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Konexial My20

My20 ELD & Fleet Management by Konexial is the #1 rated ELD on Amazon with the best US-based customer support service in the industry. The only ELD on the market with edge computing technology. My20 ELD requires no additional hardware except your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and the FREE My20 App which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Our experienced customer support team is available to guide you through the setup and daily use.

Key Features (provided by Konexial):

  • AFFORDABLE ELD OPTION – No additional hardware needed, just your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and the FREE My20 app.
  • EASY-TO-USE – Install the My20 ELD hardware in your diagnostic port, download the app & link your smartphone or tablet device to the app via Bluetooth.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – My20 ELD has a standard 9-pin (J1939) ECM connector, as well as adapters for OBD-II Or 6-pin ECM port connections.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT – My20 ELD subscriptions include fleet management dashboard “Tower” with real-time GPS tracking, asset visibility, fleet reporting, document scanning, and FREE IFTA reports.
  • ELD + MORE – My20 ELD allows truck drivers and fleet managers access to additional Konexial services like GoFuel for fuel discounts, GoMedRx telemedicine, and GoLoad dynamic load matching opportunities directly built into the My20 App.
  • APP FEATURES – The FREE My20 app includes premium features for the trucking industry such as 1-touch exceptions, turn-by-turn truck-specific routing, DriveLiFE content stream, proprietary docking information with reviews, and points-of-interest mapping.









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User Reviews

My 20 ELD
Gaines Dishner — 03/30/21

Amazing Product,works very well and flows well,really helped me keep track on the road and overall is just an awesome product.

Easy to use, and great support
JAMMIN — 11/17/20

Easy to use, and great support. Bye Omnitracs.

The AG exemption is killer

The AG exemption is killer. No more guessing on the radius or stopping to annotate. Their system is automatic and easy to use. Nothing else like it, and believe me, I’ve looked for years.

I didn’t know what an iPhone was
EMMIT L — 08/25/20

I’ve been driving for 30 years. Never was a fan of ELD rules, but I wasn’t ready to sit on the porch and retire. I didn’t know what an iPhone was, but these guys helped me learn the new phone and the ELD quickly. Not sure how they are doing it, but every time I call them, I actually get someone I can understand and genuinely wants to help me. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. Their Ag exception is great.

50 truck fleet. Nothing but positives here.
BISON1 — 08/18/20

Happy to have found them after VDO. 50 truck fleet. Nothing but positives here.

HUGE upgrade over the other ELDs
YIPPIEKYA — 07/31/20

Can’t say enough good things about My20. The is a HUGE upgrade over the other ELDs on this list. It’s like when you order Old Milwaukee and they tell you they are all out, but here’s a bottle of Dom for your trouble.

Yo, this company is not like any of the rest
CAKID — 06/23/20

Yo, this company is not like any of the rest. I been tryin to find something better for the last year. They don’t advertise much, but a buddy of mine told me to give em a call. Workin well for my fleet.

Best fleet management system available today
BRUCE JACKSON — 06/10/20

By far the best fleet management system available today. Live view telematics is pretty amazing. No need for a separate GPS tracking system. This system does it all.

Easiest to use, and best customer support
ROADDOG91 — 05/21/20

OK, been with VDO Roadload since 2017. They shutdown and left me high and dry. Unbelievable. This is the best option in the market. Easiest to use, and best customer support. Doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Call these guys. They really seem to care.

Always adding new stuff
KRIS — 05/15/20

Better by the day. Always adding new stuff. Very happy I switched from KT.

They have been super helpful for my fleet transition
DAVE GEORGE — 05/07/20

Left PeopleNet… glad I found them. They have been super helpful for my fleet transition.

Very easy to install and use
LONERIDER — 05/02/20

Very easy to install and use. Truck turn-by-turn included. Best out there.

Love them
FRANK GIBBONS — 04/20/20

Service has always been the best… now the software & reliability are top of the heap. Best of any provider out there regardless of price. Love them.

God bless y’all
EASTBOUND — 04/19/20

God bless y’all. I’m tellin everyone how great you have treated me in this crisis.

Great product

Great people and a great product!

Hands down the best ELD out there!

Hands down the best ELD out there! No on else can beat the customer service they provide. They respond immediately which you don’t get much of these days.

Friendly and personal customer service!
SETH — 01/09/20

Friendly and personal customer service, reliable, and easy to use. Sometimes you have to leave a message due to nobody being available but someone always returns your calls. Great service. Would recommend to anyone.

Works regardless of being in cellphone coverage
WILLIE — 12/16/19

Didn’t really understand what they meant by Edge Computing, but after using it is clear. Simply means that it works regardless of being in cellphone coverage. No more gaps in my graph or having to wait for coverage to update my logs. Will never go back to KT.

5 Stars
SPARKY — 07/17/19

Wasn’t a fan of ELD, but this makes it easy.

The customer service sold me
GEORGE H. — 07/02/19

the customer service sold me on this. These guys have helped me get my business running again with eld

Better designed than all or the others
SAM DOTSON — 06/22/19

Better designed than all or the others. The fuel discount alone is worth calling them. I’m saving $600/mo on GoFuel.

