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Trimble Innovative TMS

Who is Trimble?

Trimble Transportation is dedicated to enhancing your transportation business through innovative solutions, expert support, and industry-leading software. With a focus on efficiency and growth, they offer adaptable, configurable tools that provide end-to-end visibility and control.

Their mission centers on streamlining operations, catering to challenges from sales growth to cost control and driver turnover. Their success is measured in concrete metrics, ensuring improvements in areas like revenue per mile, fuel spend, and on-time delivery. Serving a broad spectrum of transportation sectors, Trimble stands out for its consistent, tangible enhancements across various industry segments.

Trimble Innovative TMS FAQs

Before exploring the advantages and disadvantages of using Trimble's Innovative TMS, let's address some commonly asked questions to help you understand more about the system.

How does the Trimble Innovative TMS work?

Trimble Innovative TMS enables users to maintain consistent, granular control at every step of the transportation lifecycle. The results are exceptional customer service, equipment utilization, driver satisfaction and business profitability. Here are some of the key features that make these outcomes possible:

  1. Streamlined order-to-cash process: Innovative is a fully-featured TMS that handles the entire order-to-cash process with top-quality operational, administration, financial, and safety tools that the full team can use to turbocharge business operations.
  2. Scalable to any fleet size: As your company expands, Innovative has the tools you'll need to manage the associated demands as well. Its highly scalable platform means you can grow alongside your business without missing a beat.
  3. Seamless integrations: Innovative integrates seamlessly with Trimble technology, including Instinct Telematics & Fleet Management, PC*Miler rating and routing, TMT fleet maintenance, and more. It also works elegantly with an extensive list of fuel cards, document management, payroll, and BI solutions.
  4. On-road freight insights: Always know where your freight is and when it will arrive with intuitive visibility tools.
  5. Availability of flexible SaaS bundles: The TMS can be accessed as a SaaS application so you can use it for an affordable monthly price that includes hosting, upgrades, and maintenance.

Many of the industry’s largest carriers trust Innovative to help them manage their fleets effectively — and have for decades. At the same time, the platform includes critical features and expanded functionality for small- and medium-sized carriers.

What's the difference between Innovative and Trimble's other TMS products?

Trimble currently offers three different kinds of TMS products. Think of these products like specialized tools for different jobs in the transportation world. Trimble's Innovative TMS is like an all-in-one tool that handles everything from taking orders to getting paid. It works well for both small and large transportation companies, and comes with built-in accounting and safety features. In essence, it's a powerhouse business growth platform that can accelerate the success of any truckload carrier, whether it’s operating 20 assets or 20,000.

On the other hand, TruckMate TMS focuses specifically on managing businesses that handle smaller less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. It helps save time managing fleets and money matters, and is great for identifying new ways to grow your business and collaborate with partners.

And Trimble's TMW.Suite TMS is designed for bigger trucking companies that handle larger loads. It's all about improving how things move, avoiding costly mistakes, and making sure everything in the system works together smoothly.

What additional services does Trimble offer?

Trimble's suite of products presents an opportunity to further optimize your fleet in several ways. Some of their additional offerings include:

Combining industry-leading TMS solutions like Innovative with other state-of-the-art Trimble tools empowers transportation companies of all sizes to easily streamline operations and grow their businesses.


Trimble offers flexible, bundled pricing options for its Innovative TMS platform, which carriers may choose to operate either on-premise or via a true, multi-tenant SaaS implementation that offers exceptional speed and availability.

The SaaS-based subscription solutions lower potential financial barriers to entry with an affordable monthly price that includes hosting, upgrades, and maintenance. Delivering a broad range of highly intuitive, user-friendly features, the Trimble-managed bundles are designed to help carriers reach peak efficiency using highly secure dedicated servers housed in geographically dispersed data centers.

Exact pricing varies based on features and business needs. You should set up a consultation for a customized quote specific to your requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • Speed, power & control: Offers deep, real-time visibility into each area of the business, uncovering opportunities to increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction, improve driver loyalty and strengthen bottom-line performance.
  • One solution: Rather than struggle to integrate multiple, discrete solutions that add cost and complexity, Trimble Innovative TMS users can handle operations, administration, safety, recruiting, and much more from a single platform.
  • Works for all fleet sizes: The availability of tiered bundles empowers carriers of all sizes to assemble the product combinations they actually need with predictable, manageable monthly payments.
  • Highly customizable: Configurable architecture can support complex, non-standard transportation workflows.
  • Advanced matching capabilities: Kuebix Community Load Match pairs shipment requirements with available assets so carriers can designate preferred lanes to fill. Conversely, shippers can identify the optimal carriers and rates for truckload shipments.


  • May be overkill: Smaller carriers with very straightforward operations may have little need for Innovative’s most sophisticated features.
  • High learning curve: Like many comprehensive systems, initial setup and training might require time and effort to fully utilize its capabilities. Trimble does offer video guides for new clients, along with weekly classes you can join to hasten the ramp-up time.
  • Requires a quote: Pricing isn’t available on Trimble’s site.

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