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Best AI Dash Cams

The most important tool in the safety of your fleet outside of well-maintained vehicles and professionally trained drivers is proof that they’re not at fault if something goes wrong, because we all know accidents do happen. 

In this article, you can learn more about the five best AI-powered dash cams available on the market today. Ranging from feature-rich to safety-first, these AI dash cams will work for fleets of any size.

Quicklook: Best AI Dash Cams

6 Best AI Dash Cam Options

Check out these six AI-powered dash cams on the market today. 

Motive AI Dashcam

Motive Smart Dashcam

The Motive Smart Dashcam captures HD quality video at all times. Though the quality of the rear-facing camera (1080p) is not as robust as the front-facing camera (1440p), that is not unusual. Both cameras still offer excellent clarity, all at an HD level. The cloud-based storage of the Motive Smart Dashcam ensures that you never have to worry about losing footage. 

Best For: Performance 

  • Safety management 
  • Easy installation 
  • Road-facing cameras
  • Driver-facing cameras 
  • Real-time alerts 
  • Driver coaching 
  • Trusted name and reputation 

Mobile App: iOS & Android

Video Quality:  

  • Road-facing: 2560×1440 or 1440p
  • Driver-facing: 1920×1080 or 1080p

Integrated GPS:  Yes

Screen Size: N/A

Viewing Angle: N/A

Special Features:

  • In-Cab Alerts
  • Quick Capture
  • Video Recall
  • Live Stream
  • Privacy Mode


  • Customizable reports and data
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Annotations to videos with relevant tags
  • Reduces accidents by detecting unsafe driver behaviors 
  • GPS tracking every minute 
  • Can analyze videos remotely within seconds 
  • HD video evidence 
  • DRIVE feature to improve coaching and driver retention
  • Available with Android and iOS 


  • No pricing on website 
  • Ability to managers to watch drivers at all times 
  • Requires passenger permission to use driver-facing camera 

Pricing: Varies depending on fleet size and needs

  • Subscriptions:
    • Motive Fleet Management: $30 per month
    • Monthly Camera Subscription: $40 per month
    • Road-Facing Camera: $300
    • Dual-Facing Camera:$400

All fees must be paid upfront, so If you want to learn more about pricing for your specific needs.

Azuga AI SafetyCam

Best For: Behavior Monitoring


With its advanced AI capabilities, including facial recognition and distracted driving detection, the Azuga AI SafetyCam provides real-time alerts and coaching opportunities to drivers, ensuring they maintain safe and responsible driving habits. The dash cam’s intelligent features accurately analyze driver behavior, allowing fleet managers to gain valuable insights and take proactive measures to improve safety. By

capturing crucial video evidence and providing actionable feedback, the Azuga AI SafetyCam proves to be an indispensable tool for monitoring and enhancing driver behavior, ultimately promoting a culture of safety within your fleet.

Mobile App: Yes

Video Quality: 

Integrated GPS: Yes

Special Features

  • Utilizes AI to detect distracted driving and flag events automatically for review
  • Loop recording that continuously records and overwrites old footage to ensure continuous coverage


  • High-definition (HD) video recording
  • Wide-angle lens for a broad field of view.
  • Dual facing
  • Customizable dashboards for fleet managers to target specific driving behaviors 


  • Pricing information on their website redirects to an error page. Quotes are only available via customer service.

PricingRequest a quote

Samsara CM32

The CM32 is a high-definition, Internet-connected dash camera designed to prevent accidents, protect drivers and lower fleet costs. Dual-facing cameras simultaneously capture driver-facing and front-facing video. They automatically upload and analyze the footage of accidents, harsh driving and other events of interest as well. 

