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Best fleet GPS tracking systems

Discover the top fleet GPS tracking systems that offer a comprehensive solution for real-time vehicle monitoring, driver behavior analysis, regular report generation, and effective fuel cost optimization. Whether you are embarking on a new fleet business venture or aiming to enhance your existing operations with advanced technology, these systems are designed to propel your business towards greater efficiency and success. Explore the following cutting-edge options to achieve your goals.

Quicklook: Best fleet GPS tracking systems

  • Best for Mid- and Large-sized Fleets: Verizon Connect
  • Best for Simple Implementation: Motive
  • Best for All Fleet Sizes: Azuga
  • Best for Data Insights: Trimble
  • Best for Fleets with Various Vehicle Types: FleetUp
  • Best for Routing and Dispatching: Omnitracs

6 Best fleet GPS tracking systems

Whether you’re looking for a touchscreen GPS or a simple system that gets the job done, here’s a list of the leading 6 options with features and details to inform your decision-making.

Verizon Connect

Best for: Mid-size and large fleets

For mid-size and large fleets, Verizon Connect is ideal because it offers 40 apps and integration with other services to meet the needs of various fleet types. You’ll also get built-in federal and state compliance features to help you operate your business. The customized reports are easy to set up and run using a simple dashboard. These reports can help you find opportunities for cutting costs or maximizing your resources. And if you’re switching to electronic vehicles (EVs), Verizon Connect supports EVs. 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions30 x 51 x 3.15mm
ResolutionNone; connects to phone or optional ELD or dashcam
Display TypeNone; connects to phone or optional ELD or dashcam
Mounting TypeOBD-II port mount
Voice Command No
CameraNo; optional additional dashcams
StorageAutomatically uploads to a server via cellular connection
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesYes

Special Features:  

  • Customization for various fleet types
  • Real-time data updates every 30 seconds
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered dashcam
  • Roadside assistance


  • Customizable vehicle reports and maintenance management
  • Cost savings insights
  • 40 apps available
  • Federal and state compliance tools
  • Improved safety records  


  • More complex learning curve
  • 36-month contract minimum

Pricing: Average monthly rate of $40 per vehicle per month with a 36-month contract. Contact Verizon for personalized pricing. 


Best for: Simple implementation

Motive offers one of the simplest GPS-based fleet management system options on the market to help you get started quickly. If you get stuck during the setup process, its guides and clear instructions help you troubleshoot and move quickly through the process. You can upgrade your monitoring by adding road-facing or dual-facing dashcams to aid in detecting unsafe driving. Remote managers can coach new drivers or train them at a distance in real-time to improve driver safety.

Technical Specifications
ResolutionNone; phone app
Display TypeNone; phone app
Mounting TypeOBD-II port 
Voice Command No
CameraOption to add road-facing or dual-facing dashcams
StorageReal-time data updates every 1-3 seconds
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesNo

Special Features

  • Setup guides and step-by-step instructions for installation
  • 24/7 customer support available via many communication types


  • Easy-to-read dashboard
  • Optional dashcams to capture footage even when vehicle is off
  • Driver safety leaderboards to motivate safety
  • IFTA fuel reports
  • Compliance logs for hours of service (HOS)


  • No free trial
  • Requires 12-month contract

Pricing: Motive only offers custom quotes. Reach out for more information. 


azuga gps

Best for: All fleet sizes

Azuga offers outstanding tools for improving driver safety alongside detailed information to help you run your business. Motivate drivers to improve their driving using information the GPS fleet tracking system offers. Allow your drivers to see how they rank in relation to their peers and consider offering rewards for the best performers using the connected app with DriveActive. The tools are simple to set up and get started using. The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.7”x1.8”x1”, 31.1 g (1.1 oz)
ResolutionNone; phone app
Display TypeNone; phone app
Mounting TypeSelf-installed into OBD-II port 
Voice Command No
StorageUploads coordinates
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo

Special Features:

  • Simple plug-and-play device that installs in 10 seconds
  • Driver diagnostics, including calls received and made and texts sent
  • Customizable fleet reports


  • Driver safety motivational tools with scoreboards and incentives
  • Customer support team with various ways to get in touch
  • Online training and resources available
  • Custom reports
  • State mileage and idle time


  • Some users report issues with the wrong location of buildings.
  • Some users report billing issues.
  • Azuga requires 3-year contract to get started.

