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Truckbase vs TruckLogics for small- to mid-sized freight carriers

With an increasing number of software options tailored to the trucking industry, small and mid-sized carriers face a dilemma choosing the best trucking dispatch software or transportation management system (TMS). 

To help navigate the options, we compare two popular platforms, outlining key features and strengths for fleets of 1-100 trucks. Keep reading to find out if Truckbase or TruckLogics trucking dispatch software is a better fit for your needs.

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What is Truckbase TMS software for carriers?

Truckbase TMS logo

Truckbase is an innovative, dispatch-centric TMS designed to meet the unique needs of asset-based trucking companies and carriers. This powerful software aims to streamline operations and provide end-to-end visibility.

Here are some of the main benefits and advantages of using the Truckbase transportation management solution:

  • Truckbase’s all-in-one TMS technology addresses the needs of fleet owners, dispatchers, operations managers, bookkeepers, and drivers. 
  • Key features include the Truckbase AI powered load builder, dispatching tools, truck and trailer tracking, freight billing, QuickBooks integration, carrier and driver management.
  • Offering an intuitive, easy-to-use transport management interface, this top TMS software aims to simplify operations for growing asset-based carriers by eliminating data entry and increasing overall efficiency. 
  • Truckbase’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based truck dispatch technology uses advanced AI, API, and EDI protocols to automate workflows and promote cross-functional collaboration. 
  • The TMS system syncs with 30+ ELD providers to offer real-time load visibility and customized auto-notifications, which eliminates the need for time-consuming check calls.
  • Analytics and reporting provides insights on costs, profits, customer analysis and other KPIs.
  • Truckbase is one of the only truck dispatching TMS for logistics providers that works for regional carriers hauling split loads.

With automated workflows, collaboration tools, and the flexibility to scale, Truckbase offers one of the most advanced transportation management system software platforms to help modernize operations. It consolidates the critical tasks of asset-based trucking into a single platform to reduce costs and optimize efficiency. 

As an industry-leading trucking TMS software system designed for growth, Truckbase can streamline operations for your small- to mid-sized operation.

What is TruckLogics TMS trucking software?

TruckLogics provides cloud based transport management system software for leased operators, owner operators, fleet managers and brokers. Like other TMS software providers, their platform consolidates trip management, fleet tracking, billing, and other workflows onto a single platform. 

On a high level, here’s what you can expect from TruckLogics TMS logistics software:

  • Features include automated dispatch, asset maintenance, and financial workflows to boost efficiency and reduce data entry.
  • TruckLogics freight broker TMS software enables users to set prices through rate confirmation sheets, handle carrier settlements, and manage loads.
  • By integrating with popular trucking software solutions via API and EDI, including Motive, ProMiles, and Samsara, TruckLogics makes it easier to generate IFTA reports, plan routes, and find loads.
  • Digital document management, compliance tracking, and business intelligence tools help trucking companies streamline operations and avoid costly oversights.
  • Using the TruckLogics virtual Truck Zone, customers can schedule and track maintenance for all equipment. Trucks can be marked as inactive while in the shop to avoid dispatch confusion. 

From driver dispatch all the way through customer invoicing, TruckLogics aims to help users run their businesses more efficiently. The company’s well-established product has been an industry staple for many years. 

Truckbase vs TruckLogics trucking dispatch software

There’s no shortage of transport management systems on the market. It seems like all TMS providers claim to have the best TMS software, so you should carefully consider your options before deciding which carrier TMS software to implement.

TMS software companies Truckbase Inc and TruckLogics offer two frequently compared technologies for small- to medium-sized carriers. Below we’ve highlighted some of their top transportation management system benefits, differences and similarities across several key areas.



Truckbase stands out with an easy-to-use and elegantly designed front-end interface. Its driver-friendly dispatching capabilities make it a great fit for carrier fleets focused on driver usability. Users are thrilled to discover the software requires very little training — in fact, according to one user testimonial, “Any dispatcher can pick it up within 30 minutes.”​​

By automating mundane dispatching, invoicing and payroll processes, Truckbase eliminates data entry through its smart, AI-powered load importer tool. This reduces human errors and operational delays so all users can be more efficient with less effort. Another customer points out that Truckbase has “set themselves apart by being simple, yet relevant. Their new load entry feature is straightforward and to the point.” 


TruckLogics empowers users to efficiently manage loads, dispatching, and invoicing, among other capabilities. Users appreciate its breadth of features, with one reviewer observing that “It covers everything you need when you operate a trucking company.” 

