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Best equipment rental software of 2024

Navigating through the vast sea of equipment rental software options can be daunting for businesses. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best equipment rental software for 2024, ensuring your business is equipped with the right tools to thrive.

Quicklook: Best equipment rental management software

  • Best overall: Quipli 
  • Best for mega-enterprises: RentalMan by Wynne Software
  • Best for budget-friendliness: Booqable
  • Best for small operations: EZRentOut
  • Best for event rentals: GoodShuffle Pro

Top rental equipment management software for 2024

1. Quipli: Innovative, robust, and easiest-to-use


Quipli stands out as the epitome of modern equipment rental software. Launched in 2020, it’s tailored specifically for heavy equipment and general tool rental companies with one or more physical locations. Quipli is cloud-based, featuring a user-friendly, well-designed interface that makes rental management a breeze. It’s built on modern code, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for both the business and its customers.

Core functionality includes inventory management, e-commerce storefront set up, a service and repair module, payments (both in-store terminals and online), QuickBooks Online integration, billing and invoicing, and even SEO and online marketing as a service. The aim is to be the primary software and partner that equipment rental companies turn to and grow with. 

Quipli boasts a perfect 5.0 score from Capterra, which makes it the only leading equipment rental software company to achieve that. Commonly in those reviews, specific employee names are mentioned, which further showcases its focus on building deep customer relationships, understanding the nuances of each rental customer’s business, and delivering a personalized approach to support. 

Reflecting its innovative solution and rapid growth, it recently won BuiltWorlds’ Tools & Equipment 50 Award and Rental 2023 Editor’s Choice Award, highlighting its industry-achievements and a direct result of its customer-centric approach to building the company.

  • Best for: Established businesses in the heavy construction equipment and general tool rental sectors, with at least one lot or storefront. Quipli increasingly serves rental customers with multiple locations
  • Not best for: Event and party rental companies, equipment rental startups, or hobbyists on barebones budgets 
  • Why choose Quipli: It’s the easiest-to-use option, with a clean and intuitive design. Comprehensive features cater to all your rental management needs

2. RentalMan by Wynne Software: The mega-enterprise choice


If you’re a large player in the market with over 50 locations, RentalMan is your go-to. Its stability and longevity in the market, serving giants like Herc and Sunbelt, make it a robust choice for those needing an equipment rental ERP solution. However, its on-premise deployment, higher cost bracket, and intensive onboarding and training requirements might not suit everyone.

  • Best for: The top 100 rental companies with massive rental operations.
  • Consideration: High cost and less innovation, but known for stability.

3. Booqable: Budget-friendly for startups and small rentals


Booqable is an affordable, minimalist system best suited for small and alternative rental shops. Its ease of use and e-commerce integration make it an excellent option for startups and part-time rentals.

  • Best for: Small rental businesses, hobbyists, and startups.
  • Why choose Booqable: It’s budget-friendly with essential features to get you started.

4. EZRentOut: A comprehensive option for smaller operations

With a 4.6 Capterra rating, EZRentOut offers a detailed tracking and management system for your equipment rental needs. It’s ideal for businesses looking for a blend of functionality and affordability, though may lack the ease-of-use in Quipli or Booqable.

  • Best for: Rental businesses needing detailed tracking but on a modest budget.
  • Customer feedback: Positive for its ease of use, but some report glitchiness and a desire for more features.

5. GoodShuffle Pro: Tailored for event rentals

goodshuffle pro

Specifically designed for event rentals, GoodShuffle Pro excels in this niche. It offers features that cater to the unique needs of event rental businesses, providing a streamlined experience from inventory management to customer interactions.

  • Best for: Event rental companies looking for specialized software.

