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7 best trailer tracker devices for 2024

As transportation companies enter 2024, selecting the optimal GPS trailer tracker solution is crucial for keeping pace with industry demands and technologies. The right device can maximize fleet efficiency, security, and data-driven decision-making.

Investing in tech that provides functional connectivity, battery life, sensor data and software integration empowers trucking companies to optimize their utilization rates and processes, helping them remain competitive in today’s fast-moving truckload logistics landscape.

Quicklook: Best trailer tracker devices

  • Best for small fleets: Samsara CTU
  • Best for enterprise fleets: Verizon Connect
  • Best for real time telematics: Motive
  • Best for durability: Orbcomm ST 9100 
  • Best for user friendliness: Geotab GO9
  • Best for owner operators: CalAmp TTU-730
  • Best for efficiency: Omnitracs Sylectus

Best trailer GPS tracking systems

If you’re wondering what the best trailer tracker GPS is for trucking companies in 2024, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list.

Samsara CTU


Samsara CTU offers an intuitive, easy to use interface that enables fast setup without major training requirements — advantageous for small fleets with limited IT resources.

It provides accurate GPS location and sensor monitoring of trailers in real time, with basic reports and alerts at an affordable hardware cost and competitive monthly pricing.

These factors of usability and cost efficiency make CTU well-matched to the budget and capabilities needed for small trucking companies.

Best for: Small fleets

Special features


  • Increase trailer utilization 
  • Reduce detention costs
  • Protect temperature-sensitive loads
  • Integrate trailer data into a transportation management system (TMS)


  • Some reports of software bugs 
  • Limited third-party integration 

Pricing: Customized with a free quote

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect integrates wireless asset trackers with Verizon’s extensive LTE network coverage to ensure consistent wide-area connectivity and visibility for trailers.

The solution provides deep customization, analytics, and API integration capabilities that allow it to scale to the sophisticated needs and optimization goals of large transportation companies managing complex logistics operations.

Best for: Enterprise fleets


  • Rugged and weather-proof trackers
  • Runs on the Verizon network
  • Trailer utilization optimization 
  • Hardwired and battery-powered options


  • Improve on-time delivery 
  • Geofence alerts  
  • Reduce trailer theft
  • Can track various types of trailers


  • Difficult to cancel membership
  • Outsourced installation 

Pricing: Customized with a free quote



Motive’s equipment and trailer monitoring solution leverages advanced telematics to offer unparalleled visibility into the location, utilization, and health of your equipment. Their tracking devices help you enhance customer relationships by ensuring the right trailer reaches the correct warehouse and providing timely delivery updates in transit. Keep your equipment and trailers utilized at full capacity with real-time insight into utilization and dormancy.

Best for: Real time telematics


  • 24/7 real time location tracking
  • Theft detection
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life
  • Solar-power
  • Instant reporting capability
  • Over-the-air serviceability
  • Historical view capability


  • Improved security
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Real time ETA updates
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Better customer service

Disadvantages: Occasional issue with freezing apps

Pricing: Free trial; contact Motive for details

Orbcomm ST 9100


The Orbcomm ST 9100 is a durable asset tracker built waterproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures from -40° C to 85° C, with long battery life and satellite connectivity for coverage in remote areas — useful features for supply chains dealing with tough environments.

It also provides monitoring capabilities like temperature alerts and panic buttons that make it well-suited for operations requiring resilient tracking of critical shipments through harsh conditions.

Best for: Durability


  • Withstands -40°C to +85°C
  • 7+ year battery life
  • LTE CAT-M1 & satellite connectivity


  • Durable for tough environments
  • Good coverage in remote areas
  • Long battery life


  • Initial hardware cost may be higher
  • Monthly fees for satellite subscription
  • Upfront planning required for sensor settings


  • Hardware cost starts ~$150
  • Cellular data plans from $3.50/month
  • Satellite subscription $14+/month

Geotab GO9

Geotab trailer tracker

With software designed for ease-of-use, the Geotab GO9 allows new users to quickly learn the system, while customizable dashboards let fleets configure visualizations specific to their key tracking metrics and operational data needs. ‘

The device also provides simple plug-and-play installation of sensors and supports a mobile app for convenient monitoring, enabling drivers and managers to access and understand reporting without extensive technical expertise.

