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Best Place to Mount a Dash Cam

The best place to mount a dash cam depends on the model of dash cam, type of mount, and personal preference. Whether there are one, two, or three cameras will also affect dash cam placement. 

Dash cam installation can be very simple and done in a few minutes. The key to mounting a dash cam is placing it where the cameras all have a clear view and it doesn’t block your view. 

Best Places to Mount a Dash Cam 

Dash cam installation is easy and should give you both flexibility and security. The best place to put a dash cam is where you can easily use it. That means the camera view is unobstructed, you can easily remove it when needed, and it is discreetly placed.


Mounting a dash cam on the windshield is the most popular dash cam placement. You will want to ensure that the camera is not blocked by the sunshade tint or out of the range of the windshield wipers. 

Ideally, you want a wide frame of vision, not a long angle view. You should be able to see all of the road. It should also be placed behind the rearview mirror so it’s not in your way of vision. 

Check that the dash cam windshield mount doesn’t block your view from the front, when you look side to side or glance over your shoulder. You can use either an adhesive mount or a suction mount to attach the dash cam to the windshield. 


For a dashboard mount, the main thing to avoid is obstructing your view of the road. Mounting a dash cam on the dashboard leaves the view from the windshield clear. For correct dash cam installation,  you should be able to see the rear wheels of the vehicle in front of you. This ensures a minimum safe distance at all times. 

Again, when deciding where to mount the dash cam, ensure that the camera is free from any obstructions, including dots and sunshade tint. It should also be within the range of the windshield wipers and will generally be placed near the center of the dashboard. 

Rear View Mirror 

A better option for dash cam installation is a rear view mirror clip. With this option, mounting a dash cam just requires you to clip the dash cam onto the existing rear view mirror. There are several advantages to this option. 

First, as it integrates seamlessly with the existing mirror, it should not block your view. This is a benefit because it otherwise could if it was positioned in either a windshield or dashboard placement. 

Secondly, you also don’t have to worry about choosing a position for suction mount or adhesive mount. The camera will usually be automatically positioned at the correct height for a clear image of the road. And third of all, this style of mount blends in with the vehicle, so it does not draw attention or make the vehicle a target of theft.

Dual Camera Dash Cam

With a dual camera dash cam the best place to mount dash cam will be in two locations: one at the front of the vehicle and a second camera positioned facing the rear of the vehicle. The additional camera will record out the rear of the car. You can mount a camera in the rear area of the interior of the vehicle near the rear windscreen. This can be challenging to wire. 

There are also dual-camera dash cams with a twin lens feature. In this case, one camera faces the front of the vehicle, and a second camera on the same device faces either within the vehicle or out the rear of the vehicle. 

A camera within the vehicle allows drivers to record activity within the cabin and is especially useful for rideshare drivers or fleets where access to the cabin is important for security control or communication. The camera to the rear of the vehicle allows recording of license plates and other activity in case of an accident. 

In many cases, these dual camera dash cams include a screen in which you can monitor activity to the front and rear of the vehicle simultaneously. Some dash cams even offer three cameras for ultimate security and safety monitoring. 

What Is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a compact device, usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle, that captures video or still images and sometimes audio. A basic dash cam will have a front-facing camera, while models with multiple cameras can also have rear-facing and cabin-facing cameras. 

A dash cam is used in case of an accident or other insurance claim, as well as for vehicle security. The best place to put a dash cam will vary based on individual preference, a number of cameras, and dash cam model. Here is what you need to know about dash cams to choose the best model for your needs. 

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Dash cams usually connect to your vehicle for a power supply when the vehicle is turned on, and rely on a battery or capacitor to record when the vehicle is turned off. One common feature of dash cams is that they run automatically whenever the vehicle is turned on and record continuous footage while the vehicle is running. 

Some dash cams have parking features that also record while a vehicle is parked. Many dash cams offer a feature that saves any footage taken during jostling that could indicate a potential collision. The best dash cams offer high-resolution recording, front and rear cameras, and additional features like wifi syncing and large memory capacity. 

