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Best power only load boards

Power only loads help both carriers and shippers meet the varying and constant growing needs of the trucking and transportation industry. Power only load boards are now an ideal way to get connected with the companies and loads you need to earn what you desire.

These load boards can help streamline payment, ensure company reliability, and much more. If you’re looking to take control of your time on the road, finding the best power only load boards is essential and we’ve got the options you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let downtime lead to waste, get started with the best power only load board today. 

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Quicklook: Best Power Only Load

4 best power only load boards

The best power only load board can help owner operators and trucking companies get connected with the right loads. Discover what the top ones have to offer you. 

truckstop load board


All of the best power only load boards offer mobile app solutions, but Truckstop provides the best tools that can help you both on and off the road. While they may have pricier plans, they come packed with features that practically pay for themselves.

Best For: In-app Tools 

Special Features

  • Decision tools (Truck-to-load ratio, truck activity by origin and destination) 
  • Book loads instantly 
  • Fuel desk (Simple truck routing, rates, and IFTA) 
  • Credit stop broker
  • Load comparison


  • User friendly 
  • Real-time updates 
  • Rate insights
  • Best-paying loads search
  • Mobile app available 


  •  Pricing plan is per user for up to 3 users, additional fees & taxes apply 
  •  Features are nice, but some are lacking support 

Pricing: Truckstop offers varying plans for Carriers, Brokers, Shippers, and Dual Authorities. This pricing is for the Carrier plans. Full pricing available at Load Boards for Carriers, Brokers and Shippers –

  • Basic Plan – $39/month 
  • Advanced Plan – $125/month
  • Pro Plan – $149/month 
uShip logo


uShip has a pricing structure that allows you to pay as you go and the option to set your own rate is ideal for many. Get notified in real time when new loads are available so you can be on the road when you want to be. Their user friendly mobile app helps you streamline operations and spend less time dealing with hassles. 

Best For: Setting Your Own Rate 

Special Features

  •  Filter available loads by type of shipment, locations, and dates
  •  Save filters and get notified when a new load is available
  •  Along Your Route search tool (make your own lane, avoid deadhead trips and backhauls) 


  • Set your own rates 
  • Thousands of available loads daily
  • Find shipments based on your equipment
  • Streamlined uShip mobile app available 


  • Customer service is lacking 
  • Pricing isn’t always optimal 

Pricing: Free until transportation is secured 



Convoy is a leading option for drivers seeking the best power only loads that minimizes extra fees. With free trailer rentals, under certain conditions of course, making the most of your haul is easier than ever. With trailers that undergo regular maintenance, you can drive with confidence when you drive with Convoy. 

Best For: Well Maintained Trailers 

Special Features

  • Access to Convoy’s Digital Freight Network 
  • Trailer rentals available at no cost (So long as they’re returned on time) 
  • Extra flexibility to haul additional loads with Convoy trailers (even for non Convoy loads)


  • Convoy trailers undergo regular maintenance 
  • No additional insurance fees
  • User friendly mobile app available 


  •  Bids can be harder to get the longer you drive for Convoy
  •  Foreign based customer service 

Pricing: Free

uber freight load board

Uber Freight

With Powerloop, Uber Freight has made it effortless for carriers to find power only loads. No matter the size of the carrier, it’s easy to find and book the loads you need and avoid downtime and waste. Maximize your earning when you utilize Uber Freight. 

Best For: Maximizing Drive Time 

Special Features

  • Custom alerts for your ideal loads 
  • Post Truck feature so you never miss a load 
  • Uber Freight Plus (rewards program) 
  • Smart load suggestions


  • Clear, upfront pricing and availability 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Facility ratings 
  • Mobile app available 


  • Resolution time for issues is lengthy 
  • App can have error issues

Pricing: Free to sign up 

What is a power only load board?

A power only load is a solution for many carriers that want to drive with their truck and utilize another company’s trailer. This type of load refers to the carrier as a power unit. Load boards are online marketplaces that connect carriers and shippers. Power only load boards are similar to your traditional load boards for carriers, but they offer loads for those looking to connect to an already loaded trailer. The best load boards for truckers will allow you to find the loads you need no matter where you are. 

How does a power only load board work?

Power only load boards work by having both carriers and shippers create accounts to interact with each other. These online marketplaces provide you with direct communication for those looking for your services without the hassle. You can save time by instantly finding the trucking loads you need and connect with reputable companies throughout the country. The best load boards for shippers and truckers may vary depending on your needs. 

Minimize downtime and maximize your earnings

Power only loads are a great way for both carriers and shippers to optimize efficiency. The best load boards for power only have truly help carriers minimize their downtime while maximizing what they earn on the road.

Waiting at facilities can be diminished when you’re hauling a power only load and the best power only load board can help you alleviate hassle all together. Finding and booking the right loads can remain a breeze and the best load board for power only may come packed with additional tools that can help you streamline your own operations. 


Which load board pays the most?

There is no definitive highest paying load board, as rates fluctuate based on market conditions and individual negotiations between shippers and carriers. However, is frequently cited as a load board that offers access to high value loads and greater earning potential for truck drivers.

What does power only mean on load boards?

On freight load boards, a power only listing refers to loads that require a tractor and driver to move trailers, but do not need the cargo capacity of those trailers. Power only truckers pull the client’s trailer containing freight, earning payment to provide tractor power rather than hauling a shipped load in their own trailer.

Are there power only load boards?

Yes, there are load boards specifically designed to match power only trucks with compatible loads. These specialized load boards allow power only truckers, who pull trailers but do not haul freight, to search and book loads which require a tractor for transportation but do not need cargo capacity from the trailer.

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