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Best GPS tracker for trailer options

Although some fleet managers may overlook their importance, trailers play a critical role in daily trucking operations. They also go missing more often than you would think. 

With GPS trailer tracking, fleet managers can remotely monitor these assets to ensure they’re where they ought to be at all times. These trailer trackers provide valuable location data at every shipping process step. 

Discover the best GPS tracker for trailer options on the market today, and learn more about how they can help your company. 

Quicklook: Best GPS trackers for trailers

5 best GPS trackers for trailers

With these five GPS trackers for trailers, you will know the exact location of these important trucking assets. 


samsara trailer tracker

Tracking with Samsara empowers fleet managers to view trailers’ locations while helping them assign drivers, manage routes and monitor cargo. Samsara has tracking solutions for any trailer type, from the most basic dry vans to specialty equipment. Its advanced cargo monitoring sends instant alerts when doors are opened or a load is outside the necessary temperature range. 

Best for: Reefer tracking

Special features


  • Increase trailer utilization 
  • Reduce detention costs
  • Protect temperature-sensitive loads
  • Integrate trailer data into a transportation management system (TMS)


  • Some reports of software bugs 
  • Limited third-party integration 

Pricing: Customized with a free quote

Verizon Connect

verizon connect gps tracker for trailer

As part of Verizon Connect’s fleet solutions, Verizon trailer tracking devices can help protect your cargo and your bottom line. These heavy-duty trailer trackers are ideal for flatbeds, dry vans, tanks and shipping containers. This trailer tracking solution integrates seamlessly into the Verizon Connect modular telematics system for a customized TMS to suit any fleet. 

Best for: TMS integration

Special features

  • Rugged and weather-proof trackers
  • Runs on the Verizon network
  • Trailer utilization optimization 
  • Hardwired and battery-powered options


  • Improve on-time delivery 
  • Geofence alerts  
  • Reduce trailer theft
  • Can track various types of trailers


  • Difficult to cancel membership
  • Outsourced installation 

Pricing: Customized with a free quote


azuga gps tracker for trailer

Azuga’s GPS tracking system offers reliable, real-time trailer tracking, enhancing both security and efficiency for businesses. Its features include geofencing alerts and comprehensive in-transit reports. The long-life battery of Azuga’s tracking devices ensures dependable service. By enabling better dispatch management and theft prevention, Azuga’s system helps businesses optimize their trailer usage, contributing to higher productivity and revenue. Whether for theft prevention, asset optimization, or enhancing productivity, Azuga’s GPS tracking system offers a comprehensive solution for businesses managing a fleet of trailers.

Best for: Asset protection and efficiency:

Special features

  • Geofencing
  • In-Transit Alerts
  • Asset Utilization Reports
  • Mobile App Support


  • Improved Efficiency
  • Enhanced Security
  • Long Battery Life


  • Data Overload: While Azuga provides a wealth of data that can be highly useful, some users might find the amount of information overwhelming and require time to understand how to make best use of it.
  • Dependence on Network Coverage: GPS tracking performance might be affected in areas with poor network coverage, potentially causing inaccuracies or gaps in tracking data.

Pricing: Customized with a free quote


matrack gps tracker for trailer

Specializing in mobile asset tracking, Matrack provides user-friendly and economical trailer tracking solutions. Its trailer trackers are highly durable, with in-house hardware innovation that provides a device lifetime of up to five years, even in extreme weather. On the software side, Matrack has an easy-to-use interface that works with any Android or Apple device. 

Best for: User-friendliness

Special features:  

  • Integrates with Matrack fleet management systems 
  • Trailer maintenance monitoring 
  • Aggressive mode for stolen trailers
  • Teammate subgrouping


  • Perform yard check quickly
  • Estimate detention times
  • Instant geofence alerts 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Hard to read for some users
  • Limited international options

Pricing: Customized with a free quote

GPS Insight

gps insight

At GPS Insight, the team understands that trailer tracking is about more than location monitoring. Its GPS trackers for trailers help solve real business challenges to optimize fleet operations. GPS Insight trackers help you manage your trailers to reduce risk and increase revenue through highly automated and tailored solutions. 

Best for: Customized solutions

Special features

  • 24/7 service 
  • Customizable features and interface 
  • Unlimited access to historical data 
  • Maintenance scheduling for powered trailers


  • Easy installation 
  • Location, drop and pickup verification  
  • Locate lost or stolen trailers 
  • Geofencing alerts


  • Location accuracy occasionally affected by weather 
  • Limited hardware options

Pricing: Customized with a free quote

What is a GPS tracker for trailers?

Freight tracking is essential in today’s transportation and logistics industry. Fleet managers can keep track of their assets by using GPS tracking devices attached to trailers. These small devices make it easy to know precisely where each trailer is and if it is connected to a truck. 

How does a GPS tracker for trailers work?

Trailer trackers work similarly to other real-time GPS fleet tracking solutions. The tracker itself is a small GPS-enabled device installed inside or outside the trailer. Once installed, the tracker connects to cellular or satellite networks to send location updates to the manager’s phone or computer. 

4 top benefits of a GPS tracker for trailer

Tracking your fleet’s trailers can improve trucking operations in several ways. By knowing the exact locations of your trailers, you can reduce cargo theft, monitor performance and eliminate yard hunts. 

Know exact locations

While in-truck GPS offers vehicle location information, trailer trackers specifically provide trailer locations, regardless of whether they’re attached to trucks. And if you contract with other trucking companies or owner-operators, you can still track your cargo without accessing their telematics. 

With exact trailer locations, you can tell when they’re being loaded, unloaded or are in transit to generate accurate ETAs. Fleet managers can also respond more quickly to potential delivery delays by seeing when a trailer gets behind schedule. 

Reduce cargo theft

Loss prevention is a major concern for trucking managers. Powered by geofencing technologies, trackers can be set to generate alerts if a trailer crosses a specified virtual boundary. Managers can then respond instantly, if necessary, thus increasing their chances of recovering assets that may otherwise be lost.  

Monitor performance

Fleet managers are constantly trying to optimize their fleet’s performance. With trailer location information, you can easily track drivers’ locations to ensure they remain on track and on time. Historical data is also helpful for route optimization as it can pinpoint routes with frequent delays. Some trailer trackers can identify under-utilized trailers so that you can improve your truck-to-trailer ratio.  

Eliminate yard hunts

Distribution centers can be massive, and sometimes it’s difficult to identify a trailer’s precise location. With GPS trackers, you can find the load you’re looking for without wasting precious time walking the yard.  

Do you know where your trailers are?

GPS trackers for trailers enable you to monitor each trailer in your fleet, no matter where it goes. With one of these five options, you can streamline operations through real-time updates, more transparent ETAs and effective loss prevention. Choose a GPS tracking solution for your trailers and see the difference yourself. 


Do all GPS trackers require a monthly fee?

Most GPS trackers for trailers charge a monthly subscription fee, but some limited-functionality models do not.

What is the smallest size GPS tracker?

Micro GPS trackers may be as small as 0.4 x 0.4 inches. However, GPS trailer trackers are at least a few inches big. 

Can a GPS tracker work without WiFi?

Yes, GPS trackers work without WiFi since the technology is based on a separate network of satellites.

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