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Best fleet management companies

Efficient operations are ideal for any and every business. Plus, with the rising costs of fuel, fleet management companies are needed more than ever. 

The best fleet management service providers will allow you to maximize operations from your office. However, they’ll also give you valuable, real-time data from your vehicles and more, no matter where they are located. 

Coordinated communication is a must when looking at fleet management companies. Keep reading to learn more about the best fleet management companies in the U.S. 

Quicklook: Best fleet management companies

  • Best for fleet compliance: Motive
  • Best for integrated fleet management: Trimble
  • Best for vehicle tracking: Webfleets 
  • Best for fleet security: Brickhouse Security
  • Best for fleet management solutions: Element Fleet Management

Best fleet management companies 

This article comprehensively reviews the five best fleet management companies in the U.S. Keep reading to find out more about companies that can help you operate your vehicles more efficiently. 



Motive supports over one million truckers who fuel the economy by providing them with the technology they need to maximize the safety and reliability of their operations.

Best for: Fleet compliance

Location: San Francisco, CA

Vehicles managed: Over 120,000 vehicles 


  • A dedicated team
  • Vehicle getaway training for drivers
  • Monitoring driver behavior


  • Driver coaching
  • Filter out low-risk events
  • Improve driver performance 

Titling and registration services: No

Fuel Management:

  • Increase visibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Retain drivers

Telematics and compliance solutions:

  • Live GPS tracking
  • AI dash cam
  • ELD compliance
  • Trailer tracking
  • Dispatch and workflow
  • Smart load board


  • Data analysis for more effective fleet operations and safer drivers
  • Secure communication between drivers and office workers
  • A more efficient operation and the potential for your company to expand


  • Best for medium to large enterprises



trimble logo

Trimble’s fleet management services excel in providing integrated solutions that cover various aspects of fleet management. Their comprehensive approach allows businesses to effectively manage compliance, vehicle tracking, fleet security, and more, all within a single platform. With Trimble’s fleet management solutions, companies can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and gain real-time visibility and control over their fleet. From order-to-cash processes to in-cab and back-office communication, Trimble’s integrated approach ensures that every aspect of fleet management is seamlessly connected. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and integrated fleet management solution.

Best for: Integrated fleet management

Location: Westminster, CO


  • 24/7 email, phone, and chat support
  • Customer success managers for clients
  • Access to online e-learning via videos or classes to train on all products


  • Maintenance and inspection tracking
  • In-cab safety alerts
  • Driver behavior monitoring

Titling and registration services: No

Fuel management:

  • Expert Fuel lets carriers negotiate volume purchasing discounts within a countrywide vendor network of trucking centers
  • H&M deployed Expert Fuel in 2010, saving $500,000 in their first year

Telematics and compliance solutions:

  • 14 different tools that allows you to customize to your needs
  • GPS, dashcams, and TMS integration


  • Integrates with most accounting, TMS, or ERPs
  • Automated IFTA, IRP, and minimum wage reporting


  • Cost involves price such as hardware installation, software licenses, and ongoing subscription fees
  • Learning curve regarding integration with your fleet, but classes are available

Pricing: Request a quote


webfleet solutions

Webfleet offers web-based software with various features that improve workflow processes, enhance fleet optimization, and offer GPS tracking. 

Best for: Vehicle Tracking

Location: 100 Summit Dr. in Burlington, MA

Vehicles managed: 50,000 fleets worldwide


  • A dedicated team 
  • Fleet support 
  • Management
  • Analysis


  • Assists in lowering the cost of accidents and subsequent lawsuits
  • Gives a thorough picture of the vehicle’s history
  • Get the most recent information
  • Reports include correct information about the accident’s circumstances 
  • Visual view of the route traveled 

Titling and registration services: No

Fuel management:

  • Fuel monitoring system
  • Driver monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring

Telematics and compliance solutions:

  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking with notifications
  • Driver behavior analysis and feedback
  • PRO driver terminals
  • Integrating software


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Immediate tracking and analysis of data
  • Interactive mobile app


  • Slow response
  • Comparatively large volume of customer complaints

Pricing: Request a quote

brickhouse security

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security is a security monitoring service company that provides security systems like video and spy cameras, GPS trackers, and alarm systems.

