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Konexial My20 ELD Review

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to keep your fleet up to par with current ELD mandates, the Konexial My20 ELD has you covered. Not only is it FMCSA-approved but it’s also extremely easy to install. You don’t even need to take it to a mechanic! 

Find out more about the My20 ELD and how it might just be the right fit for you. 

How Does the Konexial My20 ELD Work?

The My20 ELD is a simple device that connects to your truck via a standard 9-pin (J1939) ECM connector. If you have an OBD-II or 6-pin ECM port, you can purchase an adapter that will make it possible for you to use the My20 ELD. 

Once you have completed the easy installation, the My20 ELD will monitor your truck and connect to your phone or mobile device. The connection will put you On and Off Duty as well as keep track of your drive time and remind you when it’s time to take a break. 

Konexial My20 ELD FAQs

Before you jump right in and start using the My20 ELD, you should learn about some basic information that comes up a lot. These answers will help you understand what to expect from your ELD as well as how it can help you on the road. 

Are all ELDs FMCSA-certified?

As with any other certifications, there will be some variations based on the regions and countries you reside in or service. You will need to reference the FMCSA guidelines for each ELD you consider. That being said, the Konexial My20 ELD is 100% approved by the FMCSA and it has been certified by DOT. 

What devices work with the My20 ELD?

Both Apple devices and Android devices will work with the My20 ELD. The more recent the device, the better. For Apple products, your device must have at least iOS 10.3 or better, and with Androids, your software must be 6.0 or higher. Also, no matter which phone you have, you will need an internet connection to use the app. 

The devices you should avoid include LG phones and tablets because they have had technical issues when attempting to connect to the My20 ELD. You also should avoid using the Samsung Note 8 due to some Bluetooth connectivity issues that have not yet been addressed or fixed by Samsung. 

Is the My20 App always able to see my location?

You don’t have to worry about your privacy with the My20 app. Your location is only ever tracked when you are in Driving and On Duty mode. Location tracking is required for certified ELDs. But don’t worry. The tracking feature of the app is so that the app is constantly connected to your ELD device and maintains communication with the hardware. 

How do I annotate my log if I made a mistake or need to change something?

All you have to do is choose the log that needs to be annotated from the home screen by selecting from graphs for either today or the last 8 days. Choose the entry you would like to change and then press the arrow facing right. This should open the Annotation screen, and from there, you can add any exceptions or notes that you have. 

How do I see how much driving time I have left?

On the My20 app, there is a Time Clock that will start counting down from 14 hours once you start driving. This will activate your “On Duty” and “Driving” statuses. 

This is per HOS regulations because it makes sure you are not overworked. The app will even count down to your mandatory 30-minute break after 8 hours of driving and notify you that it’s time to take a break.  

However, remember that you don’t have to drive for 8 hours before taking the break. The My20 app just tracks it for you in case you lose track of time. 

My phone died. Will the My20 ELD still log my data?

If the device you are using dies or has any technical issues, the My20 ELD will still continue to track your data for up to 30 days. However, in a situation like this, you will need to keep paper logs in addition to the ELD logs as a backup just in case. 

According to the FMCSA, if there is a malfunction of the ELD, the driver has to provide a paper log for the previous 7 days, and the carrier has to correct the ELD malfunction within 8 days. 

Konexial My20 ELD Performance Factors 

Beyond the basic compliance with FMCSA, you want to know that the My20 ELD is worthwhile for your personal use. The installation of the hardware itself can take less than 30 seconds making it very user-friendly in that aspect. If you have issues beyond the simple task of installation, they have one of the best customer support teams in the industry to help you out.

The one factor that could have some drivers worried is privacy. An ELD essentially tracks your location with the truck and keeps records of where you go while driving. As stated above, once you are set as off duty you don’t have to worry about any tracking being done. Even while you are on duty you can be sure your data is secure. They record and immediately store any information. On their website, they state, “We believe data belongs to THE DRIVER. ALWAYS.”

