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Azuga GPS Review

Azuga GPS is one of the best fleet GPS tracking systems for ease of use. It features both Apple and Android mobile apps to take the technology everywhere with you and robust dashboards that make reporting simple to meet government regulations. Get a full view of the GPS fleet tracking device and software by reading the full review.

How Does Azuga GPS Work?

Azuga GPS connects to the engine of each of your fleet vehicles. Via satellites and the internet, the device sends data to connected devices, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop computer. You can then view the encrypted data via a secure internet browser or the app. 

The GPS device that connects to your trucks is a plug-and-play device, meaning you can install and activate it in minutes. 

Within the app, you’ll see live vehicle data in a map, chart, or report formats. At any time, you can see where every vehicle in your fleet is located and view data on that vehicle’s health for preventative maintenance purposes. 

Review driver data concerning:

  • Braking
  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Cornering
  • Acceleration

And if you want to reduce distracted driving situations, you can set up driver safety settings that block mobile device usage while driving.

Get alerts about necessary vehicle maintenance, concerning driver behavior or any other custom report setting that you create to monitor your fleet effectively.

Azuga also offers the option for a dashcam with GPS tracking to capture footage while on the road and when the vehicle is parked as a safety measure. 

Because Azuga is a well-established company, it offers robust customer service resources and communication options. You’ll find plenty of training resources to onboard new staff and if you have an inquiry you’ll get a prompt and thorough reply from the team.

Performance Factors of Azuga GPS 

Ease of use is one of the largest deciding factors in choosing Azuga GPS for many fleet companies. The tracking device is incredibly easy to install into the OBD II port of the vehicle and the system does not require mounting additional screens or devices within the vehicle. Drivers and office staff can access the data from mobile apps or any device with a website browser using the secure login information.

It is not the most robust GPS fleet tracking option on the market, which leads some larger companies to look elsewhere for more in-depth fleet data and reporting. But for small to mid-sized fleets, the device provides the necessary data without requiring a team to support the devices and do driver training for using the software.

Technical Specifications

Azuga GPS Technical Specifications
DimensionsThe device works with Apple and Android devices.
ResolutionThe device works with Apple and Android devices.
Display TypeThe device works with Apple and Android devices.
Mounting TypeThe device works with Apple and Android devices.
Voice command No
CameraYou can add a dashcam to your subscription.
StorageUnlimited cloud storage
Lane AssistNo
Speed Limit IndicatorNo
Traffic ServicesNo
BatteryThe device works with Apple and Android devices.

How Has the Azuga GPS Improved?

Azuga GPS regularly releases updates and new features to help power the transportation industry. Some recent improvements include:

  • Integration with Onfleet last-mile delivery software to show where drivers are at all times to aid in improving field service operations
  • Sustainability impact reports and carbon offset certificates through GreenPrint partnership
  • Addition of UpKeep maintenance management software integration to offer insights into equipment, machinery and other fleet assets to improve safety
  • Bridgestone acquisition of Azuga GPS to provide greater backing and resources for the company

Best For 

Wondering if Azuga is the right fleet tracking GPS for your company? Here’s a look at some of the situations where Azuga is ideal

  • Companies that need a GPS with 24/7 customer support
  • Fleets requiring easy-to-learn GPS and fleet software
  • Easy-to-install tracking hardware for fleets of all sizes


To guide you in further understanding how Azuga GPS works and whether it might be right for your business, read up on these frequently asked questions and answers.

How Do I Use the Azuga GPS?

Installing the Azuga GPS is quite simple if you follow these steps.

  1. Find your onboard diagnostic port (OBD). 
  2. Match up the pins on the Azuga device to the diagnostic port to plug it in.
  3. Then turn on your vehicle and allow it to idle for 30 seconds or so.
  4. Check for error lights on the dash to monitor issues. So long as you see no errors, your device is installed and ready to begin tracking.

What Does Azuga Track?

Azuga tracks a vehicle’s exact location in real-time and scores driver behavior based on speeding, acceleration, cornering, braking, seatbelt use, and distracted driving. It also supplies data on fuel usage and the impacts of idling on fuel costs. You can also purchase vehicle maintenance modules to send diagnostic information to your dashboard and track required maintenance.

Does the Azuga Solution Work on iPhone, Android, and Tablets?

Yes, there is an app for iOS and Android devices. If you choose to not use the app, you can access the Azuga software from any device with a browser by using the secure login.

What Is the Azuga Driver Score?

The Azuga driver score is a calculation based on driver behavior that helps companies identify safe drivers and those who are at a higher risk of an accident. Scoring is based on acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, idling, and more. 

Easy-to-use Fleet GPS with 24/7 Customer Support

Azuga GPS offers one of the easiest-to-use systems and devices for monitoring your fleet and meeting government requirements and regulations. While it isn’t without its flaws, it’s an excellent choice for small to mid-sized fleets with smaller teams who can’t dedicate a staff member to driver onboarding and training on using the software and device. Request a quote today to see if Azuga GPS is right for you.


Pricing is based on the options and services you select, the size of your fleet, and group pricing discounts. The device itself has no upfront cost when you commit to a 36-month subscription of $30 per month per device. 

You’ll also get a lifetime warranty for the device. Request a custom quote to see how various features and fleet sizes could impact your pricing.

Pros & Cons


Using Azuga GPS to manage your fleet has many benefits. Here’s a look into some of the most impactful pros that customers report about Azuga fleet management.

  • In-depth fuel consumption reporting that helps fleet managers lower fuel costs
  • Improved customer service by being able to view vehicle locations to make unscheduled stops to service customers at the last minute
  • Ability to tell customers where their delivery is at in real time
  • Time savings in calling drivers to see where they are and availability
  • Driver safety scores help generate conversations with drivers and train them to improve safe driving practices
  • User-friendly interface available via mobile apps or web browsers


While Azuga GPS offers many great benefits, it also has some detractors to consider before purchasing.

  • The devices are not super sturdy, nor are they ideal for moving from one vehicle to another regularly, though the company provides outstanding support for replacement devices.
  • Some devices lag in terms of real-time vehicle location and subsequently provide somewhat inaccurate data as a result. 
  • They can be more expensive than competing devices with similar functionality.
  • Long-term 36-month contracts require big commitments to the software.

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