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What Are the Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Imagine an expert manager who can create reports and projects to drive company growth, locating idle time, points of weakness, and optimal routes. The best fleet GPS tracking systems can do all that anymore. With integrated apps that are available on Apple and Android, fleet managers have more data than ever before to ensure driver safety, improve efficiency and delivery performance, reduce downtime, and drive company growth. Here are the best fleet GPS tracking systems to protect your assets and increase business growth. 

Quicklook: Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

If you’re ready to invest in the best fleet GPS tracking systems that will improve management, drive revenue and growth, here are the best picks:



Best For: All fleet sizes

Azuga is a simple, easy-to-use, and feature-rich GPS fleet tracking option with exceptional reports and data to drive your business. You can set driver points, incentives, and rewards for safe driving.

There is also a fuel card integration as well as a fuel saver feature that tells drivers where the best-priced nearby gas station is. Track your fleet with a live map of driver locations, and use their integrated messaging tool for communication between managers and drivers.  

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.7”x1.8”x1”, 31.1 g (1.1 oz)
ResolutionNone – phone app
Display TypeNone – phone app
Mounting TypeSelf-installed into OBD port 
Voice command No
StorageUploads coordinates
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo

Special Features:

  •  Installation in 10 seconds
  •  Driver diagnostics, including calls received and made, and texts sent
  •  Customizable fleet reports


  • Schedule maintenance
  • Motivate drivers for safety with games
  • Create custom reports
  • State mileage and idle time


  • Some users report issues with the wrong location of buildings.
  • Some users report billing issues.

Pricing: $99.99 per device

  • $19.99 per month, per device for the subscription

KeepTruckin Asset Manager GPS


Best For: Large fleets and experienced users.

The KeepTruckin Asset Manager GPS combines the features of a basic GPS with reports for command-center level visibility for fleets. Choose from customized reports and regular updates. The solar-powered battery option takes coordinates every 1 minute and sends updates every 5 minutes, while the cable option updates coordinates every 30 seconds. Back by the KeepTruckin name and network of tools, GPS based fleet management system is a reliable option, especially for large fleets. 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions6 inches x 2 inches
Display TypeNone – phone connectivity
Mounting TypeMount plate
Voice command No
StorageAutomatically uploads data and saves in an online app.
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo

Special Features

  •  Solar-powered battery for reliable connection without power.
  •  Fleet updates without driver connection.


  • Reliable fleet tracking
  • Customized reports
  • Management oversight and efficiency
  • Increased safety for drivers  


  • Some complaints about poor customer service.
  • Some issues with uploading correct data points. 

Pricing: $300

  • $15 monthly subscription fee, or $180 for an annual subscription.



Best For: Small fleets, value pricing

Clearpath GPS is an easy to use, transparently priced GPS fleet tracking solution. While they also cater to agricultural and service vehicles, ClearPath offers all the features you would expect in a high-quality GPS for fleet tracking. Geofencing and traffic information, maintenance, idle times, driver reports, real-time alerts and detailed reports are a few of the useful tools available with the ClearPath GPS. The optional dashcam and ELD make it possible to use this as a touchscreen GPS.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.8″x 1.5″ x 1″ 
ResolutionNone – optional camera with display
Display TypeNone – optional camera with display
Mounting TypePlugged into the OBD port
Voice command No
StorageAutomatically uploads data and saves in an online app.
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesYes

Special Features:  

  • On-going training and guidance
  • Reports library
  • Live fleet maps


  • Low cost
  • Plug and play
  • Optional integrated dash cam and ELD 
  • Excellent customer service


  •  You cannot create customized solutions, as there are only two service plans. 
  •  Some reports unavailable in the basic plan. 


  • Standard Plan: $20 per vehicle, per month for the standard plan
  • Pro Plan: $25 per vehicle, per month
  • Non-Powered Assets: up to $20 per vehicle, per month



Best For: Small fleets and customization

Created by a group of MIT researchers, the Samsara GPS fleet tracker offers exceptional features and customizations. Choose from helicopter fleet view, real-time diagnostics and reports, alerts, maintenance plans, and optional hardware add-ons at reasonable prices.

Access live video footage from AI dash cams or have drivers access in-cab feedback and video coaching to improve driver safety. The Samsara GPS also integrates with third-party applications, giving fleets more ways to use these crucial reports and fleet insights. 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions4.6 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches
ResolutionNone – integrates with phone apps
Display TypeNone
Mounting TypeFlexible mounting options
Voice command No
StorageBuilt-in flash memory
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesYes

Special Features

  • Customized features and pricing
  • Hardware is licensed – no need to buy
  • AI safety reporting


  • Driver workflow reports
  • Increased efficiency and ROI
  • Increase in dispatch productivity  
  • Reliable


  • Some customers report data issues.
  • Some customers complain of poor customer service communication.