How Has the Konexial My20 ELD Improved?

Konexial was founded in 2016, meaning it is still a fairly new company. The ELD was released three years later in 2019, but with how well the launch was received, you can expect their other products to have just as much quality. 

An example of another product with equally amazing quality is their My20 LogiCam Dashcam, which is an incredible piece of equipment. While it does not record the same way as the 4K Dashcam, it does capture video in HD quality. 

There have also been improvements in the language department. According to a study in 2019, about 13% of truckers are Hispanic. To accommodate them and improve the overall usability for people who speak languages other than English, Konexial launched a Spanish-language version of the My20 ELD. 

Best For

Now that you know a lot more about how the Konexial My20 ELD works, here are some examples of why it is considered the best in its class. 

  • Easy installation
  • Ease-of-use
  • Great customer support
  • Privacy and security

The Konexial Connection

Konexial is a company that cares about their customers. Their customer support has been rated and recognized as one of the absolute best in the industry. While there aren’t any issues that should arise, you can rest assured that when you use the Konexial My20 ELD, you have the full support of a wonderful business backing you up in case any problems come up. 

How much does it cost to install ELD?

This will vary based on the company selling the ELD you’re thinking of buying. If you go with the My20 ELD, you won’t pay anything beyond the initial cost of the ELD and the yearly subscription fee. It is easy to install, so it should take you no more than 30 seconds to install. 

Who needs an ELD?

According to the ELD mandate, every truck in the United States and Canada requires an ELD, barring a few exclusive exceptions.

What devices work with the My20 ELD?

Apple and Android phones or tablets with iOS 10.3 or better are the best devices to pair with the My20 ELD, as well as any Android devices with software that is 6.0 or better. Always remember that you need an internet connection in order to connect to the app.


Konexial My20 ELD upfront and subscription costs are as follows:

Upfront Cost

  • My20 ELD Round 9-Pin Hardware – $149.99
  • My20 ELD Cellular OBDII Hardware –$219.99

*paid subscription and valid DOT # required for ELD use*

Subscription Cost

Basic My20 DriveLiFE App is free.

Option 1

My20 ELD Tower subscription terms:

  • $35 / 1-month
  • $75/ 3-month
  • $150/ 6-month
  • $300/ 1-year
  • $600/ 2-year
  • $900/ 3-year

Option 2

My20 ELD Fleet subscription terms:

  • $50/ 1-month
  • $120/ 3-month
  • $240/ 6-month
  • $480/ 1-year
  • $920/ 2-year
  • $1260/ 3- year

Pros & Cons


Check out these amazing benefits of using the My20 ELD in your trucks. 

  • On the FMSCA ELD-approved list
  • All-in-one product 
  • Data accuracy
  • Safety 
  • GoFuel program  


No matter how great a product is, there will always be a few drawbacks. Here are the cons that you can expect from the My20 ELD. 

  • Connection issues 
  • Can quickly drain phone batteries
  • Yearly subscription costs more than the ELD

User Reviews

Simply the best ELD
Alan — 03/13/24

Had a couple different ELD’s and Konexial is hands down the best one I’ve had. Since I haul all AG products, it’s simple and easy to set up. Whenever I get outside of my 150 mile boundary it automatically takes over. No stopping and guessing when and where to do it. Thanks Konexial!

Works Great
Ron Larson — 03/13/24

Driver’s love them plus the AG 150 miles is the best

Thad Bridges — 11/17/23

I just love how the My20 ELD handles our ag exempt loads. It is so much easier than trying to use even other phone apps. This accuracy is spot on. It takes stress out of having to watch and turn ELD on or off at the edge of your circle. I have called for support a few times and everyone who I have talked to have been very pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend this product!!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thanks, Thad! We are happy to hear you are taking advantage of the ag exempt feature of the My20 ELD app. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your drive easier. Thank you... Drive safe...Kristin @ Konexial

