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Truckbase vs ITS Dispatch for fleets of 10-100 trucks

Trucking companies operating 10-100 trucks need scalable software to help handle dispatch, streamline workflows, manage finances, and more. While solutions like Truckbase and ITS Dispatch both aim to make carriers more efficient, there are key differences in their technologies, capabilities, and ideal customer profile. 

In this article, we compare the specialized features between these trucking management platforms to see which best fits the needs of growing commercial fleets. And when you finish reading, check out the other articles in our ‘Truckbase trucking dispatch software’ series:

What is Truckbase TMS software?

The Truckbase transportation management platform is a cloud-based software system designed for asset-based trucking companies and carriers to manage their operations. Here’s an overview of some key features and benefits.

  • Truckbase’s all-in-one TMS solution addresses the needs of fleet owners, dispatchers, operations managers, bookkeepers, and drivers. 
  • Key features include an AI-powered load builder, dispatching tools, truck and trailer tracking, freight billing, QuickBooks integration, carrier and driver management.
  • Offering an intuitive, easy-to-use transport management interface, Truckbase aims to simplify operations for growing asset-based carriers by eliminating data entry and increasing overall efficiency. 
  • Truckbase’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based transportation technology uses advanced AI, API, and EDI protocols to automate workflows and promote cross-functional collaboration. 
  • The software syncs with 30+ ELD providers to offer real-time load visibility and customized auto-notifications, which eliminates the need for time-consuming check calls.
  • Analytics and reporting provides insights on costs, profits, customer analysis and other KPIs.

Essentially, Truckbase TMS consolidates critical transportation management tasks into a single interface to help streamline operations, reduce costs, gain visibility, and automate invoicing. As one of the most modern TMS technologies on the market, it offers the flexibility to scale with any small- to mid-sized carrier’s long term growth trajectory.

What is ITS Dispatch software?

ITS Dispatch, owned by Truckstop, is a basic-tier, cloud-based transportation management and fleet dispatch software designed for owner-operators, small trucking companies, and freight brokers. On a high level, here’s what you should know about their logistics technology.

  • It helps carriers and truck brokers manage end-to-end workflows like dispatch planning, route optimization, real-time load tracking, and hours of service (HOS) compliance.
  • Key features include an interactive map view of trucks and loads, automated load dispatching and planning, warnings about HOS violations, ELD integrations, and customized reporting.
  • It aims to help fleets reduce operating costs by optimizing routing and asset utilization, while also improving driver management through compliance tracking and communication.
  • ITS Dispatch’s transportation management solution offers API integrations with common freight and logistics software platforms.
  • Monthly subscription plans include an option for trucking businesses that own one or two trucks.

Generally speaking, ITS Dispatch handles the critical dispatching needs of small freight businesses and brokerages. While it lacks some of the advanced technological capabilities of newer TMS products, owner operators in particular may find good value in a monthly subscription.

Comparing Truckbase and ITS Dispatch

Managers responsible for fleets of 10 to 100 trucks often share many of the same operational pain points and concerns. Based on our research, here’s how Truckbase and ITS Dispatch measure across several areas that may be critical to your decision-making process.

Technological infrastructure


Founded in 2021, the advanced Truckbase TMS platform is based on the most modern transport technology available. The Truckbase AI machine learning system, for instance, helps users automate load and rate con importing and data mapping, to eliminate manual data entry. The company prides itself on a nimble development process, which enables them to make fast, continuous improvements that set them apart from legacy players using older technologies requiring slower implementation processes.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is a well-established TMS system that has withstood the test of time. Fleet owners with simple needs report success using their tried and true technology for years without feeling a need to investigate more modern offerings. While ITS Dispatch is based on a solid tech platform, some users believe the front end could use an update, citing a dated interface and lack of reporting flexibility in ITS Dispatch reviews.

Winner: Truckbase

Brokerage support


Truckbase currently offers no features specifically built to meet the needs of truck load brokers. It was designed (and is continuously updated) with small- to mid-sized OTR carriers in mind.