Support can’t be beat
IRON MIKE — 06/18/19

I used to have separate ELD, GPS, IFTA, & Nav subscriptions. I had no idea that My20 has all of these features included in the price, and the support can’t be beat.

The software is easier to use and more reliable than Omnitracs or PeopleNet.

The product keeps getting better and better
TRENT WOLIVER — 05/19/19

The product keeps getting better and better. Now they have the GoFuel discount which is saving me a C note each week. Love these guys.

These are the real experts
MOAB S — 04/30/19

So glad I called them when my Keep Truckin contract was ending. These are the real experts, and they always seem happy to talk to me. Very happy now.

Best fleet management for small carriers
RICK PEARL — 04/06/19

By far the best fleet management for small carriers. The software improves every month. Love it.

You get a lot for the money

You get a lot for the money. Service is good. No contract is good to.

Dark mode rocks day & night
JOEY KENT — 02/06/19

Great app. Dark mode rocks day & night. Price is right. Score!

These guys ROCK
GRANT BONE — 01/30/19

These guys ROCK. Tried KT, tried eRoad, tried Rand McNally, tried Omni…

No one else has a product this reliable, and great service. Also, the lowest cost.

5 Stars!!
BAYFALL — 01/11/19

No cable, no mess. Works great.

Very knowledgeable people
BAYFALL — 01/11/19

Been with my20 since last year.Needed help understanding the mandatory Eld law one phone call put me back in business. Very knowledgeable people who know how hard it is to be on the road every day they make it their business to save me money and more importantly time.the cheapest one was the best in the market. Thanks

Can’t wait for the new services they will be rolling out
BUD FORD — 12/15/18

This ELD leaves KeepTruckin in the dust, and it costs less. Any time I have needed help, the staff has been available, and very helpful. Can’t wait for the new services they will be rolling out.

Recommend to any Operator who needs help!
GR JONES — 08/17/18

I don’t like that government made me use elogs. I’m not good at computers and stuff. The folks at My20 really helped me. You can see the logs on screen and send to DOT real easy. They are always nice and know I need help. Like how they treat me. Recommend to any Operator who needs help!

I’ve been happy with this device
ANONYMOUS — 08/17/18

I’ve been happy with this device. Only complaint is that its mandatory…guess I can’t do anything about that. The support team says more improvements and opportunities are coming. Looking forward to those.

Many issues
STUART — 08/16/18

I have used this, worked poorly from the start. I bet most of the cheaper ELDs all work poorly as well. Always worried about any DOT inspection or audit. If app/phone lost internet connection, whole days log was messed up. Many issues. Talked with reps many times about issues. Why pay for a device that malfunctions probably 5 days a week, at least. Graph always looked nuts too, didn’t correlate to data. Then the new update and their user agreement. I don’t know how many pages long, 20 maybe? All slanted towards benefit of the seller. Like sell your soul to the devil. So much like a brokers agreement, any problems, its all the truckers fault.

By far, the best ELD I have seen out
BIG AL, THE MAN — 08/03/18

By far, the best ELD I have seen out. Great Customer Service, with an easy step up. plug-n-go! You heard it hear first from Big Al, The Man. Follow my Truck!

extremely compact and easy to use
DALE JOHNSON — 08/03/18

I’ve gone through several ELD’s over the past year trying to find the right one for me and this one is It! The hardware is extremely compact and easy to use. The Konexial team was very helpful at getting me set up and out on the road. Can’t wait to see what’s next from their team! #My20

Folks at MY20 made it easy
GR JONES — 07/19/18

I ain’t much on this elog stuff. Hate being forced to change. But folks at MY20 made it easy. Took me a few times to get the hang of it, I’m good now.They talk to me and explain everything.

Folks at MY20 made it easy
GR JONES — 07/13/18

I fought this ELD thing with all I had. Don’t like being forced to change how I log. But the folks at MY20 made it easy, i’m not good with computer stuff. They answered the call and walked me thru step by step. Even helped other drivers in fleet. Customer Service is killer!

Real people answering calls and questions
GRIFFIN T. — 07/13/18

Finally an eld that works with real people answering calls and questions. Was over last company never returning my calls. Easy to use. I wish I started with MY20 1st time.

This ELD is one of the best I have found!

This ELD is one of the best I have found! Even though I did not want to purchase an ELD, I finally did and this is the best. Very affordable and easy to use and the customer service is top notch.

Finally found an ELD that works

Finally found an ELD that works… Funny that this is the least expensive ELD I have purchased and it works the best out of all of the others I have tried. Extremely easy to use and the support team is always answering my calls and are very helpful.

Highly recommend!

easy to read in day or night conditions
LEE BROWN — 07/09/18

The hardware is unbelievably small, and basically sticks out the height of a beer bottle cap.

The bluetooth is robust which is the downfall and problem of every other BYOD solution that I have tried.

The app UI is very well done, and easy to read in day or night conditions. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next.

Oh, and its cheaper than almost all of the solutions on this list.

Five Stars!
ANONYMOUS — 06/25/18

Easy to use product. and great support staff.

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