Sanderson Brothers Trucking LLC
Anthony Sanderson — 11/17/23

Love working with this company definitely the best ELD on the market and exceptional customer support anytime we have a problem my drivers call in and konexial is on it !!! Thanks guys!!!!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your kind review and rating! We are happy to serve drivers like you on a daily basis. Please continue to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your drive easier.... Thanks! Drive safe...Kristin @ Konexial

Rino’s truckin — 10/23/23

Wonderful log process. Bundled mine a camera and the drive wise app. Excellent for getting by scales

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for the rating and review! We appreciate your business and are happy to hear you are getting value out of our product bundles! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your experience. Kristin @ Konexial

Great service from Konexial!
Marilee Marsal — 10/23/23

We have been using Konexial now going on 3 years and we appreciate their great customer service, Bilingual employees & the Ag exempt features. We definitely recommend My20!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you so much for your review! We appreciate your feedback and have enjoyed getting to know you and your drivers over the last 3 years! Thanks you! Kristin @ Konexial

Best customer support in the business!!
Derek Clegg — 08/29/23

We love our MY20 elogs for ease of operation with exemptions and if you have any questions or trouble customer support gets right on it and fixes any issues that may arise!! This was my first and will be the only elog I ever use!!

Kristin @ Konexial

Derek - thank you so much for the kind words and rating! We are constantly working to serve drivers and admins like you better. We appreciate the support and are happy to have you as a customer! Drive safe and #DriveLiFE.... Kristin @ Konexial

Craig Hamilton — 05/19/23

This eld works great and support is great

Kristin @ Konexial

Thanks, Craig! We appreciate your feedback and support. We strive to provide continuous improvement and outstanding customer support. We look forward to continuing to support your business. Drive safe and #DriveLiFE...Kristin @ Konexial

ELD of Choice
Steven Tobias — 05/19/23

I tried several other ELD providers before settling on Konexial My20. This device does everything I want and need with an easy to understand user interface. It’s a simple to use for the driver yet provides robust tools to help management.

Kristin @ Konexial

Thanks, Steven! We appreciate your positive feedback and business. We look forward to continuing to serve you!

Best ELD
Man-O-War Haul Away — 03/17/23

Always drove older truck finally upgraded to a new one so first time using an ELD,I figured I would have to go thru a few to get the right need this thing is so easy didn’t even need the tutorials,and customer service are very knowledgeable and quick to answer or fix whatever issue your having..5 thumbs up!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you so much for your rating and review of our My20 ELD. We appreciate your business and dedication to the trucking industry. Drive safe and #DriveLiFE... Kristin @ Konexial

Customer service/product
Charles Archer jr — 12/29/22

My 20eld is a very easy simplistic eld to operate. However what makes my 20eld is professional/patient/articulate/ knowledgeable woman who make my 20eld successful.

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your rating and review! We appreciate the feedback and work hard to make truck drivers’ lives easier. If you have any additional feedback please contact our support team and [email protected]. Thank you! Drive safe and #DriveLiFE…. Kristin @ Konexial

Absolutely the best
Jim Smith — 12/15/22

Our purchase of my 20 ELD has been extremely pleasing. The AG exempt feature is fantastic.
The support team has been phenomenal. It’s really comforting to know that the support team will have you going in minutes, should you have a problem. You will not be disappointed in this product.

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you so much for your rating and review, Jim. We appreciate your feedback and business. If there is anything we can do to provide you a better product or service, please let us know! Thank you and #DriveLiFE...Kristin @ Konexial

Very good product
Steven Tobias — 09/14/22

I have tried several ELD products and this by far was the best! Almost virtually no downtime for any issues and if an issue did pop up customer service was very prompt and handle that 1 on 1 over the phone. Couldn’t ask for better service

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for the review and rating! We appreciate your business and professionalism. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience even better. Thank you and #DriveLiFE ... Kristin @ Konexial

ELD Product
Claude — 07/20/22

This product helps keep track of my drive time and reports what’s required by the FMCSA.