ITS Dispatch

The ITS Dispatch platform allows trucking brokerages to manage their invoicing, external carrier pay, and reporting operations from one location. Its customizable information dashboard empowers users to remain updated on the basics of their freight broker businesses, with unlimited load tracking, digital file storage, sales management tools and private labeling available for an additional monthly cost.

Winner: ITS Dispatch



Truckbase prides itself on the breadth of its integrations with leading ELD, accounting, and shipper/broker systems. Its connections with 30+ ELD providers, for instance, give dispatchers access to vehicle locations and status changes for better planning. APIs that sync invoice and settlement data into QuickBooks Desktop and Online products enable real-time financials. At the same time, bi-directional EDI data pipes directly into major shipper/broker systems to reduce double entry and paperwork.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch integrates easily and quickly with QuickBooks accounting software and some ELDs. For an extra fee, the platform can integrate with the ProMiles mile calculator to automate IFTA reporting. According to the Truckstop website, several additional API integrations are currently under development.

Winner: Truckbase

Collaborative features


For companies with multiple users who need to collaborate, Truckbase really shines. The platform optimizes team interactions, and makes communicating with brokers a breeze. Drivers benefit from easy document scanning, a centralized load and driver scheduling calendar, and dispatching notifications — all accessible via a simple mobile app. Meanwhile, an intuitive Customer Portal allows shippers to view all their load statuses in a single dashboard, and submit new loads for carriers to accept or reject in one click.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is designed from the ground up around driving real-time coordination and clear workflows between fleet dispatchers and drivers. Two-way mobility, also via a driver app, sets the stage for collaborative dispatching execution.

Winner: Truckbase offers more robust opportunities to collaborate across larger fleets



Truckbase stands out with a modern, intuitive front-end and driver-friendly dispatching capabilities, making it a great fit for carrier fleets focused on driver usability. The software requires very little training, with users claiming that “Any dispatcher can pick it up within 30 minutes.” By automating mundane dispatching, invoicing and payroll processes, Truckbase eliminates data entry through its smart, AI-powered load importer tool, reducing human errors and delays so all users can be more efficient with less effort. And in case you have questions, customers rave about the company’s friendly, responsive customer support in online reviews.

ITS Dispatch

With a limited range of functionality compared to Truckbase, ITS Dispatch customers sometimes complain of clunky navigation and manual data entry requirements.

Winner: Truckbase

Who’s the winner in this TMS comparison?

There are pros and cons to both TMS platforms. ITS Dispatch is considered a good starter tool for owner operators and fleets of up to five trucks. Also, brokers may prefer ITS Dispatch since it offers features designed specifically to handle their requirements. 

However, while both Truckbase and ITS Dispatch are highly-rated TMS options, the aim of this article is to evaluate their suitability specifically for fleets of 10 to 100 trucks. With that in mind, Truckbase comes out on top owing to its state-of-the-art technical backbone, robust features, and easy scalability.  In fact, many carriers choose to upgrade to Truckbase after outgrowing more basic alternatives.

The bottom line is that if you manage a growing small- to mid-sized fleet, Truckbase is the simple, power-packed trucking software your team needs at a reasonable price. Reach out for a free demo to learn more about how the platform can help you start winning more loads, simplify operations, and increase profit.


What is a TMS in trucking?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a software platform used by trucking companies and fleets to manage dispatch, track loads, schedule trucks and drivers, and more. In trucking, an effective TMS ties together critical data to optimize operations.

How many carriers use a TMS?

Nearly 50% of all truckload carriers and third party logistics companies now utilize some form of a transportation management system or software. Adoption rates among smaller fleets remain much lower than larger enterprises, so adopting a TMS may offer a competitive advantage to fleets of 5-100 trucks.

Who owns ITS Dispatch?

Truckstop, headquartered in New Plymouth, Idaho, owns ITS Dispatch.

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