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Best Enclosed Car Trailers

Enclosed car trailers offer the greatest protection for vehicles when it comes to avoiding chips, scratches or other damage caused by transportation-related reasons. Still, they are exceedingly diverse because you can use these trailers to move anything that fits inside. 

Like any freight hauling material, these trailers also have varying degrees of quality in terms of protecting the goods inside. Take a look at the following list of the best car enclosed trailer options to help you protect your valuables when they are in transit.

Quicklook: Best Enclosed Car Trailers

  • Best For Transporting Low-Profile Vehicles: JIMGLO
  • Best For Wider Enclosed Auto Hauler: Homesteader
  • Best For Affordable Auto Hauler: Interstate
  • Best For Protection From Moisture: Sure-Trac
  • Best For Hauling Up To Three Enclosed Cars: Sundowner
  • Best For Race Car Transportation: U.S. Cargo

6 Best Enclosed Car Trailers Options

Car haulers come with many options designed to meet an array of various needs. For instance, if you’re transporting a show car, you might want to consider opting for a temperature-controlled option. 

Alternatively, if you want to travel in style, consider the exterior finish of the car hauler instead. That said, regardless of your interests, here’s a look at the best enclosed trailers for hauling vehicles. 


These trailers are incredibly user-friendly. More specifically, they are designed for show cars, and car enthusiasts tend to appreciate the small details that this trailer offers. The trailer both protects your vehicles and allows you to travel in style.

Best For: Transporting Low-Profile Vehicles

Special Features:

  • Nearly half of the trailer opens
  • Exclusively recommended by Ford
  • Easy to transport your vehicle and then take it out
  • Uses space-age technology from NASA


  • Exterior has no seams, joints or rivets
  • Dent- and hail-resistant exterior
  • Insulating properties to protect your vehicle
  • Ability to tow the trailer with a pick-up or SUV
  • Easy-to-use tie downs  
  • Many optional additions


  • Staffing issues due to using correctional facility rehabilitation labor
  • Occasional shipment delays 
  • Spotty communication with the company at times 

Pricing: Starting at $15,495


Homesteader-branded enclosed cargo trailers offer many great features and add-ons. However, as far as car hauling goes, they aren’t especially fancy. One of the best features is that the trailer is 102 inches wide, which is fairly spacious when it comes to enclosed trailers. You can also choose from a variety of packages to meet your needs, including cabinets for storage.

Best For: Wider Enclosed Auto Hauler

Special Features:

  • Several standard package options to choose from
  • Sold at many approved dealers
  • Convenient to find and purchase
  • Standard options to make the trailer more affordable
  • 5,000-pound tongue jack
  • Side door and window options for improved usability 


  • Ability to add air conditioner for temperature-controlled space 
  • Fully aluminum trim from floor to ceiling
  • Comes standard with two interior lights
  • Rear ramp door with spring cable 
  • Smooth hauling experience


  • Not specifically an auto trailer
  • Doesn’t have certain standard features that other auto haulers offer 
  • Reports of dealing with rust as trailer ages 
  • Thin and weak factory-installed tie-downs 

Pricing: $14,199


Interstate offers a car hauler with many options and features that aim to meet your needs. You can choose between a 20-foot or 24-foot trailer as well as axles that are prepared to haul 3,500 pounds or 5,200 pounds, respectively. While the trailers don’t have as many features as some other models, these trailers are relatively affordable.

Best For: Affordable Auto Hauler

Special Features

  • 20- or 24-foot models
  • Option for hauling 3,500 pounds or 5,200 pounds
  • Six standard color options to choose from 


  • Side door for easy loading process
  • Strong roof due to one-piece aluminum or galvanized steel design 
  • Durable vents, doors and windows  


  • Reports of customer service issues
  • Fewer options compared to other trailers

Pricing: Starting at $10,000


Sure-Trac is a leading manufacturer of trailers, and it’s easy to see why. The durable trailers offer many customization options, allowing buyers to get the trailer they want with the quality they need. For instance, the vapor barrier prevents moisture penetration and electrolysis. 

Best For: Protection From Moisture 

Special Features:

  • Tube frame and tongue
  • Aluminum door holder
  • Equipped with a 4,100-pound heavy-duty rear ramp door
  • Aluminum fenders for an attractive, durable design


  • Vapor barrier for protection from moisture 
  • Electrical options
  • Payload capacities up to 9,670 pounds  


  • Rust issues reported over time 
  • Unsteady to drive when not loaded 
  • Can start to get squeaky after many miles 
  • Limited post-sale customer support 

Pricing: Starts at $9,850


Sundowner offers an outstanding three-car enclosed trailer. You can transport multiple vehicles and even plenty of other gear all at once when using this car hauler. If you’re moving exotic vehicles for dealers or a major car enthusiast, this trailer is perfect for you. Just know that since this is such a large trailer, there is a learning curve to tackle before driving.