Kristin @ Konexial

Claude, thank you for the rating and review! We appreciate your business. If you need any additional support, please let us know! Thanks and #DriveLiFE...Kristin @ Konexial

My20 is super!
John Hoelting — 05/18/22

Had this ELD service for about a year now. Great support team that always answers and or returns calls quickly.

Kristin @ Konexial

John, thank you so much for your rating and review. We appreciate your feedback! We strive to provide the BEST support for drivers like you every day. Thanks and #DriveLiFE .... Kristin @ Konexial

What’s your 20??
Tiffany Gray — 05/18/22

Konexisal My20 ELD is the best device for us truckers. It is the way to make work easier and safer for us drivers, automatic calculations for us drivers on and off duty times. I love it.

Kristin @ Konexial

Tiffany, thank you so much for your rating and review. We appreciate your feedback! Please let us know if there is anything we can do better for you! Thanks and #DriveLiFE .... Kristin @ Konexial

5 star
Lee Hansen — 03/29/22

Good product. Easy to use

Kristin @ Konexial

Thanks, Lee! We appreciate your feedback. Our team is working to make life easier for you. Thanks and #DriveLiFE...Kristin @ Konexial

Wesley McCool — 03/01/22

All i can say is hands down the best customer service ever. I’ve used several different ELD in my carrier and My 20 is by far the easiest ELD to work with and most reliable. Any time i did have a minor issue 1 call to customer service and issue was fixed

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you so much for the rating and review! We really appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your fleet in the future.

RJK EXPRESS LLC — 02/06/22

Has been an easy process to switch to MY ELD 20. They had the adapter I needed for Volvo and setup was fast and easy. Technical support is A+

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your review. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you so much for your review! I'm happy to hear your transition My20 ELD was easy and fast! Please let us know if you need any additional support.

My 20
Gregg Fairless — 11/19/21

This eld is perfect! Great customer service as well!

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your review and rating. We will continue to work hard to provide you with top-notch support!

Konexial My20
Terrell — 11/16/21

Keep trucking made me wait 2 months for a eld I ordered this eld off of Amazon received the eld in a day or two paid my connect fee and was up and running haven’t had any issues very user friendly and the customer service response team is amazing 24 hr support hey man keep trucking with Konexial My20!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for your review and rating. We are happy to have you as a My20 customer!

Best eld
Eric Sepulveda — 09/22/21

So far this eld app and device are working perfectly, very simple to use, and updates regularly. Great job guys 👍

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your rating and review. We are always working to make things easy and simple for our customers. We appreciate your business!

Great eld
Dg trucking — 09/22/21

Easy to use, perfect for exemptions! Have had no issues in the almost year I’ve had it

Kristin @ Konexial

Thank you for your rating and review. We are happy to hear the exemption statuses have been helpful to you and your operation. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience better!

Great Product. Great Service
Leigha — 06/24/21

Our company switched to my20 after a bad customer experience with a different log provider. It is so much easier for my drivers and we haul ag and use the ag exemption status which saves us time and money….thanks to the team at my20!

exemplary service
Richard Jaeger — 06/23/21

We have 30 drivers and 20 trucks. I did a lot of research after a bad experience with a different 4 star ELD provider. I always wait to review a company for a few months to verify long term service. After 3 months we are very happy with the MY20 ELD. a few bugs in the learning curve that our drivers and the front office had to learn. The customer service is exemplary and this is not a understatement. so far very satisfied.
Richard Jaeger

exemplary service
Richard Jaeger Fond du lac Express — 06/23/21

We are a small compony with 20 trucks. The my 20 EDL has been a great system to this point about 3 months of use, I always wait to write reviews until I / We have a chance to us and see how it works.
exemplary service to start with, and the system works every day. There were some things to learn and adopt to from the system we had. At this point very satisfied. And they are great about herein what you say and willing to make the changes you need.

exemplary service
Richard Jaeger at FDL Express — 06/23/21

We are a smaller compony with 20 trucks. Having been with the MY 20 system for 3 months and are glad we made the change! Great office features tracking, routing ext.. The customer service is exemplary. I do not use this word lightly. The people answering the phones are great and knowledgeable and work with all. Konexial listen to what we are, how we work and are willing to make changes to help us work together more efferently. Good job Konexial.

