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Trimble CoPilot GPS Review

As a professional driver, it makes sense to look for a product that was designed with you in mind. The Trimble CoPilot is that and so much more. Built for the driver, there are extensive advantages this product has to offer. While keeping the driver on track, this product can help improve efficiency and is an ideal option for drivers, fleet managers, and the list goes on. Keep your confidence high with proper navigation and support.

What Is the Trimble CoPilot & How Is it Used?

CoPilot is a commercial-grade, safety-focused navigation and routing app designed to help commercial drivers get to their destinations quickly and efficiently. With voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, thousands of commercial locations, predefined truck entry and exit gates for precise last mile guidance, and various other features, CoPilot enables drivers to do what they do best: drive.

CoPilot is rooted in the same routing engine and map data as PC*MILER, which is known as the industry standard in commercial mileage and routing. As a result of this, you can feel confident when you use CoPilot in the cab and PC*MILER in the office because your business operations will be consistent from dispatch to delivery. Plus, CoPilot comes with access to a variety of tools designed to support back office activities, such as customizable geofences for any location, the ability to avoid or favor certain routes and roads, and fleet-wide management of the app based on vehicle profiles.

Trimble CoPilot FAQ

Which product is best for you? Know the main features and differences between your options to help get where you need to be in no time. 

What Is the Difference Between CoPilot Professional and CoPilot GPS?

CoPilot GPS is an independent app that provides comprehensive navigation. 

CoPilot Professional was instead designed to integrate with other applications. When used with applications such as back office management and field service, information can be shared remotely between employee(s) and the back end seamlessly. 

Why Are There Different Versions of the CoPilot Screen?

Because Trimble’s CoPilot is so customizable, there are different versions of the screen that may be seen. This also allows for varying integrations. 

Which Trimble CoPilot Integrations Are Available?

The CoPilot SDK (Software Developer Kit) and CPIK (CoPilot Integration Kit) are both available options. 

How Should a Driver Re-Route in CoPilot?

To re-route in CoPilot, the driver will tap the “Menu” button and then “Trip”. Once the “MAP” screen is visible, you will be able to see and select from the available possible alternate routes from your current location. 

Is Trimble MAPS ID the Same as CoPilot ID?

Yes, these IDs are the same and include an email address and password that provide access to your licensed Trimble MAPS products.

Key Features of the Trimble CoPilot 

Designed with customization in mind, there is an extensive and exciting list of features for the Trimble CoPilot.

Features Include:

  • Vehicle & Load-Specific Navigation
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions with Voice Guidance
  • 2D & 3D Maps of Truck-Legal Roads
  • Customizable, Distraction-Free Interface 
  • Real-Time Traffic & Slowdown Alerts 
  • Accurate Road Signage & Speeding Alerts
  • Lane Change Guidance 
  • Entry & Exit Gates for Thousands of Locations
  • Vehicle & Driver Profiles 
  • Offline Navigation in Out-of-Coverage Areas
  • Integrated Back Office Web Tools 

How Has the Trimble CoPilot Improved?

Trimble only continues to improve on the navigation features CoPilot has to offer. With safety features like truck-legal routes and knowing where specific entrance and exit gates for commercial vehicles are, it’s easy to see why CoPilot continues to be a leading choice for fleets across the country.

Best For 

The customization and wide array of features make the CoPilot an optimal product for any commercial driver. 

  • Best for fleet managers and dispatchers
  • Best for back office integration
  • Best for driver safety

Things Change, Keep Your Routes On Track

More than 1.75 million professional drivers trust CoPilot to keep themselves and their loads safe. Plus, CoPilot enhances the customer experience and maximizes revenue through more precise ETAs, post-trip analysis, and reduced operating costs. 

A trusted navigation system isn’t a want for commercial drivers, it’s a necessity. When plans change, you shouldn’t have to scramble to find the best new route. With the best GPS system, you’ll know which roads are passable for your vehicle and you’ll keep your loads on track. 

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Pros & Cons


When safety is on your mind, the Trimble CoPilot should be as well. The safety advantages have become hard to beat and integrating options to improve performance only adds to its appeal. 

  • Increased Safety – In addition to lane change updates and slowdown alerts, CoPilot takes into account a vehicle’s size, weight, and load. This keeps vehicles on legal roads while avoiding bridge strikes, dangerous maneuvers, and unnecessary risks. 
  • Fewer Out-of-Route Miles – CoPilot helps everyone save money, time, and fuel by optimizing routes according to the vehicle’s characteristics. CoPilot also eliminates OOR miles with options for practical or shorter routes.  
  • More Precise ETAs – Optimized navigation and real-time traffic alerts help drivers avoid delays while providing better customer service with the help of dynamic ETAs and on-time deliveries.
  • Improved Driver Experience – With a customizable, distraction-free interface, visual and audio guidance options, and a variety of alerts, CoPilot is designed to help the driver focus on their work. 
  • Fleet-Wide Compliance – Managers can save multiple predefined and customized routing profiles based on a vehicle’s size or class and boost compliance through post-trip analysis of planned versus actual routes.
  • Remote Fleet Configuration – Large fleets can take advantage of FleetPortal, an integrated online tool that streamlines communication from the back office to the cab for improved driver safety and efficiency.
  • Optimized Fleet Performance – Integrate CoPilot into workflow and dispatch applications to streamline route entry, in addition to building and optimizing single or multiple destination routes up to 50 stops.


With more than a million users across the country, it’s impressive to know the drawbacks are few. 

  • While navigation errors have been reported, the continual updates keep CoPilot users on the right road. 
  • A monthly subscription fee may be a drawback to some, but the services provided far outweigh the cost. 
  • One of the most common complaints is that CoPilot does not yet integrate with CarPlay. This is likely an issue that will soon be resolved.


User Reviews

Great tech
John Chisenall — 01/04/24

Save me time getting to my destination – highly recommend using the Trimble product suite

Very happy with service
Ben Herman — 03/10/23

Been driving a rig for 10 years and Trimble has the best technology on the market

Technical Specs

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