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My20 LogiCam Ai Dashcam Review

The My20 LogiCam is a video telematics unit providing live supply chain
visibility to fleets. The tamper resistant camera has a 1080P HD adjustable 140°
wide angle road facing camera along with a 720P HD adjustable wide angle
driver facing camera to assist in detecting distracted drivers.

Who should get the My20 LogiCam Ai dashcam?

The My20 LogiCam Ai powered dashcam is designed for transportation
companies of all sizes. For fleets from the trucking and transportation industry to
local delivery or municipal buses, the My20 LogiCam promotes safe driving
behaviors on our roads and highways.

How do you use the My20 LogiCam Ai dashcam?

There are multiple installation options with the My20 LogiCam. The My20
LogiCam is an easy 10-minute install in any vehicle via the OBD-II ecm port
included with the purchase of the dash cam. Carriers using multiple devices (ELD

  • Dashcam) can utilize a professional installer to hardwire the devices into a
    vehicle fuse box.
  • The camera has a front (road) facing lens and a rear (driver) facing lens. The
    driver facing lens is configurable and can be disabled by the fleet.
  • Fleet Managers and admins will be able to access driver dash cam footage via
    the My20 TOWER dashboard. Events will be recorded in real time.


Does the camera require additional data usage on a smartphone?

The MY20 LogiCam has built in 4G LTE modem and includes 1GB of pooled data.

Is My20 LogiCam Ai allowed to share my videos?

The carrier has access to recorded video and can download and share events via the My20 Fleet Tower

Can the dashcam be used to record the driver?

Yes. My20 LogiCam is able to monitor and detect distracted driving, cell phone use, seat belt use,
eating/drinking, etc via the 720P HD in-cab camera.

Can the device be disconnected?

There is an anti-tamper cover to prevent
disconnection, and event reporting if power is interrupted. In addition, the camera
is capable of detecting if a lens is obstructed.

How long does the My20 LogiCam Ai dashcam store video footage?

My20 LogiCam includes a tamper-resistant 128 GB SD card secured with safety
screws. The default setting will record a 70 hour loop with an option to go up to
280 hour loop. All Ai detected events are transmitted and stored on the My20
Fleet system for 6 months.

Bottom Line

The My20 LogiCam is the most advanced camera system in trucking that
can detect, correct, and help your drivers improve their driving habits so they can
prevent accidents BEFORE they happen. Fully integrated into the most advanced Fleet

Management system in the industry, the My20 LogiCam provides video telematics all
from ONE easy-to-use dashboard.


$449 hardware + $45/month subscription, with a 3 year term with other options

Pros & Cons

Pros: With the complete My20 Fleet ecosystem, your fleet has the ability to use
ONE single provider for ELD, Fleet Management, & Video Management with one
single, excellent, and intuitive UI dashboard for fleet operations and reporting.
The system very well may have the most advanced driver safety scorecard in the
industry. Fleet Managers have the ability to define and configure driver/truck
safety events and drill down in the scorecard to isolate the exact event and see
where and when it occurred. This makes using driver incentive programs easy to

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Konexial’s My20 brand of products is
backed by the #1 US-based customer service team in the industry.

Cons: For the best experience with the My20 LogiCam, it is recommended to
use in conjunction with the My20 ELD and Fleet Management dashboard.
Although the camera can be used on it’s own, to access the full features and
benefits of this system you may have to switch telematics providers.

User Reviews

Ai that works
Real improvement in distracted driving — 04/26/22

In the demo & sales process, promise was made that this camera could cut distracted driving problems in half within 2 months. Our results WELL exceeded that… on our fleet with 75 drivers, our distracted driving events decreased 80% in about 5 weeks. The best part is the camera is doing the coaching. Very impressed and will be moving our ELD/Fleet Management to Konexial next.

Not the cheapest, but clearly the best right now
Roy McCoy — 06/23/21

If you are a My20 Fleet customer, there is no better solution. If you aren’t using their fleet management system, you might want to switch. Having the Live View screen is awesome. Seeing the vehicle map, telemetry, road camera, and driver camera all on one screen is incredible. Add in the chat and push to talk from that screen, and I can connect and communicate with my drivers live.

Driver facing AI does a really good job detected and correcting distracted driving, seat belt use, etc.

Technical Specs