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5 best fleet maintenance management solutions

Efficient fleet management and maintenance is vital for productive, safe, and sustainable commercial trucking operations that keep supply chains running. Fleet software connects vehicle data to enable smarter maintenance schedules and faster problem fixing.

By detecting patterns and predicting optimal replacement windows, data-driven fleet maintenance solutions minimize downtime and maximize asset lifespan — delivering significant time and cost savings. Learn about the best ones below.

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Quicklook: Best fleet maintenance management solutions

  • Best for diesel diagnostics: Diesel Laptops
  • Best for real time telematics: Trimble
  • Best for streamlined capabilities and consolidation: Motive
  • Best for data and analytics: Samsara
  • Best for small fleets: Geotab

Best fleet maintenance management software

If you’re wondering what the best truck maintenance software is, you can’t go wrong with any of the five truck fleet maintenance companies on this list.

Diesel Laptops

Diesel Laptops fleet maintenance management

With over a decade specializing in commercial vehicle diagnostic solutions, Diesel Laptops offers an extensive catalog of scanner devices and repair software tailored specifically to heavy-duty truck brands relying on diesel engines.

By focusing explicitly on serving owner-operators and repair shops troubleshooting issues with semi trucks, Diesel Laptops provides a time-tested, premium suite of tools for every aspect of maintenance on diesel trucks.

Diesel Laptops’ commitment to understanding the needs of technicians working with diesel engines at a granular level allows them to deliver technical innovations and capabilities other more general automotive tool providers may lack.

Best for: Diesel diagnostics


  • Comes with Panasonic CF-31 laptop and Nexiq USB Link 3 
  • Preloaded with all necessary diagnostic software
  • JPRO scanning across all major tier 1 commercial truck modules
  • Access to individual component information, like manufacturer, serial number, and part number
  • Emissions delete detection functionality
  • Comprehensive built-in reporting
  • Guaranteed Diesel Laptops financing


  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Specialized truck focus
  • Minimizes downtime

Disadvantages: Focuses solely on vehicle diagnostics

Price: $2895



Trimble has invested heavily in connected vehicle services and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems, acquiring companies across areas like field services, mapping, and telematics to provide an integrated platform for transportation and logistics.

Leveraging this broad data foundation, Trimble focuses on actionable intelligence — using advanced analytics and AI to give users data-driven insights that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

With the range of their platform and emphasis on intelligent end-to-end solutions for the future, Trimble stands as an innovative leader in the fleet technology space through 2024.

Best for: Real time telematics



  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Reduce driver error with live tracking and feedback
  • IFTA fuel tax data
  • Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)
  • Fuel use reporting and analysis
  • Engine status reports 


  • Learning curve required to enjoy full benefits 
  • Slow load times reported

Pricing: Schedule a demo to learn more 


Motive fleet maintenance management

With its cloud platform emphasizing ease-of-use and rapid time-to-value, Motive allows fleets to consolidate basic yet critical fleet maintenance capabilities without need for custom integrations.

By packaging and pricing its solution for essential capabilities like simplified maintenance scheduling, DVIR tracking, and custom reporting, Motive can allow for consolidation onto a consistent platform tailored to any fleet’s needs.

Best for: Streamlined capabilities and consolidation


  • AI-assisted, real-time safety warnings for drivers
  • Automated driver coaching
  • Virtual geofenced parameters aid in vehicle and cargo theft recovery
  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking and location history records prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Dashboard view for fleet tracking


  • Improved safety compliance across entire fleet of trucks
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Safer roads
  • Decreased coaching time for safety managers
  • Improved fleet trucking risk management

Disadvantages: Issues with freezing apps or getting stuck in drive mode

Pricing: Free trial; contact Motive for details


Samsara fleet maintenance management

Samsara consolidates real-time data streams from more than 100 sensor types across vehicles, equipment, and other connected operations onto an intelligent IoT platform.

With cloud-based data warehousing and customized dashboards combined with AI-driven insights, alerts, and recommendations, Samsara provides actionable visibility that reduces costs and downtime.

Having analytics and continuous learning as the foundation of their offering enables Samsara to unlock impactful business improvements for fleets applying their connected data to optimize maintenance.

