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What are the best fuel finder apps?

Saving a few dollars per week just on gas can quickly add up very quickly. But thanks to fuel finder apps, truckers and consumers can locate cheap gas! 

Some of these apps track your gas expenses, mileage, and other data points to offer insight into how you can save more money at the pump. Consumers and truckers have also used these apps to save on gas bills. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best fuel finder apps out there. The six fuel finder apps featured down below can assist you on your search for less expensive gas. 

Quicklook: Best Fuel Finder Apps

  • Best For Navigation: Waze
  • Best For Gas Price History: Gas Guru
  • Best For Road Trips: AAA TripTik Planner
  • Best For GEICO Customers: GEICO Mobile
  • Best For Cashback: Gas Buddy
  • Best For GPS Voice Assistance: MapQuest

6 Best Fuel Finder Apps Options

Drivers have many choices for fuel finder apps. These six apps are among the most useful.


Waze is more than just a crowdsourcing app. While it does help you avoid traffic and hazards on the road, Waze also lets you filter gas stations by brand and price. You can find the most affordable gas stations in your area and the most efficient route on the road… All with the same app! 

Best For: Navigation

Special Features:

  • Filter gas stations by price and brand 
  • Reveals how many minutes you are from the gas station 
  • Waze-only deals 



  • Poor map layout that gets overwhelming
  • Could be distracting due to many pings and notifications 
  • Might drain your device’s battery quickly 

Pricing: Free

Gas Guru

gas guru

Gas Guru reveals real-time gas prices, preventing surprises at the pump. Gas guru also shows what the gas station charged yesterday. Comparing yesterday’s price to today’s price gives you a sense of the station’s price direction. Gas Guru compiles this data so you can determine if the station is likely to raise prices or keep them steady.

Best For: Gas Price History

Special Features:

  • Find gas stations with specific features, such as 24/7 service 
  • You don’t have to create an account on the app 
  • View companies located near the gas station of your choice 


  • Compare gas station prices on any commute or road trip 
  • Save your favorite gas stations and locations for easy reference  
  • Ability to check yesterday’s gas prices compared to today’s 


  • Potential for inaccurate pricing 
  • Infrequent price updates 
  • Can only filter gas stations by gas type 

Pricing: Free

AAA TripTik Planner

AAA TripTik Planner

AAA has TripTik Planner as one of its app’s features. TripTik Planner lets you plan a road trip with up to 20 stops. You can map out gas stations along the route and compare prices to find the best deal.

Best For: Road Trips

Special Features:

  • Over 85,000 gas stations on the app
  • Updated gas prices 
  • Book hotels and car rentals 


  • Maps out the most efficient route for traveling and getting gas 
  • Find AAA approved businesses on the route  
  • Discounts for AAA members 


  • Some member exclusive perks 
  • AAA membership fees vary  

Pricing: Free with AAA member benefits 

GEICO Mobile

GEICO has provided insurance policies for over 75 years. The company also has a mobile app that can help you locate affordable gas options. 

Best For: GEICO Customers

Special Features:

  • Real-time gas price updates
  • See how far gas stations are from your current location 
  • Mark Your Car feature prevents you from losing your vehicle


  • Online website for finding gas prices if you do not want to use the app 
  • Find nearby local restaurants and other businesses  
  • Additional perks for GEICO customers 


  • Some people have difficulty reaching a representative  
  • Potential for roadside assistance to adversely affect your insurance premiums 

Pricing: Free

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy has been providing drivers with gas savings since 2000. After you provide a ZIP code, Gas Buddy will populate your mobile screen with several nearby gas stations. Its crowdsourced data on gas prices isn’t the most accurate, but it’s a popular app due to its longevity. 

Best For: Cashback 

Special Features:

  • Trip cost calculator
  • Tracks how much fuel you use
  • Natural disaster updates that reflect gas station closures


  • Find local gas stations and crowdsourced prices
  • Gas Buddy debit card saves up to $0.25 per gallon 
  • Premium membership guarantees $0.20 per gallon 
  • Savings on up to 50 gallons per month 


  • Crowdsourced gas prices aren’t always correct 
  • Only available for Android users 
  • Privacy concerns since Gas Buddy sells user information to advertisers 


  • Free version
  • Premium membership for $9.99 per month 



MapQuest helps you navigate commutes and find affordable gas stations. MapQuest has filtering features that let you find gas stations based on their fuel grade and location.  

Best For: GPS Voice Assistance

Special Features:

  • Create and save routes 
  • GPS navigation with voice assistance 
  • Real-time traffic updates 


  • View local weather from the app 
  • Save addresses  
  • Automatic updates on gas prices 


  • Limited database compared to other options
  • Some glitches for walk directions 
  • Does not include public transit directions

Pricing: Free

What Is a Fuel Finder App?

A fuel finder app helps drivers locate gas stations and see gas prices. These apps help you save on gas. Users can filter gas stations based on location, fuel type, price, and various other factors. Saving a few dollars at the pump each week can quickly add up, so using a fuel finder app on a consistent basis is key.

How Does a Fuel Finder App Work?

Once you enter a zip code into a fuel finder app, the interface populates with nearby gas stations and price points. Some fuel finder apps let you find gas stations along a route. You can use this feature for road trips to find gas stations in areas you don’t know as well.

What to Consider With Fuel Finder Apps

Saving money on gas has become more important with rising gas prices and interest rates. Fuel finder apps can help, but you will have to decide which app is right for you. Consider these factors when browsing fuel finder apps. 

Supported Device

While most fuel finder apps work on any device, some work better on iOS than Android and vice-versa. Some fuel finder apps may not work on your device.

Cost of App

Most fuel finder apps are free and offer great features. Some apps have membership fees and offer member exclusive discounts. You should be careful about paying for a fuel finder app. Most free apps offer sufficient features.

Discounts Offered

Some apps provide cashback on gas and perks for members. GEICO and AAA have fuel finder apps that offer exclusive discounts and perks to their members. 

If you’re not a member, you can still use the apps, but you won’t get the discounts. Some fuel finder apps provide discounts for all of their users.

Additional Features

Most fuel finder apps offer the same basic features. You can locate gas stations in your area and save money. 

Any additional features can position a fuel finder app more favorably than the competition. Drivers can find apps that let them track gas mileage, costs at the pump, and other insights.

Fuel Types Offered

Regular gas prices may not accurately reflect your total bill. Some drivers use diesel and other fuels, which will impact gas expenses. Some apps filter gas stations based on fuel types and let you see real-time prices for each type of fuel instead of only regular gas.

Save At The Pump With A Fuel Finder App

As gas prices continue to rise, drivers are looking for even more ways to save. That’s why fuel finder apps are such a helpful tool for all drivers. 

Fuel finder apps help you locate cheaper gas stations and more efficient routes to reach your destinations. Fuel finder apps have been around for decades, but they have become more important as more people grapple with current gas prices.  


Is GasBuddy Legitimate?

GasBuddy helps you save at the pump. However, the app is free because they sell user data to advertisers.

Is the GetUpside App Worth It?

GetUpside offers several features that can help you save on gas. You should compare its features with other fuel finder apps and assess your needs before deciding.

What App Tells You Where the Cheapest Gas Is?

Fuel finder apps inform you on where to find the cheapest gas.

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