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Trimble Dash Cam Review

The Trimble Dash Cam is a way for carriers to stay protected and connected. Its purpose is to serve as an unbiased witness at the scene of an accident. The 360-degree HD cameras provide video evidence of everything that happens near or around the truck, protecting the driver from false injury or accident claims.  

Who Needs the Trimble Dash Cam?

Each year, there are approximately 458,000 commercial trucking accidents, resulting in 4,657 deaths. Data suggests that having a dash cam could prevent up to 30% of accidents by encouraging drivers to be more aware of their surroundings. A dash camera can also prevent false allegations by acting as a co-pilot for the driver and offering unbiased video footage of the accident.

The Trimble Dash Cam is best for those looking for constant video protection accompanied by basic telematics that protect the driver and fleet from lawsuits and other legal prosecutions. Trimble also has GPS functions that connect fleets to the supply chain and ensure communication every step of the way.

Why Use Trimble?

After serving customers for 40 years, Trimble has expanded to more than 150 countries and has over 2,000 worldwide patents, including the Peoplenet Dash Cam, which was acquired in 2011. The company has thousands of customers worldwide connected through its fleet management systems. Its base includes 70% of the top 100 for-hire carriers and 30% of the top U.S. brokerage companies.

How Does the Trimble Dash Cam Work?

Trimble has options for light-duty vehicles and smaller fleets as well as heavy-duty vehicles and larger fleets. Smaller vehicles use a two-channel DVR that records up to 40 hours of video footage from two cameras. 

Larger trucks use a four-channel with the capacity of four cameras. Each DVR has a 32GB industrial SD card with two additional SD card slots for optional expanded storage.

How to Set Up the Trimble Dash Cam

In both of the Trimble Dash Cam options, the driver will set up the dash camera on the front windshield in the top center of the glass. Every Trimble camera is a 720p HD camera with a 12-hour sleep timer for recording videos even when the engine is off. 

In the event of an accident, drivers can retrieve past video footage on a connected smart device and present the footage to an officer at the scene within 10 minutes. The driver can install the DVR in one of three places: the kick panel, beneath the lower dash panel, or in the center console on either side of the vehicle. 

The driver will also have to install the antenna on top of the dash. Overall, the installation is straightforward and easy to follow, though some steps may present challenges to the average driver.

What Are the Benefits of DVR?

Since the dash cameras are wired to the DVR it provides constant coverage through LTE 4G cellular service. If the DC9-28v power supply to the DVR abruptly stops, the device switches to an internal backup power system to maintain constant video protection.

One of the main benefits of this is that the DVR also has telematics integration, which monitors the truck’s acceleration and deceleration. If a driver accelerates or comes to abrupt stops, the system will alert driving coaches to help the driver work on unsafe behaviors. 

By monitoring dangerous driving, your fleet can avoid up to 30% of potential driving accidents. Additionally, the driver can access footage from the cameras by pairing their DVR to their smartphone. Once paired, drivers can access footage from every camera that has been installed in their trucks without any hassle.

How Has the Trimble Dash Cam Improved?

The Trimble Dash Cam has optional accessories that drivers can opt into if they so desire. These include the Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM), the pod camera, and the back-up camera. Each of these components comes with its own unique set of benefits that can drastically improve and enhance the safety for these drivers. 

The CIM is a driver-facing camera designed to protect drivers from fatigue and distractions with the help of AI technology. It also notifies the owners of what is happening on the road.

The pod camera gives your drivers a full 360-degree view of their surroundings, including their blind spots. This can be connected to your video intelligence system as well. 

The back-up camera can show drivers what their surroundings look like from the back of the vehicle. It can also provide assistance when backing up into tight spaces. 

These add-on accessories can improve the driver’s experience as well as promote safety measures within the vehicle. 

Choose the Trimble Dash Cam Today!

The Trimble Dash Cam is a great safety solution for supply chain operators. The dash camera protects drivers and prevents false claims. It also helps you save time and money if accidents do occur. 

Moreover, the telematics of this device help managers monitor the truckers’ driving while also helping truckers practice better driving habits. Its HD video and LTE connection provide constant video coverage while making it easily accessible for both drivers and managers. Overall, Trimble offers a reliable dash camera that can be a nice complement to a fleet’s risk management.


The pricing varies, so you will need to request a quote directly from Trimble. Essentially, the cost will depend on your fleet size and how many dash cameras you want to purchase. However, Trimble responds quickly to these inquiries, helping you make the process as seamless as possible.

Pros & Cons

Benefits of Trimble Dash Cam

Trimble has made it its mission to protect truckers and encourage them to be more aware of their surroundings. Here are some of the top benefits this product can offer drivers:

  • Reduce time with police by showing immediate video footage of accident
  • Protect drivers with Trimble video intelligence 
  • Saves money on litigation and insurance costs
  • Integration system with MyGeotab and MyGeotab Map 
  • Easier to track and communicate with other drivers
  • Offers driver facing camera to monitor risky driving behaviors 
  • Monitors the drivers’ blind spots


Although there are various benefits of the Trimble Dash Cam, it does come with some drawbacks. Here are our top critiques of what this product has to offer:

  • Slower interface 
  • Slow processor’s speed
  • Lengthy installation process 
  • Self-install the camera, DVR, and satellite
  • More expensive than other dash cam options

User Reviews

I'd recommend it
Lavar T. Cambridge — 03/23/21

I have this cam with the 3 additional around the vehicle so I get 360 view of truck. That 360 view helped out a couple times already. The 4 channel DVR is cool. Drivers feel a lot safer out there with these babies on the vehicle.

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