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Trimble (PeopleNet) Display.4

Trimble is arguably the premier fleet management system on the market. They have been doing trucking telematics since 1994, and started offering e-logs nearly 15 years ago, before anyone ever heard the term “ELD”. They’ve had a lot of time to get their solutions right, and they’ve done so. Their hardware is high quality and reliable. Their platform is loaded with great features, yet remains simple and user-friendly for the driver. And their in-house support team (based in Minnesota) is one of the most well trained and helpful in the business.

The hardware comes in a few varieties, including several consumer grade android tablet options. But their flagship product is the Display.4 proprietary tablet. Compared to many of their competitors the touchscreen is easy to use, the menus are simple to understand, and the device has a very low rate of failure. On the back-office side, an endless slew of reports and tools give you powerful ways to track performance and manage your fleet. Trimble is also one of the few dedicated systems on the market to support 4G LTE cellular communication.

Beyond the basic e-logs and messaging functions are a host of other available systems you can utilize as needed. Monitor engine status, fuel consumption, fault codes, and tire pressure. Enable built in ALK CoPilot navigation for drivers. Integrate multi-directional video cameras. Set up real-time speeding and safety alerts. The list goes on and on. Few other vendors have such a wide range of additional features to bring value to your investment. With all these enterprise-grade features, Trimble is used by some of the largest and most successful fleets in the industry.

But of course, all these great features and high quality components do come with a price tag. The up-front hardware price per unit is around $1100, making it one of the highest initial-cost systems in the industry. Discounts and financing are available, but no matter how your slice it, with Trimble you are paying for the premium option. But, if your budget supports it, and you want to position your fleet with a best-in-class solution that goes way beyond just electronic logs, you really can’t do better than Trimble.








Pros & Cons

  • One of the most full-featured systems on the market
  • Great support
  • Familiar to many drivers
  • Expensive
  • Fairly lengthy install process

User Reviews

Mark Savage — 09/22/21

I hate the people net. It is always crashing and not recording activity

High End--> High Price
Ally Summers — 03/24/21

Its expensive… but worth it. Great features and top of the line.

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