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Verizon Connect GPS Review

Fleet managers and business owners who are looking for the best gps for truckers usually want a full-featured system that can support all of their operations. Verizon Connect GPS is a fleet management system and a cloud-based electronic logging device. 

This vehicle tracker enables fleet managers to customize the platform to fit their unique needs. We’ll review Verizon Connect GPS and how it works. 

How Does the Verizon Connect GPS Work?

The Verizon Connect GPS includes certain features that are in compliance with all compliant-related requirements, including an electronic logging device and all that international fuel tax agreements entail. The Verizon Connect GPS tracking software also combines the vehicle's location data with the equipment's performance data.

This is impressive because it allows you to analyze the daily operations, improve daily operations, and achieve enhanced efficiency. The platform uses telematics and GPS tracking as well. 

This enables businesses and fleet managers to access their vehicles' live locations as well as their current status. Verizon Connect software interprets all telematics data and automatically updates vehicle tracking information via desktop or mobile application, too. 

Verizon Connect GPS FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Verizon Connect GPS.

What Is Verizon Connect Used For?

Verizon Connect is a GPS fleet management system used to monitor fleet operations, vehicle maintenance, driver safety, and performance. Fleet managers and businesses use Verizon to understand their fleet operations and use gathered information to improve efficiency.

Does Verizon Connect Have an App?

Verizon Connect provides apps for both Android and iOS users. 

Does Verizon Connect Record Conversations?

Verizon Connect does not record conversations. The dashcams only record video and not audio. 

Is Verizon Connect Owned by Verizon?

Yes, Verizon Connect is owned by the telecommunications conglomerate Verizon.

How Will My Drivers React to GPS Tracking?

Some of your drivers might resist as they will think they are being spied on. Let your drivers know how GPS tracking can help make their jobs easier.

Performance Factors of Verizon Connect GPS 

Implementing software like Verizon Connect requires a great deal of contemplation and comparing crucial factors. Here are factors to look out for when selecting a GPS tracking device:

Pricing and contract

Verizon GPS Connect charges an average monthly rate of $40 per vehicle per month with a 36-month contract. Verizon Connect offers flexible services and rates, so you'll need to speak directly with a company representative if you're interested in learning more about pricing for your specific needs.

Mounting system

Selecting a mounting system that works with the vehicles in your fleet will be a key factor. Verizon Connect uses an OBD-II port mount system.


The Verizon tracker has several hardware options, ranging from simple plug-and-play technology to more advanced devices. You can choose to install the devices yourself or have technicians install them.


You'll want to select a fleet management system with features that suit your business. Verizon Connect provides valuable services for all fleet sizes, and the platform works on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Customer service

You can contact Verizon customer support via live chat, ticketing, email, or phone, and Verizon Connect provides a designated point of contact for your fleeting account.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions30 x 51 x 3.15mm

None. Connects to mobile devices, optional ELD or dashcam.

Display Type
None. Connects to mobile devices, optional ELD or dashcam.
Mounting TypeOBD-II port mount
Voice commandNo
CameraNone. Optional dash cams are provided.

Automatically uploads to a server via a cellular connection.
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesYes
BatteryYes. Verizon offers 12V-24 V DC and 48V-220V AC batteries.

How Has the Verizon Connect GPS Improved?

Verizon Connect was formerly known as Fleetmatics, which was a GPS fleet tracking management system that the Verizon multinational company bought in 2016.

After purchasing the Fleetmatics tracking management solution, Verizon developed Verizon Connect, a new GPS solution with increased vehicle tracking capabilities and centimeter-level position precision. Verizon offers a list of services:

  • Gps fleet tracking
  • Vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance tracker
  • Electronic logging device and compliance management solutions
  • Driver safety and coaching
  • Dash cams and integrated video
  • Gps asset tracking
  • Integrated reporting
  • Telematics

Verizon Connect introduced Hyper Precise Location capabilities using Real-Time Kinematic, which intends to expand the potential of IoT solutions by providing hyper-precise location data for applications that require accuracy. Compared to three to nine meters of GPS accuracy, the Hyper Precise Location solution gives centimeter-level location accuracy.

Best For 

The Verizon Connect GPS tracker is best suited for the following circumstances:

  • Mid-size or large fleet sizes
  • Businesses that want customization options:
    • Time zones
    • Employee access
    • Workflow scripts
    • Languages
    • Security levels
    • Alerts
  • Fleets that want video telematics with driver-facing and roadside facing dashcams
  • Fleets that need a GPS fleet tracking system that is easy to use and install

Improve Your Fleet Management System Using Verizon Connect

Verizon GPS tracker helps businesses gain an overall view of all management operations. High-resolution maps with smart clustering help businesses manage fuel costs and keep tabs on equipment with the assistance of asset tracking.

The Verizon Connect GPS also provides business owners with an accurate estimated time of arrival and the ability to oversee a mobile workforce via vehicle tracking. To improve and enhance the efficiency of your fleets and business, check out the Verizon GPS tracker today


Inquire within for a custom quote. 

Pros & Cons


Here are the benefits of the Verizon Connect GPS:

  • Customized vehicle reports and maintenance management.
  • Employee cost savings 
  • Improved safety records  
  • Customized truck routing
  • Free map updates 
  • Smartphone integration
  • Voice-assisted operation


Here are some disadvantages of the Verizon Connect GPS:

  • More complex learning curve
  • Bad service contract
  • Poor customer support
  • No voice command and audio system

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