Best for: User friendliness


  • Integrates with ELDs
  • Accurate real-time tracking
  • Open platform for apps and APIs


  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reliable visibility and tracking
  • Custom integrations possible


  • Upfront hardware investment
  • Monthly connectivity fees
  • Not optimized for trailers


  • $100+ for hardware
  • $15 and up for monthly plans
  • Custom options cost more

CalAmp TTU-730

Cal/Amp trailer tracker

With battery life up to six years before needing replacement, the CalAmp TTU-730 reduces the maintenance effort and cost for independent truck drivers managing their own trailer assets.

Detailed event reporting on cargo and doors also provides owner operators better insight into their equipment’s status when on the road and allows them to monitor security threats or environmental issues during long hauls.

Best for: Owner operators


  • Real-time trailer tracking
  • Cargo and door sensors
  • Battery lasts up to five years


  • Visibility and security of assets
  • Monitor cargo and doors
  • Long battery life


  • Initial hardware investment
  • Monthly connectivity plans
  • Less rugged than some models


  • $255 includes three years of service
  • No monthly fees

Omnitracs Sylectus

omnitracs logo trailer tracker

In 2011, Sylectus joined the Omnitracs family. Omnitracs Sylectus focuses specifically on providing fleets with actionable data and insights to improve trailer usage, ensuring units are connected to revenue-generating loads as much as possible.

Features like real-time tracking give logistics managers the visibility to minimize idle trailers, while custom analytics on utilization metrics help fleets establish benchmarks and make operational changes to maximize the efficiency of their trailer pools.

Best for: Efficiency


  • Integrates with Omnitracs platforms
  • Customizable alerts and reports
  • Real-time GPS trailer tracking


  • Optimizes trailer utilization
  • Enables data-driven decision making
  • End-to-end fleet visibility


  • Upfront investment required
  • Ongoing subscription fees
  • Locked into Omnitracs ecosystem


  • Custom quote based on fleet size
  • Hardware costs around $200 per asset
  • Subscription fees start ~$15 monthly

Why should trucking companies have a GPS tracking device for trailers?

A trailer tracking GPS enables accurate, real-time visibility into the exact location and status of trailers-in-transit, standing idle, or stopped at lots. This allows trucking companies and fleet operators enhanced monitoring and security against theft.

Tracking data also produces analytics on precise trailer utilization metrics so that inefficiencies can be identified, helping ensure units are connected to revenue-generating loads as much as possible.

When integrated properly with fleet telematics, the insights from trailer GPS tracking can significantly optimize asset performance, workflow efficiency and inform better decision making – ultimately leading to major boosts in ROI throughout strategic areas of logistics operations.

With ever-increasing demands for shipping precision and responsiveness across supply chains, transportation providers require actionable intelligence to maximize productivity.

The best GPS tracker for trailers provides valuable data to improve operations and establish performance goals, leading to advantages in service, costs, and profitability.

Find the best GPS trailer tracker device to fit your needs

Trucking fleets of all types and scale share the common challenge of maximizing the utilization and security of expensive trailer assets that are difficult to constantly monitor visually. However, company size determines variables like budget constraints, feature needs and IT capabilities.

Large nationwide carriers may invest in custom tracking integrations, while single-truck owner-operators need simple, low-cost visibility. Yet despite these vastly different working environments, the core benefit of gaining meaningful insight into asset location remains consistent across the board.

Fleets should evaluate tracking devices based on connectivity, battery life, sensors, analytics, and ease of use that match their specific regulations, budgets, and operational needs. Matching specific use cases to the GPS tracking device that fits ensures scaled value.


How do trailer trackers work?

Trailer trackers use GPS and cellular connectivity to provide real-time location data on the movement and status of trailers, with battery-powered devices installed on the assets. This data feeds into software platforms that allow for mapping, alerts, reports and more.

How do you keep track of a trailer?

The most efficient way to track trailers is by installing a dedicated GPS asset tracking device which transmits time-stamped location data through cellular networks into a management software system. This provides real-time visibility plus historical reports on each trailer.

Does GPS tracker require a subscription?

Most GPS trackers do require an ongoing service subscription to transmit data over cellular networks, though a few models allow for one-time purchase with free basic services. Subscription fees enable access to tracking platform data, remote updates, and communication costs.

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