What to Consider With Dash Cam Installation

When mounting a dash cam, you’ll want to look first at the provided mount. Is it a suction mount or double-sided tape? You can usually obtain either mount type for your dash cam. You’ll also want to consider whether its position blocks your view, as well as the sun shades, and windshield wipers. 


The best place to mount a dash cam is out of sight. If a dash cam is clearly seen from the outside, it can make your vehicle a target for theft. For this reason, while considering personal preference and the other options, make sure your dash cam is discretely placed or well concealed so it doesn’t draw unwanted attention. Choose a dash cam that blends into the interior of the vehicle and could appear to be part of the vehicle itself. 

Suction Mount

A suction mount is generally the most popular option for mounting a dash cam. For  a suction mount, you will need more space for dash cam placement. 

The advantage of the suction mount is that it’s easy to install and can be easily adjusted. For those who prefer to put away their dash cam when the vehicle is parked, a suction mount is the best method of dash cam installation. 

The drawback of a suction mount for dash cam installation is that it can cause the camera to shake while driving, creating unstable or unclear video. While the video is usually still useful, if absolutely clear videos are essential for your business, a different type of mount might be a better option. 

Double Sided Tape Mount

A more stable option for dash cam installation is double-side tape. This is the best way for mounting a dash cam when clear footage is essential. 

This is a good option if you want to set up the dashcam once and leave it. Most dash cams allow you to slide them out from the mount, but ensure that your model has this option before selecting a double-sided tape mount. 

The downside of double-sided tape is that it’s much more permanent. It is more difficult to adjust your dash cam mount or move it after dash cam installation. The tape can leave residue on the windshield or dashboard that is difficult to remove. It also makes correctly positioning the camera a little more tricky. 

Sunshade Tint

Positioning is essential when considering where to mount dash cam. The dash cam lens should not be pointed towards sunshade tint or shaded dots. 

When you move the sunshade, if the camera view is blocked, the dash cam mount will need to be adjusted.  If you have a sunshade tint or dots, you’ll want to lower the camera until the lens is looking underneath it.

Windshield Wipers

The best place to put a dash cam is where there are no obstructions for the camera. That includes weather obstructions like rain or snow. 

If the camera is installed in an area outside the range of your windshield wipers coverage, your dash cam won’t capture video on rainy or snowy days. For this reason, check dash cam placement to ensure the camera is completely within the area covered by the windshield wipers. 

Easy to Remove

When considering the best place to mount a dash cam, consider also how you will take it out.  A dash cam should be easy to remove. Beware of adhesive directly on the dash cam as that will make it difficult to remove without leaving a residue or damaging the dash cam. It can also leave a permanent residue on the windshield. 

You will also want to avoid mounting a dash cam too close to the top of the windshield or you may not be able to slide the dash cam off of the mounting bracket. Test the way it slides on and off of the bracket before finalizing dash cam placement. 

Mounting a Dash Cam is Simple

Whether you choose the stability of adhesive tape, the flexibility of a suction mount, or the discretion of a rearview mirror mount, the best place to mount a dash cam is where it will serve its purpose without blocking your view or attracting unwanted attention. 

Each of these options is so simple to set up and use within minutes, that you can try different dash cam installations and see which provides the greatest convenience and visibility for your needs. As dash cams evolve, many more include dual or triple camera options for greater vehicle coverage and security. 


Can I Mount Dash Cam on Black Dots?

Yes, you can mount a dash cam on the black dots on your windshield. The windshield won’t be damaged by the dash cam. Just be sure when mounting the dash cam that the dash cam is not obstructed by the black dots or anything else.

Can I Mount My Dash Cam on the Dashboard?

Yes. You can mount your dash cam on the dashboard as long as it does not obscure your view of the road.

Do You Remove Dash Cam When Parked?

Some people choose to remove the dash cam when parked to prevent the vehicle being broken into. However, many dashcams have a parking mode and security features that function when the dash cam remains in the vehicle.

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