Pricing: Get a custom quote

Verizon Connect

Best For: MId-size and large fleets

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect offers industry-specific solutions for midsize to large fleets. They also offer specialized features in distribution, oil, gas, mining, construction and heavy equipment, utilities, transportation, and logistics. Manage multiple languages and time zones. Use flexible labeling for reports, as well as two years of historical data, and create insights and forecasts for better fleet management. 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions30 x 51 x 3.15mm
ResolutionNone. Connects to phone or optional ELD or dash cam.
Display TypeNone. Connects to phone or optional ELD or dash cam.
Mounting TypeOBD-II port mount
Voice command No
CameraNo – optional additional dash cams
StorageAutomatically uploads to a server via cellular connection. 
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesYes

Special Features:  

  • Excellent customization
  • Tracking updates every 30 seconds


  • Customized vehicle reports and maintenance management.
  • Employee cost savings 
  • Improved safety records  


  •  More complex learning curve.
  •  36 month contact.

Pricing: Average monthly rate of $40 per vehicle per month with a 36-month contract. Contact Verizon for personalized pricing. 

How Does Fleet GPS Tracking Work?

GPS fleet tracking works by automatically sending tracking information back to a central database. In some cases, the data gathered is also stored on the device before being transmitted by cellular connection. 

The tracking information can be used for all aspects of fleet management. GPS tracking allows for accurate delivery updates and estimates. It also allows vehicles to be quickly located in a yard, reducing transfer times. Installing GPS tracking also increases security for vehicles in the case of accidents or theft. 

Benefits of Using a Fleet GPS Tracking Software

The benefits of using fleet GPS tracking software range from less unused time to greater financial savings.

Improve Safety

Fleet tracking GPS systems include maintenance programs to ensure the safety of your fleet. In addition, the GPS fleet tracking can alert managers and drivers to unsafe driving patterns such as regular speeding. The improved safety is also important for drivers: it demonstrates that your fleet prioritizes their safety and well-being on the road. 

Improve Efficiency

One of the greatest losses of time happens in the yard, while vehicles are waiting to load or unload, to locate the vehicles or docks in the yard. The GPS fleet tracking system eliminates this lag time, reducing driver’s working hours and truck downtime. The reports generated by the GPS allow management to quickly locate inefficiencies and mitigate problems, creating long-term savings. 

Reduce Fuel Costs

One of the largest expenses for fleets is fuel costs. Unauthorized vehicle use can substantially increase fuel expenses. GPS fleet tracking software cuts down on authorized use or allows managers to track vehicles. It can also reduce fuel costs by mapping the most efficient routes for drivers. 

Theft or Accident Recovery

In case of accident or theft, the GPS fleet tracking system allows vehicle recovery in case of accident or theft. This provides a layer of security to the most valuable asset in a fleet – the trucks. 

Better Data

Better reports and data from GPS fleet tracking software can help managers make better decisions and recognise new opportunities in routes, loads, or distribution. 

Choosing the Right GPS Fleet Tracking System 

When choosing the right GPS tracking system for your fleet, look for a system that is reliable, with excellent reviews, and the reports and features required for your fleet. Here are our top tips:

Mounting System

Selecting a mounting system that works with the vehicles in your fleet will be a key factor. Some GPS tracking systems are mounted outside the vehicle while others are connected to the OBD port. 

Fleet Size

Select a GPS fleet tracking system that meets the requirement of the fleet size. Large fleets require more management oversight, automation, and reports, while smaller fleets may only require a simple GPS tracking device and basic maintenance and efficiency reports. 

Ease of Use

Select a GPS fleet tracking system that is easy to use and install. If there are issues with use or downtime, the company will lose benefit from the GPS tracking. 


Select a GPS tracking system that creates customized reports for your specific company needs, as well as projects. Do you want reports on idle time and maintenance? Do you need geofencing or route suggestions? Consider the most important reports for your company when choosing a GPS tracking system. 

GPS Fleet Management to Increase Revenue and Growth

The GPS fleet management tools here are inexpensive tools to reduce costs of idle time, reduce employee hours, and improve fleet efficiency. The maintenance reports and features also ensure increased fleet safety and driver confidence. GPS fleet management tools give you the power of an exceptional manager in your pocket.

The ROI on a GPS tracking device is many-fold, with many fleet managers reporting substantial savings and improved company efficiency. With added driver ratings, communication, and reports, the range of GPS fleet monitoring devices is a powerful tool for fleets of all sizes to increase revenue and productivity while reducing expenses.


How Much Does a GPS Tracking System Cost?

How much a GPS tracking system costs will vary by make, model, and subscription. For high-quality, reliable GPS tracking systems, expect to pay $250-$350 for the GPS device plus a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Is Fleet Tracking Legal?

Yes. It is legal to track vehicles owned by you or to track company vehicles being used for business purposes. There are no federal laws that regulate vehicle tracking.

What is the Difference Between Fleet Management and Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is a part of fleet management. Fleet management encompasses fleet tracking, scheduling, routes, planning, and all aspects of organizing a fleet.

Advanced GPS fleet tracking software

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

Advanced GPS fleet tracking software

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.