Best for: Fleet Security

Location: New York, New York

Vehicles managed: Over 40,000 fleets


  • Order tracking and returns
  • Dedicated technical support team


  • Phone tracking application 
  • Sends a direct SOS alert to a help center 
  • Functions as a GPS tracker

Titling and registration services: No

Fuel management: No

Telematics and compliance solutions:

  • Variety of GPS trackers for all sizes of vehicles
  • Allows for international tracking
  • Counter surveillance
  • Phone and vehicle alert


  • Licensed company that focuses on security
  • 4G wireless service
  • Software updates are free
  • Quality customer service


  • All-inclusive packages are not available for customers

Pricing: As low as $14.99 every month

Element Fleet Management

element fleet management

Element Fleet Management is a company that offers fleet services and solutions for automobiles, light-duty vehicles, trucks, and material handling equipment.

Best for: Fleet management solutions

Location: Toronto, Canada

Vehicles managed: More than 1 million


  • Fleet support management 
  • Assistance with the following:
    • Fleet vehicles
    • Light-duty vehicles
    • Other equipment fleets


  • Collision evaluation
  • 24/7 driver assistance
  • Repair management

Titling and registration:

  • Regular updates on registration
  • Licensing delivery
  • Timing of title

Fuel management:

  • Service card for driver convenience
  • Security from fuel fraud
  • Fuel data comparison

Telematics and compliance solutions:

  • Telematics monitor and real-time insights
  • Fleet optimization


  • Strategic consulting and global outreach
  • Supply chain management
  • Exceptional and focused customer service
  • Downtime management
  • Workforce productivity


  • Slow growth
  • Integration issues

Pricing: Request a custom quote

What is a fleet management company?

Fleet management companies oversee your fleet by managing both internal and external operations. Thanks to their coordinated approaches, the best fleet management companies work to help you run your fleet as efficiently and safely as possible. 

With GPS tracking and additional features, you can easily track performance across each aspect of your fleet. This includes selecting, procuring, and maintaining automobiles as well as managing the associated documentation. 

Other services include supervising your drivers and how they utilize vehicles to optimize fuel mileage and efficiency. It is an administrative approach that enables businesses to manage and coordinate work vehicles to enhance productivity, optimize fleets, cut costs, and ensure drivers are in compliance with other regulatory requirements.

How do fleet management companies work?

Fleet management companies work by allowing technology to gain and report the valuable insight required to maximize the efficiency and safety of your fleet operations. They require specific technology and data to carry out necessary operations and activities. 

This technology involves software that helps in accounting, scheduling maintenance, tracking hour logs of drivers, monitoring fuel mileage, securing data, and so much more. Data and information are collected to account for client location. They also manage preferences, run engine diagnostics, and check driver behavior. 

Some benefits of fleet management companies include the following: 

What to consider with fleet management companies

When choosing a fleet management company, it’s best to research all of your options. The company you select will be in charge of monitoring and maintaining your fleet.

This company will also take on the role of ensuring the safety of your vehicles and drivers when on the road. This step is even more crucial if you intend to partner with them for a long time. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose the top fleet management company that best suits your needs:

1. Services offered

Does the fleet management company that you’re considering offer services that you need? Make a note of all services your fleet will require and the types of vehicles in your arsenal. The best fleet management companies offer many services, including but not limited to the following: 

2. Insurance coverage 

Protecting every asset in your fleet is crucial. Fleet management companies generally offer insurance coverage for your fleet, though their policies will vary. Knowing your fleet is covered in case of a disaster or an emergency is imperative. 

3. Communication and customer service 

Communication and customer service are fundamental aspects of effective fleet management. How responsive the company is to requests and complaints will determine how they handle your vehicles and requests.

A professional fleet management company should have an open channel for communication at all times. Additionally, they should offer alternative ways to contact them given your fleet is on the go at all times. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get in touch with your fleet management company; the most reputable ones will be available whenever you need them.  

Maximize the safety and efficiency of your fleet

Running a fleet doesn’t have to be a hassle. Sure, there are many moving parts involved in the process, both literally and figuratively, but with the best technology ready to work for you, things will be so much easier. 
With real-time tracking of your fleet, no matter the size, you can now easily pinpoint any causes for concern. You can help ensure driver safety, maximize your fuel efficiency, and manage so much more with the best fleet management companies on your side.


What is involved in fleet management?

Fleet management involves fuel consumption and expenses, vehicle maintenance, effective driver management, and other initiatives designed to boost productivity.

Do fleet management companies own your vehicles?

Fleet management companies do not own your vehicles. Instead, they manage vehicles and drivers.

How does fleet management reduce fuel costs?

Fleet management software makes it possible to reduce time spent idling, monitor the estimated quantity of fuel used at all times, and provide alternatives to optimize fuel usage.

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