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What is the best GPS app for truckers?

With their large vehicles and heavy loads, truck drivers face countless problems when they travel. Heavy traffic, restricted routes, tolls, and bad directions can put a truck driver behind schedule when they aren’t using GPS navigation. Using today’s technology, like the best GPS app for truckers, helps operators stay on time and reduce costs.  

Quicklook: Best GPS Apps for Truckers

  1. Best For: Regulatory Compliance: Motive Electronic Logbook
  2. Best For Fleet Route Optimization: CoPilot Truck by Trimble MAPS
  3. Best For Up-To-Date Information: TruckerPath – Match now
  4. Best For Fleet Management: CoPilot GPS – Match now
  5. Best For Specialized Cargo and Heavy Loads: TruckMap – Match now

5 Best GPS Apps for Truckers

The best GPS apps for truckers provide real-time, reliable information. With such features as turn-by-turn navigation and rerouting, operators can easily stay on the most efficient path for their truck. Other vital features, such as traffic updates and weather alerts keep drivers safe when operating their truck. It’s also important to note whether the truckers gps app is for android or iphone.

Motive Electronic Logbook

Best For: Regulatory Compliance

Motive’s electronic logbook app stands out as a premier tool for fleet management, specifically designed to ease the task of logging driver hours of service while reinforcing regulatory compliance. Its integral feature, the GPS service, delivers consistent real-time tracking of fleet vehicles, recording all journey specifics for comprehensive reporting. This detail-oriented tracking facilitates fleet managers in route optimization, thus boosting overall efficiency. But where the Motive Electronic Logbook truly shines is in its ability to assist with regulatory compliance. By maintaining precise and consistent records of all necessary data points, it ensures that fleets are always ready to meet and demonstrate their adherence to industry standards and regulations. In essence, Motive’s Electronic Logbook not only simplifies fleet management but also acts as a robust tool for maintaining regulatory compliance, providing a solution that expertly balances productivity with adherence to industry rules.

Special Features:

  • Integrated Vehicle Telematics
  • Real-Time Fleet Management
  • Automated Hours of Service (HOS) Recording
  • Setup guides and step-by-step instructions for installation
  • 24/7 customer support available via many communication types


  • Easy-to-read dashboard
  • Optional dashcams to capture footage even when vehicle is off
  • Driver safety leaderboards to motivate safety
  • IFTA fuel reports
  • Compliance logs for hours of service (HOS)


  • No free trial
  • Requires 12-month contract

Pricing: Request a quote

CoPilot Truck by Trimble MAPS

Best For: Fleet Route Optimization:

CoPilot Truck by Trimble MAPS stands out for its exceptional ability in fleet route optimization. The software leverages a powerful PC*MILER routing algorithm, widely recognized as an industry-standard, to provide precise, truck-specific routes. These routes are meticulously calculated based on comprehensive truck-specific map data, effectively eliminating unnecessary miles and saving significant fuel costs. This feature alone can be a game-changer for fleets operating in a time- and cost-sensitive industry. Furthermore, the system accommodates unique truck and driver profiles, offering a degree of customization rarely seen in other solutions. This allows fleets to receive the specific information they need, enabling them to operate at their highest potential. The addition of optional real-time traffic alerts and anticipated delay times helps fleets to maintain schedules and avoid traffic-related delays, further streamlining operations.

Special Features:

  • PC*MILER Truck-Specific Routing
  • Truck-Legal Spoken Turn-By-Turn Navigation: Provides voice guidance on legal routes for trucks, preventing legal issues.
  • Load-Specific Routing
  • Commercial Truck Routing: Enhances route safety, compliance, and efficiency.


  • Accident Reduction: Customers have experienced an average reduction of 38% in accidents by utilizing Azuga’s GPS system.
  • Citation Reduction: The system helps businesses reduce citations by an average of 57% by promoting safe driving behaviors.


  • Cost: CoPilot is not free, which may discourage cost-sensitive businesses.
  • PC*MILER Dependency: Optimal use of CoPilot involves integration with PC*MILER, requiring an additional system for those not already using it.

Pricing: Request a quote



TruckerPath offers GPS and trip planning for truck operators. The app provides real-time weather and traffic alerts to help truckers plan or change their routes.  