A & G
G.V. — 06/23/21

Kristin answered all my questions and assisted me with updating some information about my drivers. Excellent Service!

My 20 ELD
Gaines Dishner — 03/30/21

Amazing Product,works very well and flows well,really helped me keep track on the road and overall is just an awesome product.

Easy to use, and great support
JAMMIN — 11/17/20

Easy to use, and great support. Bye Omnitracs.

The AG exemption is killer

The AG exemption is killer. No more guessing on the radius or stopping to annotate. Their system is automatic and easy to use. Nothing else like it, and believe me, I’ve looked for years.

I didn’t know what an iPhone was
EMMIT L — 08/25/20

I’ve been driving for 30 years. Never was a fan of ELD rules, but I wasn’t ready to sit on the porch and retire. I didn’t know what an iPhone was, but these guys helped me learn the new phone and the ELD quickly. Not sure how they are doing it, but every time I call them, I actually get someone I can understand and genuinely wants to help me. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. Their Ag exception is great.

50 truck fleet. Nothing but positives here.
BISON1 — 08/18/20

Happy to have found them after VDO. 50 truck fleet. Nothing but positives here.

HUGE upgrade over the other ELDs
YIPPIEKYA — 07/31/20

Can’t say enough good things about My20. The is a HUGE upgrade over the other ELDs on this list. It’s like when you order Old Milwaukee and they tell you they are all out, but here’s a bottle of Dom for your trouble.

Yo, this company is not like any of the rest
CAKID — 06/23/20

Yo, this company is not like any of the rest. I been tryin to find something better for the last year. They don’t advertise much, but a buddy of mine told me to give em a call. Workin well for my fleet.

Best fleet management system available today
BRUCE JACKSON — 06/10/20

By far the best fleet management system available today. Live view telematics is pretty amazing. No need for a separate GPS tracking system. This system does it all.

Easiest to use, and best customer support
ROADDOG91 — 05/21/20

OK, been with VDO Roadload since 2017. They shutdown and left me high and dry. Unbelievable. This is the best option in the market. Easiest to use, and best customer support. Doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Call these guys. They really seem to care.

Always adding new stuff
KRIS — 05/15/20

Better by the day. Always adding new stuff. Very happy I switched from KT.

They have been super helpful for my fleet transition
DAVE GEORGE — 05/07/20

Left PeopleNet… glad I found them. They have been super helpful for my fleet transition.

Very easy to install and use
LONERIDER — 05/02/20

Very easy to install and use. Truck turn-by-turn included. Best out there.

Love them
FRANK GIBBONS — 04/20/20

Service has always been the best… now the software & reliability are top of the heap. Best of any provider out there regardless of price. Love them.

God bless y’all
EASTBOUND — 04/19/20

God bless y’all. I’m tellin everyone how great you have treated me in this crisis.

Great product

Great people and a great product!

Hands down the best ELD out there!

Hands down the best ELD out there! No on else can beat the customer service they provide. They respond immediately which you don’t get much of these days.

Friendly and personal customer service!
SETH — 01/09/20

Friendly and personal customer service, reliable, and easy to use. Sometimes you have to leave a message due to nobody being available but someone always returns your calls. Great service. Would recommend to anyone.

Works regardless of being in cellphone coverage
WILLIE — 12/16/19

Didn’t really understand what they meant by Edge Computing, but after using it is clear. Simply means that it works regardless of being in cellphone coverage. No more gaps in my graph or having to wait for coverage to update my logs. Will never go back to KT.

5 Stars
SPARKY — 07/17/19

Wasn’t a fan of ELD, but this makes it easy.