Pricing: $25 per month per vehicle starting price

Omnitracs IVG ELD Review


Best for: Data insights

No matter the size of your fleet, Trimble an excellent tool for tracking vehicles and offering data insights so you can make informed decisions. Select from one of three tiers to get the features and functionality you want from your GPS tracking system while balancing your budget. See how your drivers are doing with live stats and information. Build efficient routes using the software to lower fuel costs while delivering goods within the timeframe you committed to.

Technical Specifications
DimensionsVariable based on which device you select
ResolutionNone; phone app
Display TypeNone; phone app
Mounting TypeVariable based on which device you select
Voice Command None
CameraOption to add a Trimble dashcam but does not come standard
StorageVariable, starting at 8GB
Lane AssistNone
Speed Limit IndicatorNone
Traffic ServicesNone

Special Features

  • Fuel price tracking
  • System alerts
  • Geofencing


  • Maintenance management tools
  • Engine diagnostics and alerts
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable reports


  • Occasional issues with customer care 

Pricing: Prices only available with a quote based on features you select, contract length and number of vehicles in your fleet.


Best for: Fleets with various vehicle types

FleetUp helps companies with many vehicle types manage their assets in one place. From semis to minivans, FleetUp offers solutions that are right-sized for fleets with many types of vehicles. You’ll get all the features you’d expect from a GPS tracking system, including driver behavior alerts, trip analysis and reports for improving efficiency and fuel use. Share dashcam footage via email or SMS to offer drivers insights and detailed feedback. 

Technical Specifications
ResolutionNone; phone app
Display TypeNone; phone app
Mounting TypePlug-and-play device
Voice Command Yes, within the mobile app
CameraOptional add-on
StorageLocal memory card and uploads to the cloud regularly
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo

Special Features

  • Step-by-step device implementation process
  • Options for training
  • Option to add a telematics expert to your plan for detailed feedback and fleet management


  • 24/7 support via various communication types
  • 10-second refresh on real-time tracking
  • Tracking tools for various vehicle types


  • Pricing not transparent

Pricing: Because FleetUp offers such a wide variety of vehicle tracking devices, you’ll need to reach out for a specific quote based on your needs.


Best for: Routing and dispatching

Omnitracs presents a well-established fleet management system that has stood the test of time. As a global company, they offer proven reliability and a range of safety features along with valuable productivity insights. Their system includes user-friendly dashboards to facilitate compliance management. Additionally, Omnitracs allows for customization to tailor the service to the specific needs of your fleet. With exceptional routing and dispatching capabilities, their system leverages real-time monitoring to make informed decisions regarding route adjustments or changes.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions‎8.8 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches
Display TypeTouch screen
Mounting TypeECM hardwiring
Voice Command None
Storage32GB on micro SD
Lane AssistNone
Speed Limit IndicatorNone
Traffic ServicesNone

Special Features

  • Simple route planning and adjustments based on real-time data
  • Intelligent reporting


  • Ample add-on options
  • Intuitive interface
  • Driver report card
  • Vehicle health tracking


  • Does not disclose pricing without specific contract details
  • Having so many customizations can be overwhelming
  • May not support small fleets of fewer than 5 vehicles based on online reviews

Pricing: Omnitracs does not disclose its pricing. You’ll have to reach out with specifics on your fleet size and needs for a custom quote.

How does fleet GPS tracking work?

GPS fleet tracking involves the utilization of vehicle-connected devices that transmit data and information to the cloud, enabling remote access for fleet managers. This valuable information encompasses various aspects critical to fleet management:

  • Driver behavior
  • Fuel use
  • Vehicle location
  • Status of assets
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Security
  • Route planning

Many GPS fleet tracking devices utilize cellular networks, enabling the transmission of real-time data within a time frame of 1-30 seconds. This ensures the most accurate and up-to-date information for effective decision-making.