App Location: iPhone and Android

Best For: Truckers who want up-to-date information

Special Features

  •  Relies on feedback from the trucker community to keep app information current 


  • Real-time updates on fuel prices and truck-ready stations
  • Helps avoid hours of service violations 


  •  Potential for navigation or trip planning outages
  •  Fee-based

Pricing: Free trial / $29.99 per month or $299 per year

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is a route planning app designed for the trucking industry. The app features real-time traffic, truck-restricted road avoidance, and optimized routes to save fuel costs. Add-on features include predictive traffic features, HazMat routing, and navigation on private gas and oil lease roads. 

App Location: iPhone or Android 

Best For: Truck drivers and fleet management

Special Features:

  •  Offline navigation


  • Allows for entry of truck dimensions and weight
  • Trucker-specific directions


  •   Fee-based

Pricing: After a 14-day free trial, truck drivers pay $9.99 per month or $119.99 for the year. 



TruckMap is a free app that provides optimized routes for truckers. Operators customize truck height and weight to plan for the best route. The app provides location data for fuel stations, truck stops, rest areas, and parking spots. 

App Location: iPhone

Best For: Truckers with specialized cargo and heavy loads

Special Features

  •  Customize routes based on truck dimensions 


  •  Helps avoid toll roads
  •  Routes away from highways or truck-forbidden roads


  • Only available on iPhone
  • May not specify which direction to turn when exiting the highway

Pricing: Free

How Does a GPS App Work?

GPS apps rely on satellites to guide you to your destination. Depending on your location, these apps provide directions and maps to navigate your trip. Many GPS apps offer features tailored to truckers, such as fuel stations, parking, and truck-friendly routes.  

What to Consider With a GPS App for Truckers

As a truck driver, you should consider your needs when choosing the best GPS app. 

Up-to-Date Maps

Current and reliable maps are key for truckers to stay on schedule and avoid a stressful drive.  

Truck Routing Features

Operators face unique needs when driving their truck. The best GPS apps help truckers navigate around road restrictions, heavy traffic, construction, or residential neighborhoods. 

Accurate Navigation Directions

Direction quality is critical for truck drivers. Accurate navigation helps to ensure that drivers stay on-time and travel on safe routes. 

Live Traffic Updates

Live traffic updates are key to helping truckers stick to a tight delivery schedule. Heavy traffic and construction can result in costly delays. 

Voice Navigation

The best GPS apps for truckers allow for operation by voice, instead of touch. This helps the driver keep their eyes on the road instead of glancing down at a screen. 

Toll Road & Highway Avoidance

Tolls and highway use taxes can quickly add up. An app that can effectively route you away from paid roads can save money.  

Road Restriction Monitoring

Truck operators consider more than just traffic when traveling on the road. Their massive size and excessive weight can be problematic as they cross over bridges or elevated terrain. 

Operators must also consider the dimensions of their truck and the load that they are carrying when approaching bridges or highway passes that may be too low or narrow for their size. 

Truck GPS vs Car GPS

Both car and truck GPS systems assist drivers with driving directions. However, the best GPS apps for truck drivers often come with a set of features unique to their situation. The sheer size and load of a large truck can make them difficult to navigate through heavy traffic or construction sites.

Truckers also need to consider safety issues, such as low underpasses, bridges, and weight restrictions. Many apps also identify truck-friendly parking, rest stops, and fuel stations. 

Making Life on the Road Easier with Best GPS Apps For Truckers

A truck driver’s life can be improved when they have access to reliable and useful data as they travel. Truckers can stay safe with the best GPS apps to avoid heavy traffic, severe weather, or hazardous driving conditions. Operators can improve their efficiency with the latest maps and save money by finding the best fuel rates.  These GPS for truckers apps can reduce driver stress when they find truck-friendly rest stops, hotels, and parking.


Do truckers use more than one GPS app?

Since GPS apps have different features, truckers may choose to use different apps for driving directions, avoiding restricted roads, or locating key attractions. Some truckers may also use more than one app in the event that they lose connection.

Are offline maps important?

Offline maps can be helpful in situations where a driver is unfamiliar with an area and doesn’t have a good connection to their app.

With their large vehicles and heavy loads, truck drivers face countless problems when they travel. Heavy traffic, restricted routes, tolls, and bad directions can put a truck driver behind schedule when they aren’t using GPS navigation. Using today’s technology, like the best GPS app for truckers, helps operators stay on time and reduce costs.  

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