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Trimble ELD Review

Choosing the right ELD Solution is important to maximize your return on investment, improve workflow and increase vehicle productivity and safety. Trimble’s eDriver Logs® ELD is an exceptional ELD solution that is built on an Android operating system to allow drivers to use it with ease and help fleets utilize technology to optimize all parts of their business. 

With feature-rich technology, a strong customer support team, and a certified platform backed by nearly two decades of experience in the ELD marketplace. Trimble’s ELD is a high-end investment that will deliver impressive returns for years to come. 

How Does Trimble ELD Work?

Trimble’s eDriver Logs® ELD works by plugging into a vehicle's onboard diagnostics port and pulling invaluable data directly from the engine. This ELD provides real-time visibility into vehicles, load, and driver status. 

This ELD is a feature-rich tool that comes with fully-integrated GPS, WiFI connectivity, and 4G cellular service. The hardware also includes a responsive touchscreen, easy-to-navigate menus, out-of-cab-capability and so much more.

Trimble ELD FAQs

Being fully informed can help you take your business to the next level, check out these consumer FAQs to help guide you along the decision-making process!

Where is the Trimble ELD certified?

Trimble’s eDriver Logs® ELD is fully compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Transport Canada ELD mandates. This allows for support to Canada and U.S. carriers, along with cross-border carriers with the company's complete fleet management solution. 

How Does the Trimble ELD Reduce Fuel Costs?

Trimble’s ELD can reduce fuel costs by accurately monitoring engine idle time, overall fuel consumption, and other driver behaviors that contribute to fuel costs.

Can the Trimble ELD Help With Avoiding Downtime and Delay?

With Trimble’s eDriver Logs® ELD you can pinpoint potential violations before they happen to keep your drivers on the road rather than dealing with costly and timely delays.

How Do I Record When I Am Driving The Vehicle?

To record when driving with Trimble’s ELD all you have to do is tap ON Driver to indicate that you are on duty and preparing to operate the vehicle. The ELD will detect when the vehicle is in motion and record the correct duty status for you based on the movement of the vehicle. 

Is PeopleNet the Same As the Trimble?

PeopleNet was acquired by Trimble in 2011, and as such, it is now only known as Trimble. The acquisition of PeopleNet allowed for a more expansive suite of products to be offered to an international customer base. 

Performance Factors of Trimble ELD

The Trimble ELD is arguably the best fleet management system on the market. The hardware is reliable and long-lasting. The user interface is simple and intuitive. 

This ELD can help carriers of all sizes to gain visibility into their operations, ultimately optimizing freight networks allowing you to negotiate higher rates. 

The Trimble ELD improves safety with the ability to monitor safety-related behaviors and identify potential maintenance issues making it a powerful gateway in which intelligence is collected and shared. 

With the ability to gain real-time visibility into HOS and vehicle status you can increase equipment utilization to make smarter assignments for each load. Trimble’s ELD can play a vital role in monitoring detention time, reducing in-cab paperwork, avoiding equipment breakdowns, and getting drivers home on time more often. 

How Has the Trimble ELD Improved?

Trimble ELD has improved from previous models with the introduction of Tap & Go technology that helps to eliminate the complexity of driver login. The Android operating system gives carriers more ease of use along with flexibility from a wider range of display types. Timble ELD also provides extensive integrations with TMS and other technology platforms.

Best For 

One of the best features of the Trimble ELD is that it has the ability to adapt to your business needs. Here are some of the things Trimble ELD is best for.

  • All fleet sizes
  • Feature-rich ELD
  • Ease-of-use
  • Avoiding downtime and delays
  • Driverworkflow 
  • Maintain eDriver logs
  • Generating reports for business insight

Take Your ELD Game to the Next Level With Trimble  

The Trimble ELD solution is used by top industry leaders to fully optimize their businesses in all aspects. Level up your ELD experience with this feature-rich, easy-to-use device.

It comes with a long list of unbeatable extras and exceptional customer service. This ELD will help position your fleet in a place to drive safer, earn more, save on fuel, and so much more! You truly can’t go wrong with Trimble’s trustworthy ELD.


  • Hardware – $1,200
  • Monthly Subscription– $43/ per month per vehicle 
  • 3-year total cost – $2,748

The final price will vary based on the software package that you purchase. For the most accurate monthly pricing, you can contact Trimble directly.

Pros & Cons


Due to the rich features of the Trimble ELD, it offers a lot of convenient extras and advantages. From delivery to backend support and everything in between, this ELD is truly top of its class. Here are some of the main pros of the Trimble ELD.

  • Real-time vehicle locations  
  • Minimize safety infractions  
  • Line 4 log auditing 
  • Automated fuel tax (IFTA)
  • Electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (eDVIR)
  • Advanced navigation and GPS features 
  • Reports fuel consumption  
  • Reports engine status  
  • Tire pressure logistics 


The Trimble ELD is such a strong all-around solution there are really very few drawbacks to this ELD. In reality, the value and offerings Trimble provide outweigh the cons. Here are some of the disadvantages of the Trimble ELD.

  • High hardware costs that are three times more expensive than competitors’
  • High monthly subscription costs 
  • Lengthy installation process

User Reviews

Back office visibility
Kevin Johnson — 10/17/23

The data helps uncover opportunities to improve efficiencies and lower costs for your fleet. Integrates with so many technology providers, they are truly ahead of the rest

Great option
Jeremy Macalister — 04/26/23

Trimble offers the best products on the market

T. UNFI driver — 11/21/22

The ELD in my truck has been in the mechanic shop numerous times.
1. It turns of and on while I’m driving.
2. It buffers for up 3 ten minutes or more not letting me log on or off. Almost costing me a violation!
.3 It falsely reports hard stops.
I could go on and on.
I would no recommend this ELD to ANYONE!

Matt Sweet

I'm a technician working on a 2018 International LT with a Cummins engine. It has this ELD on the dash that's causing some weird problems. It will turn itself on when no ones in the truck, like over the weekend and kill the battery. It's tied into the Satellite and entertainment system that USED to be in this truck. Now that it's gone, maybe it's causing problems. I don't know but we're at wits end with this truck.


Hey If you are still facing problem please leave your number so I can contact you

Technical Specs

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