Benefits of using fleet GPS tracking software

If you’re wondering what’s the best GPS for truckers, you should first evaluate the features and benefits they provide. From electronic logging device (ELD) compliance to improved safety, here’s a look at what you’ll experience when implementing this software.

Improve safety

GPS fleet tracking can help improve the safety of your drivers through in-depth behavioral feedback. Some systems that integrate with cameras allow trainers to send drivers footage of mistakes or areas of improvement. Plus, fleet managers will get maintenance alerts to avoid putting risky vehicles on the road.

Improve efficiency

Optimizing operational efficiency is key to minimizing wasteful expenditures on unnecessary mileage and unproductive time spent in the yard. Employing a GPS tracking system can greatly assist in swiftly pinpointing the exact locations of vehicles, expediting their arrival at docks or required destinations. This feature effectively reduces lag time and maximizes the utilization of a driver’s working hours, resulting in enhanced productivity and streamlined operations.

Reduce fuel costs

Fuel costs are one of the largest expenses that a fleet faces. If a driver uses a vehicle for unauthorized miles, it can increase fuel expenses unnecessarily. With GPS tracking, you can set geofences along the driver’s route to prevent unauthorized use and help fleet managers find ways to improve fuel efficiency. Another fuel benefit that most GPS devices offer is better route planning, which can further reduce fuel costs.

Theft or accident recovery

Thefts and accidents are common in the fleet industry. But with GPS tracking and dashcams, you can locate these vehicles quickly and reduce recovery times. With roadside assistance built into many devices, you can rest assured that your drivers will be attended to quickly in the case of an emergency. And in the case of theft, you can activate the GPS tracker to find stolen assets.

Better data

GPS fleet tracking software can provide customized reports so that fleet managers can view and track the information that is most important to them. This feature can help companies make more informed decisions and take advantage of opportunities to run a leaner business through optimized routes, loads or distribution. 

Choosing the right GPS fleet tracking system 

As you evaluate the best GPS for truckers, consider the most reliable system, what previous customers have to say in online reviews and what reports and features the software offers.  Here are some general guidelines for how to pick the best fleet tracking system.

Mounting system

Each vehicle in your fleet will have different mounting capabilities for GPS tracking systems. Review your vehicles and their capabilities to find the best system that works for you. Most trackers now connect to the OBD port. 

Fleet size

Some tracking systems will only service fleets of a certain size. If you’re shopping for a solution for just a few vehicles, pay attention to vehicle minimums. And the larger your fleet is, the more considerations you’ll have concerning management oversight, automations and reports. 

Ease of use

Most devices are plug-and-play, which means you can install them yourself in 10 minutes or less. All you have to do is know where to install the device, but most companies have training videos and explainers to make this simple. Review documentation and information on installation before selecting your GPS tracking system.


Every fleet is different and while many systems come with pre-built reports, look for one that has customizable reports so you can track what is most important to you. This feature will help you get the most out of your system and see cost savings from the device. Consider what metrics are important to you, such as idle time, maintenance, geofencing and route suggestions.

Improve fleet efficiency and driver safety

Fleet GPS tracking systems offer insights into efficiency and driver safety tools. Gamify the driver safety process using leaderboards and incentives for the best drivers. But also track your assets in real-time to find efficiency opportunities. The best system will put valuable data and information at your fingertips to make better-informed decisions and support drivers in new ways.


Is fleet tracking legal?

Tracking company vehicles driven for business purposes is completely legal.

What is the difference between fleet management and fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking software tells you where your assets are and how they are being used. Fleet management software offers more than just locational data to provide insights such as maintenance requirements and fuel efficiency.

What’s the best GPS for truckers?

The best GPS for truckers varies based on the size of your fleet and requirements, but some industry leaders include Verizon Connect, Azura, Motive, Omnitracs, Trimble and FleetUp.

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