Customer feedback summary on equipment rental software

Quipli (Capterra rating: 5.0)

Quipli leads the pack with its modern, comprehensive, and user-friendly approach to equipment rental software. Here’s what customers are saying, all drawn from actual customer reviews:

  • “We ran trials with multiple software vendors side-by-side for several months, and there was no comparison to Quipli’s pace of development and customer support. Quipli listens to our needs regularly and shows an excitement to develop requested features. The crew at Quipli has made Arapahoe Rental feel like a partnership and not just another customer.” Evan M.
  • “Top notch people. Their customer service is hands down the best. Software is easy to use, and user friendly. Easy to navigate and make adjustments to fit your business. They are constantly adding new features and best of all – they listen to customer feedback for what they do next.” – Brandon G.
  • “The system pretty much flawlessly allows us to run our business completely contactless. Everything is super straightforward & provides us everything we need.” – Molly H.
  • “This product not only provides us with a software that houses all our products online for easier management of all our products but it also provides a website that is connected into the same software.” – Brittany C. 

RentalMan by Wynne Software (Capterra rating: 4.2)

RentalMan is known for its robustness and long history in serving large market players.

  • Positive: “Easy to pick up if you are familiar with AS400. There are more advanced GUI versions of RentalMan too but we get the most out of RolePlay.” – Paul G.
  • Negative: “The first year it takes time to figure out how you want to set up your users.” -Victor M.

Booqable (Capterra rating: 4.8)

Booqable is favored by small businesses for its affordability and simplicity.

  • Positive: “Ease of use, setup and management. Low cost and functionality.” -Gabriel M.
  • Negative: “In 8 months using Booqable I got some software bugs. It’s annoying, but I understand no software has a perfect code.” -Mario Vicente B.
  • Negative: “Initially it looked good, but set up proved to be a nightmare.” -Christine C.

EZRentOut (Capterra rating: 4.6)

EZRentOut is appreciated for its detailed tracking and comprehensive management features.

  • Positive: “It’s useful for what we need it for and gets the job done. There’s no limit on uploading documents and images, and it’s nice to be able to customize the emails that go out automatically.” -Jessica B. 
  • Negative: “The mobile version is terrible and the new design was glitchy for a while.” -Travis L.

GoodShuffle Pro (Capterra rating: 4.7)

  • Positive: “Best for event rental, intuitive and comprehensive.” 
  • Negative: “Needs more customization options for unique event needs.” – General feedback from users

These actual customer quotes provide a glimpse into the real-world experiences of users, showcasing the strengths and areas for improvement of each software provider.

Don’t let the wrong software hold you back

Choosing the right equipment rental software is crucial for streamlining operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving growth. Each of these options has its strengths, tailored to different types of rental businesses. 

Quipli leads the pack in 2024 with its modern approach, making it the top recommendation for equipment rental companies looking for a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution.


What is equipment rental software?

Equipment rental software is a digital solution designed to help businesses manage their rental operations efficiently. It automates tasks such as inventory management, reservations, scheduling, payment processing, and customer communications, providing a streamlined process for both the company and its customers.

Why is cloud-based equipment rental software considered advantageous?

Cloud-based equipment rental software offers several advantages, including remote access to data from any location, enhanced security features, automatic updates and backups, scalability to grow with your business, and reduced costs associated with not needing on-premise hardware.

Can equipment rental software integrate with other business systems?

Yes, most modern equipment rental software can integrate with a variety of other business systems, including accounting software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, payment gateways, and more. This integration capability ensures a seamless flow of data across different areas of your business, improving efficiency and reducing manual data entry errors.

How does equipment rental software improve customer experience?

Equipment rental software improves customer experience by providing an easy-to-use online booking system, transparent pricing and availability, digital contracts and signatures, and efficient order processing. These features ensure a convenient and hassle-free rental process, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What should I look for when choosing equipment rental software?

When choosing equipment rental software, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities, mobile accessibility, customer support services, security features, and pricing structure. It’s also important to select software that specifically caters to the needs of your industry and business size.

Can equipment rental software handle maintenance and repair schedules?

Yes, many equipment rental software solutions include features for tracking maintenance and repair schedules of the rental equipment. This helps ensure that all items are in optimal condition and available for rent, reducing downtime and maintaining high service quality.

How does equipment rental software handle cancellations and refunds?

Equipment rental software typically includes flexible policies for cancellations and refunds, allowing businesses to set their terms and conditions. The software can automate the cancellation process, calculate any applicable fees, and process refunds, ensuring a consistent approach to managing cancellations.

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