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Best trucking dispatch software for small companies

Managing logistics for a small trucking company presents unique challenges — too few trucks for elite TMS suites, but basic solutions fail to provide needed capabilities. To enhance safety, compliance and driver workflows without breaking the bank, the top-rated dispatch software packages for under 50 trucks offer customizable automation, mobile responsiveness, and seamless ELD/GPS fleet tracking.

Here are several user-friendly, affordably-priced platforms that provide the biggest bang for the buck for small companies.

Quicklook: Best dispatch software for small trucking companies

  • Best for automation: Truckbase
  • Best for efficiency: Load Logix
  • Best for small to mid-sized brokers: ITS Dispatch
  • Best for last mile delivery operations: Onfleet
  • Best for FedEx contractors: TruckSpy

5 best dispatch management software options for small businesses 

If you’re trying to narrow down your dispatch software for trucking options, you’ve come to the right place. The following providers offer some of the best truck dispatcher software in the industry.

Truckbase TMS


Truckbase empowers small trucking companies to grow their fleets without increasing complexity. Its dispatch scheduling software is affordably priced for smaller trucking companies looking for a simple, easy TMS to automate their back-office.

Manage dispatching without any excess data entry. Automate load building and dispatch with a PDF importer, send to drivers via text, and let drivers upload BOLs directly with integrated mobile scanning. Use instant invoicing and financial reporting tools to improve cash flow. Build trust with drivers with simple driver settlements without extra hassle or data entry.

Best for: Automation


  • Automates load building and dispatch with AI-powered PDF importer
  • Sends instant dispatch details to drivers via text or email 
  • Clear routing info in mobile-friendly driver app
  • Integrated mobile scanning for BOLs
  • Improves cash flow with instant invoicing
  • Easy settlement generation according to load and driver without inputting any data
  • Add stop pay, reimbursements, and other pay with just a few clicks


  • Business growth with more drivers without increasing back-office overhead 
  • Dispatch without excess data entry
  • Automated, instant invoicing so you never miss a payment
  • More transparent settlements to build trust with company drivers and owner-operators

Disadvantages: No transparent pricing

Pricing: Contact Truckbase for details

Load Logix

load Logix Logo

Load Logix’s transportation management system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide real-time recommendations for load planning, dispatching, and carrier selection. By automating and optimizing these processes, Load Logix’s dispatch trucking software can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for its customers.

Load Logix integrates with other supply chain management systems, providing end-to-end visibility and control over the entire supply chain. Truck dispatching software integrations can help customers improve their planning and execution processes, reduce errors, and increase productivity

Best for: Efficiency


  • Manage different companies and locations for billing and accounting
  • Free unlimited users at any package level
  • Offers real time GPS


  • High level of customization
  • Monthly updates to software are performed to reduce bugs. Less chance of the software crashing at inopportune times

Disadvantages: Integrations with other software not available in the standard package

Pricing: As low as $29 per month

ITS Dispatch by 


ITS Dispatch helps companies move more loads instead of pushing paper. Truckstop strives to provide customers with a practical set of tools to help them succeed in the industry. The company, which has been around since 1995, has various software solutions that address each stage of freight transportation. 

Best for: Small to mid-sized brokers


  • Generates invoices with a single click
  • Easy load confirmations
  • Creates driver settlements
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Private labeling


  • Detailed, automated reporting
  • Unlimited number of trucks allowed on plan
  • Creates and sends detailed customer agreements
  • Communication features keep drivers in the loop


  • Can be slow or laggy at times
  • Occasional glitches

Pricing: $125 installation, $99


TruckSpy trucking dispatch

TruckSpy touts itself as an all-in-one fleet management platform. With features specifically aimed at empowering driver compliance, safety and productivity, TruckSpy is a scheduling and dispatch software solution that keeps your drivers efficient. Packed with a drag-and-drop capabilities, a route deviation checker and estimated times of arrival for all stops, TruckSpy can keep you at ease and your customers in the loop. The company’s long-standing relationship with FedEx makes it an easy fit for FedEx contractors.

