas or propane can also help keep prices down.


The Northeast is notorious for heavy traffic, particularly around major cities like New York and Boston. It’s crucial to plan routes that avoid peak traffic hours and use GPS or navigation apps for real-time congestion updates.

Drivers in the Northeast experience diverse weather conditions, from hot summers to cold winters, which can impact fuel efficiency. Using appropriate fuel blends and ensuring the truck’s heating and cooling systems are in optimal condition are essential. Additionally, toll roads and bridges in the Northeast makes it important to use toll calculators and transponders for cost-effective route planning.

Keep a close eye on fuel prices, take advantage of discount fuel cards with rewards programs, and employ routing software that considers traffic, road conditions, and fuel stops to maximize fuel efficiency. 


The warm climate of the Southeast can affect fuel efficiency, making it crucial to maintain proper tire pressure and engine cooling systems. Due to the size of the region, route planning is essential to avoid unnecessary miles and fuel consumption. 

Additionally, keep an eye on fuel prices, as they can vary widely. Use a fuel card for trucking that offers discounts at regional truck stops.

The Southeast is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, so stay informed about weather conditions to plan safe and efficient routes. Minimizing engine idling and adhering to proper maintenance schedules are vital to conserving fuel. Lastly, provide driver training on fuel-efficient driving techniques to further optimize fuel management in the Southeast.


The Southwest’s hot and arid climate can impact fuel efficiency, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure and cooling systems to prevent overheating. Due to the vast desert landscapes, efficient route planning becomes crucial to minimize miles driven and fuel consumption.

Keep a close watch on fuel prices, as they can fluctuate across the Southwest. Look for commercial truck fuel cards that offer discounts at regional truck stops. Prepare for extreme temperature variations, as desert nights can be surprisingly cold. 

Additionally, the Southwest is prone to monsoon rains and dust storms, so stay informed about weather conditions to plan safe and efficient routes. 


The vast and diverse geography of the West presents varying terrain and elevations, which can impact fuel efficiency. Planning routes that minimize steep grades and taking advantage of downhill stretches for coasting can save fuel.

This region also experiences fluctuating fuel prices, so monitoring and using fuel cards for truck drivers with regional discounts are wise strategies. Additionally, consider the long distances between fuel stops in some areas, and plan refueling carefully to avoid running out of fuel.

Keeping an eye on weather conditions, especially in mountainous regions, is essential for safety and efficient route planning. Implementing fuel monitoring systems, reducing engine idling, and adhering to regular maintenance schedules are fundamental practices for fuel conservation. 

Benefit from the best trucking company fuel cards for truckers in your region

The ‘best fuel credit card for truckers’ is highly dependent on your specific requirements, so you should consider fuel card options that address fuel management challenges in your region. Trucking expenses add up quickly, so your choice of diesel gas cards is an important factor in your long term success.


What is the best fuel card for truckers?

The best fuel credit cards for truckers depend  on your unique needs and the region in which you operate. Fuel card providers like Fuelman, AtoB and Motive each offer solid options, according to fuel card reviews.

What are the disadvantages of fuel cards?

Disadvantages of fuel cards include potential fees, limited acceptance at certain stations, and the need to monitor for unauthorized usage.

Is it cheaper to use a fuel card?

Whether it’s cheaper to use a fuel card depends on discounts offered and individual usage patterns. It’s essential to conduct a fuel card comparison to evaluate rates and benefits.

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