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Motive GPS Review

The Motive Asset Gateway is the leading fleet tracking GPS on the market today. Backed by Motive's exceptional reputation and a best-in-class GPS that offers command-center level visibility to your fleet. Motive GPS records both historical and current GPS coordinates to improve fleet management. 

How Does the Motive GPS Work?

The Motive GPS is a small, rectangular device that can be installed outside any vehicle, such as construction equipment or semi trucks, for GPS tracking. It is impact-resistant, water-resistant, and tested to withstand truck vibrations and temperatures. 

It has power options to be connected to cable or charged by solar panels.  The solar-paneled feature logs coordinates and sends them every five minutes, while the cable-powered connection sends coordinates every 30 seconds. 

The Motive GPS Asset Gateway uses a cellular connection to upload data. It can connect to 4G LTE, or 3G if 4G is unavailable. Unlike other methods of tracking, the constant connection and regular updates make it the best option for tracking fleets and reducing yard hunts.

Motive GPS FAQ

If you’re considering using the Motive GPS tracking, here is our FAQ to guide your decision:

How Often are Motive GPS Coordinates Collected?

Motive GPS coordinates are collected by the internal GPS chip as often as every two seconds. They are uploaded every 30 seconds when the device is connected by the optional power cable On battery or solar power, GPS coordinates are collected every minute and uploaded every 5 minutes. Note that the device is not used for GPS navigation.

How Far Back Can I View Location History?

History is stored for the vehicle and can be viewed in the FleetView. You can toggle the history to a specific date to change the location history visible in FleetView. 

Can I Keep Track of My Vehicles Even When a Driver Isn’t Connected to the Vehicle Gateway?

Yes, the Motive Asset Manager GPS will keep track of the vehicle by automatically updating GPS location, regardless of whether the driver is connected. 

Which Motive Subscription Plan Includes Follow Mode?

Motive subscriptions from the starter plan to more advanced plans including “Follow Mode”. 

What iOS or Android Version is Needed to Use the Motive Fleet App?

To use the Motive Fleet app, you will need iOS version 11.0 or higher, or Android version 5.0 or higher. 

Performance Factors of the Motive GPS

For a freight GPS tracking device, the key deciding factors are accuracy, reliability, frequency of updates, and long-term payoff. The Motive GPS performs exceptionally well across decision points. 

The frequency of coordinate updates are some of the fastest in the industry, allowing real-time fleet management. This is especially important for fleets with more trucks or trailers. It is not dependent on driver updates.

The Motiven name is synonymous with reliability and exceptional service within the trucking industry, and the Asset Manager GPS is no exception. It provides exceptional accuracy and reliability. 

Finally, the long-term potential payoff is enormous. By eliminating the wasted yard time and trailer downtime, the Motive GPS can improve fleet efficiency to deliver more loads in less time. 

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Dimensions6 inches x 2 inches
Display TypeNone - phone connectivity
Mounting TypeMount plate
Voice command No
StorageAutomatically uploads data and saves in an online app.
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo
BatterySolar battery powered, with optional cable connection.

How Has the Motive GPS Improved?

The Motive GPS has evolved from previous models to include more integrated features and guides. The primary updates include fleet view reports, creating a dormancy alert, asset utilization ratio reports, inventory reports, and asset viewing. 

Best For 

The Motive GPS Asset manager offers flexible and secure communication, solar-powered batter for continuous use in a durable and compact package. It is best for:

  • Communication and continuous tracking 
  • Large fleets
  • Fleets with need for increasing efficiency or an unequal number of trucks and trailers
  • Improving fleet efficiency 

Efficiency and Integration with the Motive Asset Manager

If you want to take your fleet to the next level, reduce employee hours, and increase fleet efficiency, the Motive GPS is a reliable solution. The integration with the Motive app makes it an important tool for fleet managers, while the stand-alone features protect valuable assets. 
The Motive GPS is a solid, reliable solution that is backed by one of the biggest names in the freight industry. Fleet managers of all sizes can take advantage of the information, reports, and tools from Motive to grow revenue and improve delivery times.



Plus a $15 monthly subscription fee, or $180 for an annual subscription.

Pros & Cons


The Motive GPS Asset Manager has a lot of benefits to make it one of the best in its class, including:

  • Automatic, continuous tracking
  • Solar-powered battery
  • Flexible & secure communication
  • Operational oversight


While the Motive GPS has many great features, the cons revolve around customer service and consistency. Here are the main cons of the Motive GPS:

  • Complaints about poor customer service and lack of ability to address problems.
  • Some issues with syncing and alerts.
  • Unclear pricing plans and adequate information online about the product.

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