Best For: Dual-Facing Dash Cams 

Mobile App: N/A

Video Quality: 

  • Front-facing: 1080p 
  • Rear-facing: 720p  

Integrated GPS:  N/A

Screen Size: N/A

Viewing Angle: 

  • Front-facing: 121° 
  • Rear-facing: 177°  

Special Features

  • HD video playback  
  • Safety incident reports, including accident reconstruction
  • Driver safety rankings with scorecards
  • On-demand retrieval 
  • Configurable audio coaching 


  • Recordings of the road and the driver
  • High-resolution footage
  • No need for memory cards or DVR
  • Audio coaching to correct driver behavior


  • Higher cost than other front-facing camera systems
  • No real-time footage 
  • May make drivers uncomfortable with 24/7 recording 

Pricing: The exact price for a system like the CM32 will vary based on the size of your fleet and the length of your commitment. The Samsara website offers an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to obtain a precise quote. However, the hardware and the CM license will start at around $624 per year.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions4.2 x 1.6 x 2.4 inches
ResolutionFront-facing: 1080p Rear-facing: 720p 
Display TypeLED
Mounting TypeMounts to windshield  
Voice Command N/A
Field of ViewFront-facing: 121° Rear-facing: 177° 
Storage40 hours of 1080p footage 
Lane Assistance N/A
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo
BatteryInternal 1300mAh battery 

Trimble Video Intelligence

Trimble Video Intelligence stands out as a top choice for real-time risk management. It goes beyond traditional dash cams by integrating with Trimble’s telematics system, providing fleet operators with immediate access to comprehensive insights and analytics.

Best For: Real-time Risk Management:

Mobile App: No

Video Quality: 1080p

Integrated GPS: Yes

Viewing Angle: Wide Angle

Special Features

  • Automatically saves video when a collision occurs
  • On-Demand Video Access: provides the ability to request specific videos in near real-time, allowing for quick access to video footage for review, analysis, and sharing with relevant parties.


With its advanced AI capabilities, Video Intelligence acts as a neutral eye witness, capturing high-quality video footage synchronized with engine data. This enables fleet operators to protect their drivers, equipment, and reputation by swiftly addressing incidents and potential false claims. The solution’s focus on privacy compliance and its powerful coaching tool features further enhance its suitability for fleet risk management.

  • AI processor
  • Scalable to any fleet size
  • Up to four camera configuration capabilities including forward facing, rear facing, wireless back up camera, and cabin monitor providing 360 view of truck


  • Cost is more expensive than most dash cam solutions
  • Canadian coverage is lacking in lanes that are away from populated areas.
  • Online portal can take time to learn. While there is a lot of data funneling into it, it may take new users time to find what they are looking for.

Pricing: Request a quote

Lytx SF300

Any fleet of five or more vehicles could benefit from use of a Lytx SF300 AI dash cam. SF300 records both forward-facing video and rear-facing footage. Additionally, the Lytx SF300 dash cam offers far more advanced, enhanced analysis for fleet management purposes.

By recording both the road and the driver, the SF300 helps to decrease risky driver behavior, such as texting or engaging in other forms of distracted driving. This benefit alone ensures both property and lives are protected. The SF300 dash cam also provides additional analytics and support for cost-saving fleet management and safety efforts.

Best For: 360-Degree Dash Cam With AI 

Mobile App: Yes

Video Quality: 1080p

Integrated GPS: Yes

Screen Size: N/A

Viewing Angle: 128° interior / 76° exterior

Special Features:

  • Multiple cameras for 360° viewing
  • Configurable MV+AI triggers
    • Inside View
      • Handheld Device
      • No Seatbelt
      • Driver Smoking
      • Food or Drink
      • Inattentive
    • Road View
      • Rolling Stop
      • Lane Departure
      • Following Distance
      • Critical Distance


  • Vast metadata to analyze risky behavior and reduce costs
  • Longevity 


  • Software subscription required 
  • Unclear pricing 
  • Excludes some features 

Pricing: Not publicly available

Technical Specifications
Dimensions5.0 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches 
Resolution1280 x 800
Display TypeLED
Mounting TypeMounting Bracket
Voice Command No
Field of ViewInterior: 128°  Exterior: 76°  
StorageLow: 16GBHigh: 128GB
Lane Assistance Yes
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesN/A

Driveri Smart Camera


Best For: Fleets of All Sizes

Mobile App: Yes

Video Quality:  

