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KeepTruckin ELD

Keep Truckin ELD

KeepTruckin provides a slick, modern, user-friendly app for drivers to record their logs. When paired with the KeepTruckin ELD device and connected to the vehicle, it becomes one of the easiest and most affordable ELDs on the market.

The app is free for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (where it receives very good user reviews). To make it into a compliant ELD all you need is the device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. There’s no upfront cost for the device, you simply pay KeepTruckin a monthly service fee, which includes the hardware. The Starter service plan is $25/month and includes logs, DVIR, messaging, geofencing, real-time GPS tracking, a fleet manager app and some advanced fleet management tools like location share, map layers, facility insights and proximity search. The Pro plan adds IFTA, speeding, automated collision reporting, maintenance scheduling, driver coaching, fuel optimization, vehicle diagnostics, DRIVE Risk Score and a built-in WiFi Hotspot for $40/month. The Enterprise plan provides everything in Pro plus advanced reporting, dedicated support, onsite training, driver workflow integration, and customization capabilities for $50/month. If you plan to provide a phone or tablet to your drivers, then you would typically budget around $15/mo for a cellular data plan. With KeepTruckin Pro, this cost isn’t necessary as cellular data is included. That is one of the more affordable price tags you’ll find in the industry right now.

The KeepTruckin app itself is a pleasure to use. It’s very simple and intuitive, and has some convenient features that many other systems have missed. For example, there is a simple view of all “recap” hours that will be gained over the next 7 days. It also has the easiest method for driver log editing of any system we’ve seen. There is a convenient “ Inspection Mode” for showing log history to enforcement officers, and logs can be emailed or faxed right from the app. Other standard features like DVIR and two-way messaging are also available. While there is no built in navigation, a 3rd party app could be run alongside KeepTruckin for this purpose. Drivers can also save photos of paperwork and accident damage, or any other documents and send through the app.

The back office system is similarly modern and easy to use. It includes all the standard features like GPS locations, messaging, and an overview of HOS compliance. There are some basic Hours of Service and DVIR reports included, but more advanced reporting is part of the Pro level service plan ($15 extra per month). Office personnel can view driver logs, and easily make suggested corrections, but the driver will need to approve the changes before they take effect.

Like most simple BYOD providers, KeepTruckin provides these basic features and a way to be ELD compliant without breaking the bank. However, unlike many of their BYOD competitors, they have been aggressively adding more advanced telematics features that bring them close to on-par with much more expensive systems. Engine diagnostics, fuel insights, idling reports, tampering alerts, driver safety scorecards, and geofencing are among the recently released features. Simple integrations with major TMS providers (TMW, McCleod, etc) are already available, and will be enhanced over time. With all these new features, KeepTruckin enjoys a fairly unique position as a simple, affordable device that can compete with the capabilities of the larger, pricier vendors. Very few other devices at this price point can boast such a rich feature list.

In short, KeepTruckin is a very attractive option, especially for fleets looking for low cost and an easy install. The system is simple to use for drivers and office staff, and the list of advanced features is a step above most of the competition. For our money, KeepTruckin is the premier low-cost ELD on the market right now.








*Plus an estimated $15 per month phone/tablet data plan.

Pros & Cons

  • Fairly low cost
  • User friendly
  • Easy to install
  • More advanced features than most BYODs
  • Some complaints about tech support and contract/billing terms

User Reviews

Affordable ELD, good value
Silas Charbonnet — 03/23/21

The price is a very attractive feature of this product. With such a price expectations are tempered, but in my opinion, this product outperforms value. Some of the higher end versions have more features, but the KeepTruckin ELD does everything it says it does. One grievance I would have to bring up is the fact that it’s not possible to determine of the driver is on a short haul range exception. Otherwise I would recommend.

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