Best for: Data and analytics


  • Maintenance tracking for fleet trucks
  • Route planning
  • Fuel management
  • Delivery scheduling and management
  • Trailer tracking
  • Dash cams
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics
  • Compliance


  • Excellent value
  • Strong functionality
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages: Some fleet managers report bugs, but customer service is responsive

Pricing: Complete a company questionnaire and schedule a demo to learn more



While scalable for large enterprises, Geotab also allows smaller fleets with limited IT resources affordable plans and simplified customization options to gain basic vehicle intelligence and reporting capabilities they need.

With the Geotab marketplace integrating hardware and software partners on an open platform, small fleets can choose Geotab as a foundation while tailoring over time with integrated third-party applications right for their specific growth and specialization.

Best for: Small fleets


  • Vehicle tracking and telematics data
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Custom analytics and reporting


  • Improve asset uptime
  • Optimize fleet costs
  • Enhanced compliance


  • More complex than basic GPS tracking
  • Upfront device investment
  • Abundant data requires digestion


  • Flexible subscription model
  • Cost per vehicle basis
  • Volume discounts available

Why do I need truck preventative maintenance?

Truck fleet maintenance is critically important for several reasons.

Routine preventative maintenance helps avoid costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime that disrupt delivery schedules and revenue. Well maintained trucks have higher resale value as assets as well.

Properly repaired vehicles are also safer—for both drivers on the road and the vehicles or cargo being transported. Faulty parts can lead to catastrophic failures. Additionally, compliance with regulations around vehicle condition, emissions and logging hours depends on proper maintenance. Fleets can face steep fines otherwise.

Lastly, there are environmental implications. Modernized fleets with updated engines tend to be more fuel efficient and have lower emissions. Given the number of trucks on roads and dependence on trucking for commerce, their cumulative impact is substantial.

Careful truck maintenance optimizes performance and lifespan. Effective programs are vital as trucks drive global commerce, therefore dependable fleets are essential for business operations, safety, regulations and environment.

What maintenance does a diesel truck need?

This semi-truck maintenance checklist covers some basic daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks to ensure optimal truck performance, safety, and reliability. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines for further component-specific inspections and service intervals.


  • Check engine oil and fluid levels
  • Inspect tires and pressure
  • Test brake functioning
  • Check lights and reflectors


  • Inspect battery connections
  • Review diagnostic trouble codes
  • Check windshield wiper condition


  • Check air filter
  • Inspect steering and suspension
  • Examine brake linings/drums


  • Change engine oil and filters
  • Check fuel system and tanks
  • Inspect driveline and couplings
  • Test alternator and starter
  • Complete safety inspection

How much is maintenance on a semi truck?

Total maintenance costs for a heavy semi truck average around $0.15-0.20 per mile, which can translate to $15,000-20,000 or more annually depending on mileage. This factors together preventative maintenance like oil changes, inspections and scheduled component replacements plus unplanned repairs that may arise.

However, a vigilant maintenance program that maximizes uptime and asset lifespan helps optimize total cost of ownership over the vehicle lifetime.

Invest in a fleet maintenance management solution

Find the fleet maintenance management solution that fits your needs. With options suited to organizations of every size and budget, leverage data and analytics will provide actionable insights to reduce costs, enhance safety, improve sustainability, and keep your vehicles reliably delivering for your bottom line.


What is fleet maintenance management?

Fleet maintenance management is the oversight of regular upkeep, inspections, and servicing across vehicles in a fleet to ensure they remain compliant, efficient, safe and reliable. Software platforms aid this by tracking issues, optimizing schedules, and analyzing telematics data.

What is the difference between fleet management and fleet maintenance?

Fleet management is the holistic administration of vehicles, drivers, routes and transportation workflows, while fleet maintenance focuses specifically on vehicle upkeep, repairs and compliance with regulations.

What is the life expectancy of a fleet vehicle?

The average lifespan of a commercial truck fleet vehicle ranges between 7-10 years before trade-in or decommission, assuming a standardized maintenance program and operating conditions without excessive wear and tear or accidents.

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