One downside of the company’s tenure in the industry, however, is its dated front end design and the underlying technology. Truckbase looks more modern in comparison, and reviewers complain of lags and glitches while using TruckLogics TMS system software.

Winner: Truckbase

Compliance tracking


Truckbase uses advanced API integrations to seamlessly connect with more than 30 of the industry’s leading ELD providers. It does not, however, include a native compliance tracking module.


TruckLogics software allows drivers to upload all their DOT-mandated documentation to one centralized location for easy tracking and management — including CDL and medical card reminders. And fleet managers are able to keep up-to-date qualification records and performance histories for each driver.

Maintenance documentation is another crucial aspect of compliance that’s easily handled via the TruckLogics platform. Managers can use the technology to develop maintenance schedules for each truck, record odometer readings, set service reminders, and keep thorough accident records. 

Winner: TruckLogics

Mobile apps


In an increasingly mobile world, the ability to work and communicate effectively on the go can make or break a small- to medium-sized carrier’s business. Truckbase is known as one of the most mobile-friendly TMS vendors in the marketplace, offering apps for dispatchers, admins, and drivers. 

Customers praise Truckbase’s driver-friendly, easily-implemented text-based dispatching capabilities and integrated document scanner, which leads to greater usage and improved on-time BOL collection rates. Using the app, drivers can view all their loads and route info in one place, helping them to avoid unnecessary phone calls and deliver more efficiently.


Drivers can use the TruckLogics mobile app to electronically sign bills of lading, add check calls, submit expenses, upload fuel receipts, and view trip settlements. With so many features available from one platform, the TruckLogics app simplifies the essential tasks of document management, communication, and compliance for truck drivers.

Reviews for the TruckLogics app are mixed, though. Some users consider it easier to use than the desktop interface. Former TruckLogics customers, however, report disappointing driver adoption rates compared to the Truckbase mobile app. This, of course, begs the question: how useful are all the features if drivers won’t use them?

Winner: Truckbase

TMS software price


Options for fixed or flexible pricing makes Truckbase more carrier-friendly than other vendors’ TMS price structures. Truckbase’s model is transparent, which enables clearer budget planning. That said, Truckbase may not always be the most affordable option (although in many cases, it actually is), but the provider is known for the value it offers in relation to the price.


TruckLogics sets itself apart from other top TMS providers by offering a free two-week trial to prospective customers. This is an attractive option for carriers that hesitate to make IT decisions without taking the technology for a test drive.

TruckLogics pricing is considered quite attractive for small fleet operators. Monthly and yearly subscription plan costs are available on their site. 

Winner: TruckLogics for its two-week trial

Customer satisfaction


Truckbase customers are absolutely effusive in their praise. In fact, 100% of Capterra reviewers report that they’d be likely to recommend Truckbase software to others. Enthusiasm for the platform is based in part on the provider’s personalized customer support. Each customer knows at least one name and face from their team, and often will actually know many. 


TruckLogics reviews are less complimentary. On the same site, only 44% of users say they’d be likely to recommend TruckLogics software. And their dispatch capabilities (arguably one of the most important functions for small- to medium-sized fleets) are rated just 2.8 out of 5 stars. 

While the company’s online knowledge base looks fairly robust, and reviewers seem generally satisfied with the support they receive, TruckLogics service appears to lack the personal touch offered by Truckbase.

Winner: Truckbase

Tabulating the results…

Overall, Truckbase comes out ahead in this match-up of TMS dispatching titans. With a range of features designed to help small- to medium-sized freight carriers seamlessly scale with business growth, the platform is a smart choice for anyone seeking a strategic, accessible TMS partner. 

On the other hand, if compliance is a particular pain point for your business, consider taking TruckLogics up on their two-week trial. Any TMS company that’s been around as long as TruckLogics has will offer a generally dependable service.

For a modern, intuitive TMS based on state-of-the-art back-end technologies, though, there’s no question that Truckbase ranks among the best of the best. And not just compared to TruckLogics, but among TMS providers in general. Reach out to Truckbase to find out how they can streamline your operations and help you increase profitability.


What is the best software to run a trucking company?

The best software to run a trucking company is a transportation management system (TMS), which helps automate and optimize dispatch, tracking, compliance, accounting, and other critical processes.

What is a TMS provider?

A TMS provider is a company that develops and licenses transportation management software designed specifically for motor carriers.

How do I choose a TMS provider?

When choosing a TMS provider, key factors to consider include integration capabilities, provider support, usability, and invoicing functions.

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