The customer service sold me
GEORGE H. — 07/02/19

the customer service sold me on this. These guys have helped me get my business running again with eld

Better designed than all or the others
SAM DOTSON — 06/22/19

Better designed than all or the others. The fuel discount alone is worth calling them. I’m saving $600/mo on GoFuel.

Support can’t be beat
IRON MIKE — 06/18/19

I used to have separate ELD, GPS, IFTA, & Nav subscriptions. I had no idea that My20 has all of these features included in the price, and the support can’t be beat.

The software is easier to use and more reliable than Omnitracs or PeopleNet.

The product keeps getting better and better
TRENT WOLIVER — 05/19/19

The product keeps getting better and better. Now they have the GoFuel discount which is saving me a C note each week. Love these guys.

These are the real experts
MOAB S — 04/30/19

So glad I called them when my Keep Truckin contract was ending. These are the real experts, and they always seem happy to talk to me. Very happy now.

Best fleet management for small carriers
RICK PEARL — 04/06/19

By far the best fleet management for small carriers. The software improves every month. Love it.

You get a lot for the money

You get a lot for the money. Service is good. No contract is good to.

Dark mode rocks day & night
JOEY KENT — 02/06/19

Great app. Dark mode rocks day & night. Price is right. Score!

These guys ROCK
GRANT BONE — 01/30/19

These guys ROCK. Tried KT, tried eRoad, tried Rand McNally, tried Omni…

No one else has a product this reliable, and great service. Also, the lowest cost.

5 Stars!!
BAYFALL — 01/11/19

No cable, no mess. Works great.

Very knowledgeable people
BAYFALL — 01/11/19

Been with my20 since last year.Needed help understanding the mandatory Eld law one phone call put me back in business. Very knowledgeable people who know how hard it is to be on the road every day they make it their business to save me money and more importantly time.the cheapest one was the best in the market. Thanks

Can’t wait for the new services they will be rolling out
BUD FORD — 12/15/18

This ELD leaves KeepTruckin in the dust, and it costs less. Any time I have needed help, the staff has been available, and very helpful. Can’t wait for the new services they will be rolling out.

I’ve been happy with this device
ANONYMOUS — 08/17/18

I’ve been happy with this device. Only complaint is that its mandatory…guess I can’t do anything about that. The support team says more improvements and opportunities are coming. Looking forward to those.

By far, the best ELD I have seen out
BIG AL, THE MAN — 08/03/18

By far, the best ELD I have seen out. Great Customer Service, with an easy step up. plug-n-go! You heard it hear first from Big Al, The Man. Follow my Truck!

extremely compact and easy to use
DALE JOHNSON — 08/03/18

I’ve gone through several ELD’s over the past year trying to find the right one for me and this one is It! The hardware is extremely compact and easy to use. The Konexial team was very helpful at getting me set up and out on the road. Can’t wait to see what’s next from their team! #My20

Real people answering calls and questions
GRIFFIN T. — 07/13/18

Finally an eld that works with real people answering calls and questions. Was over last company never returning my calls. Easy to use. I wish I started with MY20 1st time.

This ELD is one of the best I have found!

This ELD is one of the best I have found! Even though I did not want to purchase an ELD, I finally did and this is the best. Very affordable and easy to use and the customer service is top notch.

Finally found an ELD that works

Finally found an ELD that works… Funny that this is the least expensive ELD I have purchased and it works the best out of all of the others I have tried. Extremely easy to use and the support team is always answering my calls and are very helpful.

Highly recommend!

easy to read in day or night conditions
LEE BROWN — 07/09/18

The hardware is unbelievably small, and basically sticks out the height of a beer bottle cap.

The bluetooth is robust which is the downfall and problem of every other BYOD solution that I have tried.

The app UI is very well done, and easy to read in day or night conditions. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next.

Oh, and its cheaper than almost all of the solutions on this list.

Five Stars!
ANONYMOUS — 06/25/18

Easy to use product. and great support staff.

Technical Specs

Coming Soon