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5 best truck fuel cards for small fleet operations

Navigating the world of fuel cards can be overwhelming, especially for small fleet operations in the trucking industry. A fuel card needs to offer cost savings while providing robust reporting capabilities and wide accessibility. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best trucker fuel cards designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small fleets. Keep reading to find the perfect match for your operation.

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Quicklook: Top 5 fuel cards for small truck fleets

  • Best for expense management: Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card
  • Best for lowering overall fuel costs: AtoB Unlimited
  • Best for customizable rewards: ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card
  • Best for maintenance and repair discounts: Comdata Fuel Cards
  • Best for national networks: WEX Fleet Fuel Cards

Best truck fuel cards for small fleets

Discovering the best truck fuel card for small fleets is crucial for maximizing savings and operational efficiency. Let’s dive into the best fuel cards for small business trucking.

Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card


The Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card is a good option for businesses that need a trucking fuel card with robust expense management features. It offers online reporting, fuel purchase controls, and driver identification. The customizable dashboard and data visualizations make it effortless to ensure that this card will streamline your accounting operations. 

Best for: Expense management

Special features

  • More than 50,000 stations nationwide
  • Maintenance management and payment program
  • Customizable dashboard and data reports
  • Real-time fraud monitoring
  • Fraud-loss coverage of up to $25,000 per year


  • Eight-cent-per-gallon diesel rebate
  • Five-cent-per-gallon unleaded rebate
  • Two points per eligible gallon
  • $100 annual loyalty bonus

Disadvantages: Coverage gaps in some states outside of the Midwest


  • $39-$99 per month for all cards in your fleet

AtoB Unlimited


With savings of up to $0.43 per gallon, AtoB fuel cards are one of the most appealing fleet fuel card options available for drivers and fleet managers. AtoB charges a simple $3 per active card per month fee and is accepted almost everywhere. With no hidden fees that other companies often tack on, this card saves you far more than it costs. Its online solution allows you to track drivers’ gas usage live and set spending limits within a fully featured dashboard. 

Best for: Lowering overall fuel costs

Special features

  • Eliminates fuel fraud
  • No out-of-network stations
  • Secure Card Unlock through the AtoB Driver App ensures cards are only used by authorized drivers
  • Optimal Station Selection helps drivers select the most affordable stations
  • No credit score is required to sign up


  • Competitive discounts on every gallon
  • Can be used for non-fuel expenses
  • Easily integrates with Quickbooks
  • Spending can be limited on a per-transaction, daily and weekly basis
  • Builds credit

Disadvantages: Short seven-day term-to-pay

Pricing: One-time account set-up fee of $25 and $3/month per active card 

ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card

ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card

The ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card is a good choice for businesses that need a fleet diesel card with a customizable rewards program. It offers a variety of rewards options, including fuel discounts, travel rewards, and merchandise discounts. The card also offers online reporting and expense management features.

Best for: Customizable rewards

Special features

  • Discounts on fuel purchases at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Detailed, real-time reports to track spending
  • Usable at 11,500+ Exxon and Mobil locations
  • Ability to set spending controls and purchase categories
  • Accessible 24/7 via a web portal


  • Reduced fuel expenses
  • Simplified expense tracking
  • Nationwide accessibility
  • PIN-based transactions for added safety
  • Customizable for business needs

Disadvantages: Accepted only at Exxon and Mobil stations

Pricing: Annual fee of $99

Comdata Fuel Cards


Comdata Fuel Cards offer discounts and rebates on fuel purchases at thousands of gas stations across the U.S. But their truck fueling cards also offer access to a network of maintenance and repair service providers. Pricing options on these fuel cards for small businesses can vary depending on the size of your fleet. With customized solutions for small fleets, their program is among the best for new businesses. 

Best for: Maintenance and repair discounts

Special features

  • Truck fuel card is accepted at more than 8,000 locations nationwide
  • Savings up to 65% on tires and retreads at over 3,000 locations
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Online account management and fast track gas station membership


  • Cash price plus additional $.25 off per gallon at TA Petro
  • $.10 off per gallon at Pilot Flying J
  • Up to $.08 off per gallon at Love’s, AMBEST, Speedway and 7-Eleven locations.


  • Subject to a $8/card per month fee after a one-time $50 account setup fee
  • Additional fees may apply for optional services, late payments, and/or credit risks


  • No transaction fee at in-network locations
  • $3 transaction fee at out-of-network locations

WEX Fleet Fuel Cards


Concerned about the possibility of the nearby gas station not being part of your fleet gas card network? It’s a valid concern for any fleet card holder, but WEX Fleet Fuel Cards effectively mitigate this risk. With an impressive 95% coverage rate, the WEX Fleet Fuel Card is widely recognized and favored among cardholders. WEX goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive spending reports and a user-friendly app that includes a station locator and convenient mobile payment options. WEX offers a range of card options catering to the specific needs of small fleet managers.

Best for: National networks

Special features

  • Mobile payments through DriverDash
  • Fuel spending reports created by ClearView
  • Employee spending controls
  • Automatic fuel expense tracking


  • 160,000+ fuel stations 
  • 45,000+ service stations
  • Helpful driver app
  • Specialized cards for various fleet sizes
  • Ease of payment


  • Unlisted fees for some services
  • Low rebates 
  • User complaints of wrongfully charged late fees 


  • No annual fee
  • Monthly card fee of $2 per card

How does a fuel card work?

A small fleet fuel card functions as a specialized payment method geared specifically towards fuel and maintenance costs for small trucking companies and owner operators. In some cases, they may also be used for additional expenses like tolls and car washes.

Unlike standard credit cards, these trucking fuel cards are accepted at designated fuel stations, often providing diesel discounts. Each time a driver uses the fuel card for truckers, the transaction details, such as the amount and type of fuel bought, are automatically logged into an online portal. 

This digital tracking is a key benefit, offering easy monitoring and robust reporting features for fleet managers. This setup allows small businesses to manage fuel expenses more effectively, making it one of the best fuel cards for small fleet operations seeking cost savings and operational efficiency.

What to look for in the best fuel cards for truckers

When evaluating fuel cards, managers of small fleets should prioritize fuel card benefits, especially fuel savings. A good small business fuel card should offer substantial diesel discount cards or programs, impacting your bottom line positively. 

Commercial truck fuel cards may also come with perks like maintenance discounts, so look out for those. Compatibility with your trucking business credit cards could also offer an additional layer of financial management.

It’s also essential to consider the card’s network reach. Top fuel cards should be widely accepted, offering nationwide accessibility for fuel cards for truck drivers. Lastly, always make a business fuel card comparison to ensure you’re getting the most favorable terms, from fees to credit requirements, before settling on the best fuel card for business.

Make your small fleet more efficient with fuel cards

With the right small fleet fuel card, you can keep your operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Be sure to look for diesel fuel card providers that understand the specific needs of your business. Doing so will enable you to maximize the benefits offered by the best fuel cards for small trucking companies.


Are fuel cards worth it?

Fuel cards can be worth it for simplifying expense tracking and potentially offering diesel discounts. They provide real-time monitoring and can help manage budgets effectively.

What are the risks of fuel cards?

Fuel cards come with risks like potential fees and misuse by drivers. Lack of proper controls can lead to unauthorized purchases that increase operational costs.

Do fuel cards build credit?

Some fuel cards do report to credit agencies, helping to build your business credit. Always check the issuer’s policies to confirm whether your card will contribute to your credit profile.

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