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Canada’s ELD Mandate And The Best ELDs To Be Approved

Now that there’s a new Canada ELD mandate, it’s important to get up-to-speed on what’s expected of drivers. While most people are familiar with the paper logs, the new ELD systems will bring about a new change that will hopefully be for the better. 

What is an ELD?

An ELD, also commonly referred to as an “Electronic Logging Device,” is a device that monitors when your truck is or isn’t in motion as well as tracking the engine operation. This information can be then sent to a fleet manager to be read over and kept track of. 

All of this helps improve your company’s logs and helps to prevent any violations. 

What is the new ELD mandate?

The basics of the new mandate are simply that trucks that are in service have to switch from paper logs to ELDs. This move is somewhat behind the U.S. ELD mandate that came back at the end of 2017. However, Canada is being more strict with which devices are approved for use

Check out the approved Canadian ELD list here.

Accurately log working hours

When installed, an ELD will keep track of idle time as well as drive time and engine efficiency. This tracking makes keeping track of driving hours much easier and keeps employers informed on how long their drivers are working. 

3rd party compliance 

The Canadian government created an approved list of ELD providers and Guardian is known to be one of the first ELD providers approved. To make sure you are in line with certifications, you can always contact one of the certification bodies to set up an appointment to test and certify your setup. 

No grandfather period for AOBRD

AOBRD, also known as Automatic On-Board Recording Device, is essentially the earlier version of an ELD. It does not provide as in-depth a look at the data but it has been a popular method. However, there is no grandfathering for AOBRD users as the legislators don’t see it as necessary. 

Limited exemptions

Fortunately, there are exemptions available for certain scenarios. These scenarios should be looked into so you have a better understanding of whether or not they apply to you. The exact exemptions that you see below are taken directly from the Canada Gazette.

  • Operated by a motor carrier under a permit
  • Possess a statutory exemption
  • The subject of a rental agreement of no longer than 30 days that is not an extended or renewed rental of the same vehicle
  • Manufactured before the model year 2000

Record of duty status (ROD)

Luckily once you have installed and had your ELD approved, essentially nothing else regarding the ROD should change. If anything, it will make the system easier. All rules and regulations are essentially the same, they are just now being recorded electronically. 

Hours of services regulations

One thing that will not be changing with the mandate is the hours of services regulations. The only thing that will happen is that it will likely be more strict since the ELDs will be monitoring the truck itself. 

ELD qualifications when crossing the U.S/Canada border

Since the U.S. has had its ELD mandate in place for a few years, Canada made sure to match the policies in as many ways as possible to make sure that crossing the border is simple. The primary difference, however, is that Canada has a stricter certification process. In the U.S. companies can self-certify their products while in Canada, you have to be certified by an accredited certification body. 

Soft rollout

There has been a grace period put into effect where the Canadian government has set a soft rollout period for all trucks. Until June 12, 2022, (a full year after the beginning of the mandate) there will be enforcement with no penalties. They wanted to make sure that there was ample time for training and installation. 

3 Steps To Ensure Canadian ELD Compliance

To get started implementing the new systems, here are a couple of tips. 

Step 1: Third-party Compliance

The best way to make sure you are compliant in every way with the new mandate is by finding out what your choices are. Contact one of the certification bodies to find out just what your options are.

Step 2: Installation

Once you are informed of your options, take the necessary steps moving forward to implement the ELDs into your fleet. Remember that you have until June 12, 2022, to make sure your fleet is up to par with the requirements. 

Step 3: Training

As you are installing these devices into your fleet, make sure all who need to be are educated of the new processes. It is important that no one is left in the dark about the new methods. Starting early with the training can really help so that you have time to iron out the details.

5 Benefits of New ELD Requirements

While this can seem like a big nuisance to switch over to electronic devices in every vehicle, there are quite a few benefits for this new system.

1. Improved Road Safety

This new method of logging will help regulate and make sure that all drivers are receiving the correct downtime to rest and remain alert.

2. Simplification

Everyone will be able to do any administrative checks with much more speed and efficiency.

3. Easy Border Crossover

Since the new Canadian regulations are being kept so closely in line with the existing U.S. regulations — we can expect crossing the border between countries will become a smoother process.

4. Lowering Costs

Each company will see a lowering in their overall costs by reducing the use of paper-based logs. In addition, it will help with reducing the man-hours required to regulate the administrative requirements of these logs.

5. Lower violations

With the ELDs keeping track of hours and time for the drivers and companies, it will be easier to watch for any potential violations that come with overworking or anything related to HOS. 

ELD in the future

When you take the chance to educate yourself on any new topics you will greatly increase your chances for success. In an instance such as this, it will not so much help you to succeed but avoid potential violations and repercussions. Using ELDs has been a long time coming and will greatly improve the overall quality of work-life for drivers and those in administration.

Which ELDs Are The Best Options & Approved For Use In Canada?

The Canadian government will continue to approve accredited ELDs and add them to this list here. Check back often to see if any new ELDs have been added to the list.

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