Best for: FedEx contractors


  • Drag-and-drop transportation dispatch software
  • Route deviation identifier  
  • Real-time estimated times of arrival
  • Document scanner that attaches necessary documents to each stop
  • Real-time updates of dispatch assignments with turn-by-turn navigation


  • Every minute of driving is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) to make more efficient routes
  • Turn-by-turn navigation support that tracks all driver deviation
  • Fleet routing software automatically pushes routes to drivers’ tablets
  • Individual vehicle mileage reports (IVMRs) are done forever when working with FedEx and using its ELDs


  • No clear pricing model on the website 
  • All pricing seems to be a la carte, meaning no yearly discount

Pricing: $7 per month per truck; a demo must be scheduled


onfleet trucking dispatch software

Specializing in making last-mile deliveries easier, Onfleet helps you route, dispatch and analyze your company’s deliveries while communicating seamlessly with your drivers. Providing real-time updates to all of your customers via short-message service (SMS) notifications to keep them informed and up-to-date, Onfleet is a choice product for high-volume and last-mile operations.

Best for: Last-mile delivery


  • Automated dispatch
  • SMS notifications
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Fleet tracking
  • End-to-end route planning
  • Communication
  • Analytics


  • Easy onboarding process
  • Driver app available for iOS or Android
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Add and delete tasks with ease


  •  System may be unavailable during maintenance periods
  •  Somewhat limited analytics
  •  Limited data entry fields


  • Launch: $500 per month
  • Scale: $1,150 per month
    • Launch and Scale plans include a 14-day trial
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for custom enterprise pricing

What to look for in dispatching software for trucking

Here are some key things small trucking companies should look for when choosing dispatching software:

  • Easy to learn and use interface: Simple and intuitive design optimized for owner operators and small fleet dispatch teams who may lack extensive technological expertise.
  • Load boards integration: Ability to easily search, bid, book, manage loads from top load board services helps maximize flexibility and profitability.
  • Automated workflow: The system should automate mundane workflow processes like load assignment, driver communication templates, paperwork. Saves time over manual methods.
  • Mobile apps: Having trucking management on-the-go via iOS and Android apps keeps dispatch operations running smoothly even when away from the computer.
  • GPS tracking and hours of service: Helps manage driver logs, remaining hours, truck location monitoring. Essential for compliance and asset utilization.
  • Affordable pricing: Cost-effectiveness is a top priority. So reasonable perpetual or monthly subscription plans tailored to small carrier needs beats expensive enterprise software.
  • Customer support: Given smaller budgets, having quality vendor support via phone, email, knowledge bases provides extra assistance when needed.

The key is optimizing simplicity, flexibility and compliance. Streamlining operations is crucial for small trucking firms to punch above their weight logistically against larger competitors.

Benefit from dispatch system software

Transitioning from spreadsheet dispatch methods to a modern software for dispatch represents a major leap in efficiency for small carriers. While deciphering the array of choices poses headaches, focusing on intuitive tools that streamline compliance, safety, and communications delivers outsized benefits.

Implementing one of the affordable, scalable systems profiled here can drive growth making small trucking outfits like yours more competitive.


How much does dispatching software cost?

Basic truck dispatching software for small business operations typically ranges from $25 to $150 per month.

What is TMS dispatch software?

TMS dispatch software is an integrated logistics platform that automates planning and execution of transportation operations for trucking companies and brokers. Leading TMS solutions offer quick load matching with carriers, automated dispatch and driver communications, integrated document management, real-time GPS tracking, and analytics dashboards to optimize decisions and workflow.

How does dispatch software work?

Dispatch software streamlines trucking operations through automation and organization of key processes like load management, fleet coordination, compliance, and driver workflows. Popular features include integrated load boards, automated assignment and communication with drivers, GPS tracking and electronic logging of trucks, and data reporting to assist real time tactical decisions.

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Simple TMS Software for 5+ Truck Fleets

Truckbase is an intuitive TMS software for FTL fleets with 5+ trucks that accelerates billing and automates repetitive tasks. It has everything from dispatch to invoicing to driver pay.