Best For: Hauling Up To Three Enclosed Cars 

Special Features:

  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Two baggage doors 
  • Three-foot ramp door flap for ease of loading a car hauler 
  • LED-recessed marker lights


  • Safely haul up to three cars at once 
  • Comes with an eight-year structural warranty  
  • 8,000-pound axle capacity 
  • 25,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating


  • Not as eco-friendly to haul if you have fewer than three vehicles 
  • Requires larger towing capacity vehicle
  • More challenging to drive for the average car enthusiast 
  • More expensive compared to single-car carriers

Pricing: $57,999

U.S. Cargo

U.S. Cargo offers the Phantom Deluxe Racing Trailer, which you can use for everything from moving classic cars to transporting race vehicles. With a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 16,000 pounds, you can also haul all of the gear you need, no matter the type of trip. 

Best For: Race Car Transportation

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty ramp door
  • LED clearance lights and tail lights
  • Two interior LED dome lights 


  • Blackout package available for modern, stylish appearance 
  • Contractor package with all standard requirements  
  • Water-resistant engineered flooring 


  • Reports of electrical issues 
  • Unreliable screws without careful maintenance

Pricing: Starts at $14,399

What Is an Enclosed Car Trailer?

An enclosed car trailer offers a way to transport vehicles safely without subjecting them to any of the natural elements. They also allow you to keep vehicles hidden and private so that no one knows what you are hauling along the way.

Car trailers feature everything you need to transport vehicles, such as tie-downs and a side door to get out of the trailer once you’ve situated the vehicle inside of the trailer. As is true about all types of transportation tools, different manufacturers offer different quality levels and features. 

Depending on how you’ll be using the trailer, you might want to look into different styles and manufacturers.

What To Consider With Enclosed Car Trailers

As you search for the best enclosed trailer for transporting vehicles, keep these details in mind. 

Trailer Weight

Depending on how heavy the trailer and the contents within it are, you might need to secure a larger vehicle in order to transport the goods. Review your vehicle’s payload capacity and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) to make sure it can haul the vehicle or vehicles you need to transport. 

Steel vs Aluminum

The main reason you’ll care about steel vs aluminum is the price difference. Aluminum trailers cost more than steel trailers because they will be more rust-resistant, which means they will last longer. 

Steel trailers are still of high quality and they are also durable, but they might not last as long as an aluminum trailer. Aluminum is also lighter than steel, which can make it more attractive for the sake of hauling smaller vehicles as opposed to larger ones. 

Trailer Size

Trailer size will dictate the size of the vehicles that you can transport as well as the amount of additional goods you can haul along with the vehicles. The smallest vehicle trailer is eight feet by 16 feet. 

With this much space, you won’t have any trouble hauling a single vehicle, but you won’t be able to fit much else. You can also get trailers as large as eight-and-a-half feet by 24 feet, which will provide you with more spare room for other materials. 

Open vs Closed Trailer

Your first step in deciding which trailer will be best for you is to think about whether you want an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Enclosed car trailers offer complete coverage from natural elements but they also provide a place where you can store your vehicle at all times. 

For instance, you can prevent vehicle theft or damage using a closed trailer. A deciding factor in whether you need an open trailer or a closed trailer is the distance that you’ll be traveling with the vehicles. The farther you plan to travel, the more seriously you should consider a closed trailer.

Additional Features

As you evaluate your freight hauling equipment and needs, here are some additional features that can make using your trailer more pleasant to use. For example, extra height provides more headroom, especially if you’re a tall person. 

A finished interior can allow you to live out of the trailer during car shows or long-distance trips. It can also just make the trailer nicer to use.

Adding air conditioning can protect the goods you’re transporting and also make your life more comfortable if you plan to live out of the trailer during the transportation process. You can also get an open center car trailer so that you can work under your car without taking it out of the trailer or putting it up on a lift. 

A get-out door is practically essential. That way, once you load the vehicle, you can get out of your trailer with ease. You can also add an observation deck on top of the trailer, which will allow you to watch your car on a race track or other location.

Enclosed Trailers Offer Vehicle Protection During Transport 

Ultimately, enclosed vehicle trailers offer the greatest protection for vehicles being transported. That said, they also provide many incredible conveniences that you won’t find with open trailers, such as the ability to make them air-conditioned and add storage cabinets. Review the list above to find the best enclosed trailer when looking to meet your vehicle-hauling needs.


What Size Enclosed Trailer Do You Need for a Car?

At a minimum, you’ll need an eight-inch by 16-inch enclosed trailer to haul a car. That said, you can opt for even larger trailers that can accommodate additional gear.

Who Makes the Best Enclosed Car Trailer?

The best enclosed car trailer will vary based on your purpose behind hauling a vehicle. Some top names in enclosed car trailers include JIMGLO, Homesteader, Interstate, Sure-Trac, Sundowner and U.S. Cargo.

Is an Enclosed Trailer Worth It?

If you plan to drive the trailer for several years, an enclosed trailer is likely worth it considering because enclosed trailers are more aerodynamic, secure and protective.

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