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Trimble Dash Cam

The Trimble dash cam is a way for carriers to stay protected and connected. Its purpose is to act as an unbiased witness at the scene of an accident. The 360-degree HD cameras provide video evidence of everything that happens near or around the truck, protecting the driver from false injury or accident claims.Standard features and ease of use for driver.

Each year, there are approximately 458,000 commercial trucking accidents, resulting in 4,657 deaths. Data suggests that having a dash cam could prevent up to 30% of accidents by encouraging drivers to be more aware of their surroundings. Having a dash camera also prevents false allegations by acting as a co-pilot for the driver and offering unbiased video footage of the accident.

The Trimble dash camera system offers a unique pairing of telematics and video footage to encourage safer driving and allow fleet managers to analyze their drivers’ driving habits. The system uses 720p HD video to provide clear video proof that drivers can access directly through a mobile device. Through a monthly subscription, fleet managers can protect their drivers on every route.

Who should get the Trimble Dash Cam?

The Trimble dash cam is best for those looking for constant video protection accompanied by basic telematics that protect the driver and fleet from lawsuits and other legal prosecutions. Trimble also has GPS functions that connect fleets to the supply chain and ensure communication every step of the way.

What is it?

After serving customers for 40 years, Trimble has expanded to more than 150 countries and has over 2,000 worldwide patents, including the Peoplenet dash cam (acquired in 2011). The company has thousands of customers worldwide connected through its fleet management systems. Its base includes 70% of the top 100 for-hire carriers and 30% of the top U.S. brokerage companies.

The Trimble dash cam is a way for carriers to stay protected and connected. Its purpose is to act as an unbiased witness at the scene of an accident. The 360-degree HD cameras provide video evidence of everything that happens near or around the truck, protecting the driver from false injury or accident claims.

How to use the Trimble Dash Cam

Trimble has options for light-duty vehicles and smaller fleets or heavy-duty vehicles and larger fleets. Smaller vehicles use a two-channel DVR that records up to 40 hours of video footage from two cameras. Larger trucks use a four-channel with the capacity of four cameras. Each DVR has a 32GB industrial SD card with two additional SD card slots for optional expanded storage.

In both options, the driver will set up the dash camera on the front windshield in the top center of the glass. Every Trimble camera is a 720p HD camera with a 12-hour sleep timer for recording video even when the engine is off. In the event of an accident, drivers can retrieve past video footage on a connected smart device and present the footage to an officer at the scene within 10 minutes.

The driver can install the DVR in one of three places: the kick panel, beneath the lower dash panel, or in the center console on either side of the vehicle. The driver will also have to install the antenna on top of the dash. Overall, the installation is straightforward and easy-to-follow—though some steps may present challenges to the average driver.

The cameras are wired to the DVR, while the DVR provides constant coverage through LTE 4G cellular service. If the DC9-28v power supply to the DVR abruptly stops, the device switches to an internal backup power system to maintain constant video protection.

The DVR also has telematics integration, which monitors the truck’s acceleration and deceleration. If a driver accelerates or comes to abrupt stops, the system will alert driving coaches to help the driver work on unsafe behaviors. By monitoring dangerous driving, your fleet can avoid up to 30% of potential driving accidents.

The driver can access footage from the cameras by pairing their DVR to their smartphone through Once paired, drivers can access footage from every camera installed in the truck without hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Trimble Dash Cam

Is Trimble legit?

Trimble was founded in 1978 and provides reliable technology solutions across several industries. Trimble acquired Peoplenet in 2011, adding to its list of fleet management options. The Peoplenet fleet manager system included dash cams, which makes it easy for Trimble to incorporate trucking camera systems as an option for customers. In short, Trimble is a trustworthy company that offers reliable equipment.

Are truckers required to have a dash cam?

Dash cameras in commercial trucks are not required. Truckers and drivers can’t be fined or cited for not having a dash camera installed. However, many commercial trucking companies install dash cameras for the protection of the driver.

Dash cameras act as co-pilots for the driver. If the trucker were to get in an accident, the dash camera provides evidence to support the trucker’s point of view. Truckers should have front-facing dash cams to protect the driver and fleet manager in case of an accident.

How do you install a dash cam?

