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What Are Step Deck Trailers Used For?

Consumers and businesses rely on supply chains to transport and receive products. While dry vans populate the roads, some freight won’t fit in these trucks, and a flatbed is needed.
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Best Dry Bulk Shipping Companies

Dry bulk shipping companies transport raw materials. They are an essential part of the supply chain.   Instead of loading cargo onto many small ships and delaying the supply chain, the containers
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What Is a Post Purchase Evaluation?

What happens after a customer buys one of your products? It’s easy for business owners to ignore this question since they have already received money from the customer. Ignoring the
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What To Do if You Have a Semi Truck Breakdown on the Road

Semi trucks are durable, and many of them travel over 45,000 miles per year on average. Although these trucks can stay on the road for up to 15 years, a
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How To Calculate Total Cost Per Mile

The cost per mile is one of the most important financial metrics in trucking. This dollar amount impacts your profit margins, and it should influence how much you charge your
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What Is Pool Distribution?

As a shipper, you will constantly be looking for ways to improve your bottom line. Shipping expenses can quickly add up and ultimately affect delivery times.   Pool distribution is much like
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Benefits of Solo Drivers vs Team Drivers

When looking for jobs, truck drivers use several filters. They keep an eye out for trucking companies with fair pay, benefits, flexibility and various other perks.   Ultimately, every truck driver wants
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Cash Flow vs Profit

Cash flow and profit are critical metrics that can reveal a company’s financial health. Companies can review cash flow and profits to ensure they won’t lose money on orders or
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What Used Trucks to Avoid

Drivers and trucking companies alike purchase used trucks to save money. Buying an older semi-truck can save you tens of thousands of dollars, however, some used trucks can become more
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