  • Front: 1080p 
  • Internal: 720p 

Integrated GPS:  Yes

Screen Size: N/A

Viewing Angle: 

  • Outward Camera:
    • Horizontal 74°
    • Vertical 57°
    • Diagonal 90° 
  • Inward Camera:
    • Horizontal 148°
    • Vertical 87°
    • Diagonal 190° 
  • Right and Left Cameras:
    • Horizontal 127°
    • Vertical 82°
    • Diagonal 143° 

Special Features

  • Detects collisions and distractions
  • Captures speed violations and unsafe driving practices
  • Scores drivers and incidents


  • Measures driver behavior 
  • Driver coaching
  • Multi-camera syncing 


  • May be too intrusive 

Pricing: Request only.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions7.7 x 3.1 x 4.7 inches
Display TypeN/A
Mounting TypeCeiling
Voice Command No
Field of ViewOutward: Horizontal 74° Vertical 57°  Diagonal 90° Inward: Horizontal 148°Vertical 80°Diagonal 168° 
Storage64GB to 128GB eMMC
Up to 256GB via microSD
Lane Assistance N/A
Speed Limit IndicatorYes
Traffic ServicesYes
BatteryYes Cable-Powered

What Is an AI Dash Cam?

An AI-powered dash cam is a single, dual- or multi-facing camera system that is installed inside of a vehicle. It not only records the road ahead but also documents the driving habits of the truck driver as well as their behavior inside of the cabin in some cases. An AI-powered dash cam can help fleet managers monitor the drivers in their fleets and protect them from claims of liability when drivers aren’t at fault.

How Does an AI Dash Cam Work?

AI dash cams analyze the road in front of drivers. With dual-facing models, you can also track the driver’s behavior within the truck as well. This opens the door to the opportunity for behavioral analysis, which can improve the safety habits of drivers by letting them know how much they drift between lanes, violate traffic laws, and display a lack of awareness while driving. These AI-enabled devices can also score points for drivers in the eyes of their fleet managers depending on how robust the system is.

What To Consider When Buying an AI Dash Cam 

With the lanes of fleet safety options expanding by the day, here are some things you should certainly take into consideration when looking for an AI-powered dash cam system you can trust. 


The battery life on GPS and camera-enabled devices can be a nightmare. Add the need for continuous recording to the mix, as well as an unreliable power source, and you have a possibly sticky situation. There are only so many power sources available to you when you are in a moving vehicle, so having a backup battery in your AI dash cam is a big plus for moments when you need to unplug.


Though not all AI-powered dash cams have cloud suites, most of them have to connect to something in order to offer their full range of features. With this in mind, you should check the signal strength and coverage options of the device you’re thinking about purchasing.

Installation Process

Most AI-powered dash cams come with either an adhesive strip, a suction mount or a bracket system. All of these details come into play to make sure nothing is obstructing your drivers’ views. They also make it easy to trust that, in the event of a collision, your AI dash cam won’t fall and go from a reliable source to a pointless device. Bracket-mounted AI dash cams also have the added benefit of being non-tamperable.

Easy Controls

Many AI dash are visually pretty simple. Usability is a must when it comes to dash cams because you need to make sure your drivers can keep their eyes on the road, not on the screens in front of them. Though many dash cams have smartphone apps, these aren’t designed to be used while the vehicles are in motion.

Extra Features 

Picking the best AI-enabled dash cam for your needs starts with knowing what you want out of your fleet on a safety level as well as what you need on a liability level. Not every camera is made equally.

Pick the Right AI Dash Cam For the Job

The latest dash cams are constantly being rated by FreightWaves Ratings on a regular basis. Stay updated to make sure you are informed about the best decisions for your trucks or fleets.


How Does AI Work on Dash Cam?

AI dash cams analyze roads and driver conditions to improve safety.

What is the Advantage of Using an AI Dash Cam?

AI dash cams can help prevent accidents from chronically irresponsible drivers while also alerting drivers about collisions soon after they happen.

Is There a Dash Cam With No Wires?

Yes, but wireless systems generally can’t track internal driving functions from the actual truck.

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