There are several steps to install a dash camera system. First, install the dash camera by wiping down the top, middle section of the windshield. Place the adhesive on the windshield and apply equal and firm pressure to the entire base. Next, you will need to connect the dash camera to the DVR system through the connection cord.

To connect the DVR to the ignition system, you will need to connect three wires. This step of the process may present challenges to those uncomfortable working with wires and may require professional installation.

Are dash cams legal?

Dash cameras are legal. Some truckers may feel uncomfortable if the fleet chooses to install a driver-facing option. Still, the fleet has full control over installing cameras in the vehicles (as long as the driver consents). In some situations, dash cameras may help prove the driver’s innocence if the vehicle is involved in a crash. Because the dash camera can prove innocence, drivers should feel motivated to include dash cameras in their trucks.

What is the best dash cam?

It’s easy to debate which dash camera is best. Buyers should look for usability, intuitive designs, and other functions that could set the camera apart from other options. For example, the Blackvue DR900S 4K Dash Cam offers 4K camera quality without a monthly subscription. Instead, buyers pay a one-time fee of $500 for unlimited access to the camera’s footage. This can be enticing for owner-operators or small fleets.

Other dash cams to consider

THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam is small, compact, and fits behind the rearview mirror. Its location keeps the dash and windshield clear and distraction-free for the driver. The device doesn’t require a subscription and connects wirelessly to a smartphone app. THINKWARE is motion-activated when the engine is off, ensuring constant video surveillance when it matters. Drivers can use this device for a one-time payment of $399.

ClearPathGPS offers tamperproof, commercial-grade dash cameras with fast LTE connections that upload video directly to the cloud. The cameras detect broken glass when the vehicle is parked to prevent break-ins at truck stops. It also tracks driver behavior and fuel economy. The subscription cost starts at $55 a month per vehicle with a $15 installation fee.

Bottom line

Trimble Dash Cam markets toward fleet managers and truckers as a safety solution for supply chain operators. The dash camera protects the driver and prevents false claims. The addition of telematics helps managers monitor the truckers’ driving and can help truckers practice better driving habits. Its HD video and LTE connection provide constant video coverage. Overall, Trimble offers a reliable dash camera that can be a nice complement to a fleet’s solution.


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Pros & Cons


  • Access to driving behavior: Telematics integration allows fleet managers to watch for risky driving patterns. If an individual driver regularly accelerates quickly or slams on their brakes, fleet managers can discuss the unsafe driving with the driver to help future prevent accidents.
  • Immediate access to video footage: Rather than waiting to download video footage, drivers can access video footage directly on their mobile phones. This helps drivers avoid citations that would otherwise rely on forgetful witnesses or he-said-she-said claims. The video footage acts as a neutral witness who tells exactly what happened.
  • Integration with MyGeotab and MyGeotab Map: MyGeoTab and MyGeoMap give fleet managers and carriers GPS tracking on all trucks and operators. Trimble’s partnership with MyGeoTab keeps the fleet together and improves communication. It helps drivers track their routes and manage their schedules.
  • Improve productive driving with driver-facing cam: Trimble also offers a driver-facing camera installed on the dashboard. The driver-facing camera monitors the driver to prevent risky driving behaviors such as texting or drinking. The driver-facing camera helps combat false litigations and accusations.


  • Slow interface: Some customers report having issues with the processor’s speed. Drivers should expect to wait up to 10 minutes to access video footage. Some customers complain that the programming of the system is also unreliable.
  • Lengthy installation: Each camera, DVR, and satellite are installed separately. Although the cameras and DVR are reasonably easy to install, the ground wire connection method may be complicated for those without wiring experience. Overall, expect at least an hour for installation and pairing.
  • Pricier than other options: The Trimble dash camera system is more expensive than other options. Compared to some markets, it could be pushing the boundaries of fleet managers’ budgets. However, the camera system does include GPS navigation, which helps offset the increased cost.

User Reviews

I'd recommend it
Lavar T. Cambridge — 03/23/21

I have this cam with the 3 additional around the vehicle so I get 360 view of truck. That 360 view helped out a couple times already. The 4 channel DVR is cool. Drivers feel a lot safer out there with these babies on the vehicle.

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